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Welcome To Washington D.C.'s #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Ready to experience the ghosts of Washington DC?  Join a DC Ghost tour to reveal the dark and terrifying side of the nation’s haunted capital.

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Discover the horrifying truth hidden behind the legacies of some of D.C.’s most famous people and landmarks. In Washington D.C., the ghosts of presidents, assassins, heroes, and conspirators haunt the capital’s historic streets.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

DC Ghosts

Join us on a ghost tour around the White House!

DC Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take this DC Boo's and Booze haunted pub crawl tour and add some spirits and spirits fun into your vacation or work week!

Hidden Halls of Power: Secret History of the White House and DC

Join this tour and visit some of the most iconic spots in downtown Washington DC.


Join us on the National Mall memorials to explore the vivid portraits of the commitment and sacrifice of those who came before us.

DC Ghosts Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Join us on a ghost tour around the White House! With our Ultimate Tour, you get more locations, and more haunted stories.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Washington D.C.

Welcome to DC Ghosts

Swipe Away D.C.’s Mask to Reveal the Sinister Origins of Death and Despair in Capital


For centuries, a well-trodden trail has been blazed directly to the nation’s capital by all manner of groups and individuals seeking one thing–power. Unfortunately, a different type of power has coalesced in the city and is one that is not always immediately recognized amidst the chaos and power-plays taking place daily in the capital city.


Aside from beltway politics and executive intrigue behind closed doors, the halls of power in Washington, D.C. are known for hiding something else entirely.  They harbor a dark and violent past full of mysterious deaths, sinister conspiracies, and bone-chilling secrets that can’t be found in the average history book.


Uncover the hidden truths that lie just below the tourist-packed streets of the capital and find out why this area’s gruesome history comes alive every night, playing out between the pillars of power and amongst the memorials dedicated to our country’s most infamous leaders. This ghost tour recounts stories of tragedy, despair, and the very real hauntings experienced today.



What will I see?


The Politics of Power Breed Disaster in the Halls of History


Ever since the dream of a capital city was realized and founded in 1791, D.C. has been marked for greatness, as well as inevitable and terrible disaster.  Each of the villains and victims of its chaotic history played a role in the unbelievable and terrifying stories that transpired in over two centuries of being the center of power in America and the world.  Power, greed, and unchecked ambition were the stepping stones to greatness for some of history’s most influential characters. The consequences of such desires are written in blood and soaked into the cracks and cornerstones of the country’s most historic and iconic buildings.


Travel back in time on a DC ghost tour and hear the sordid details of the countless tragic deaths, grisly murders, deadly duels, and sinful scandals of Washington’s elite that tell the tale of humanity’s capacity for violence. The morbid and dark truths of what lies beneath the town’s elegant parkways and decorated monuments is often kept under wraps, as the real history of D.C. is sometimes considered to be too disturbing for the average visitor.


Unsolved Mysteries, Conspiracies, and Infamous Hauntings


Journey into D.C.’s tormented past, and learn how death, destruction, and conspiracy is built into the very foundation of the brick and mortar of the city. From the notoruous assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, whose ghost continues to wander the White House with his work left unfinished to the horrific attempt on President Harry Truman’s life and the ripples it sent up and down the Potomac.


Gore, crime, death, and intrigue are an essential and grim part of D.C.’s macabre history. The spirits of infamous criminals such as Griselio Torresola and Oscar Collazo, who were once left as bloody corpses on the lawn of the historic Blair House, are still said to linger around the city to this day–still reliving emotions of vengeance, hate, and suffering and trying to pass those on to anyone who happens to wander by.


Haunted Historic Buildings Hide a Dark Past and Tormented Present


Many have struggled to explain some of the ominous, bone-chilling experiences that occur at places such as D.C.’s Eisenhower Executive Office Building. Visitors repeatedly complain of feeling a “dark energy” while walking the building’s many halls…perhaps, due to the tragic death of its architect, Alfred B. Mullet.


Unveil the many mysteries of the strange Octagon Museum and encounter what many believe is the ghost of Dolley Madison, still wandering through the walls and roaming the halls looking for someone to host.


The slave trade marked one of the grimmest periods in human history, defined by thoughtless violence, pain, and misery. The echoes of suffering and death reverberate through the walls of the notoriously haunted museum. The sheer loss of life plagues the site with an undeniably dark and disturbing energy that’s said to come from the spirits of enslaved Africans, who worked as servants while it was still the home of Colonel John Tayloe III.


Even more reports of terrifying encounters at the historic building have been recorded over the years, the most famous one dating back to when General George D. Ramsay — commander of the Washington Arsenal — stayed on-property over the course over several bizarre, disturbing nights and came face-to-face with the disembodied apparition of a ghost that violently gave the experienced general the fright of his life. Hear the entire shocking story in the dead of night when you join expert local guides on a D.C. ghost tour to this and many other haunted and historic locations around the White House.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book the D.C. Ghosts Tour Right Now!


1: You’ve already done a by-the-books tour of the city


From the U.S. Capitol, to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, you’ve seen it all during your visit to D.C., right? Not exactly. Join D.C. ghosts on a curated one-hour tour around downtown and discover the bloody side of the nation’s capital city — something that isn’t covered in your typical history book. Learn why many paranormal experts call the White House the most haunted property on U.S. soil, and discover more about the otherworldly spirits who have hidden in the shadows of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for hundreds of years…sending dark foreshadowing to leaders like Abraham Lincoln, who chillingly dreamed of his own assassination just nights before it happened.


2: You’re tired of watching documentaries about D.C.’s history


As relaxing as it can be to kick up your feet and watch a documentary about D.C.’s history, there’s no denying that spending so much time indoors can become monotonous. Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor, there’s a fascinating, terrifying history just waiting to be explored with D.C. Ghosts. Walk the eerie cobblestone sidewalks near the Lockkeeper’s House, and see the disfigured apparitions of the home’s former residents — or prisoners — who never left. Switch off your Netflix app and prepare yourself for a horrific in-person experience, and dive deep into some of D.C.’s most haunted sites.


3: You want to experience D.C. at night in the dark


It can be frustrating to travel around D.C. when you’re a night owl looking to explore the hustle of the bustle of the city before all the major attractions close at 5 p.m. But there’s a different side to this historic city that doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. As a matter of fact, just like you, the souls of D.C.’s long dead residents are especially active at night. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the eerie sound of music coming from the dark corridors of the haunted Octagon Museum late at night, which has been an ongoing, unexplained phenomenon for years. Played by who…? No one knows.


4: You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about the dark side of the nation’s capital


D.C. is any history lover’s dream destination. But when you choose to ignore the haunted underbelly of the U.S.’ capitol city, you’re missing out on the ghastly stories of crime, murder, secrets, and mysterious deaths that have defined the area for hundreds of years. Keep an eye out for the ghastly apparitions of famous historical figures such as James Smithson, whose ghost is known to haunt the crypt where his sarcophagus lies near the Washington Monument. Learn an equally important side of the city’s history…one that locals have shared terrifying tales of for hundreds of years.


5: You know all about America’s presidents…kind of…but you want to know about their ghosts


You know their names, how long they were in office, which party they aligned with…but how much do you really know about the long line of former Commanders-in-Chief, and what became of their spirits after death? Find out for yourself during a tour with D.C. Ghosts, and unveil the bone-chilling stories of former U.S. Presidents who are said to haunt the area’s historic sites to this day. Listen for the disembodied cries of President Zachary Taylor around the Washington Monument, who mysteriously died of an infection after consuming cherries and milk during the memorial’s dedication ceremony.


6: You and your friends want a spooky outing while you’re in D.C.


After strolling the National Mall, hitting some gift shops, and indulging in the city’s food scene, you’re ready to experience a spookier, more nail-biting side to D.C. Get the adrenaline pumping and follow D.C. Ghosts on a terrifying adventure across town. In a city as haunted as D.C., it doesn’t have to be Halloween to get a good scare from the ghastly phantoms and long-dead residents that continue to occupy some of the area’s spring-tingling sites from beyond the grave.

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