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Welcome To Waikiki's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Demonic-like entities join Oahu legends and spectral royalty in the eerie shadows of Waikiki’s idyllic sands and resorts, waiting to reveal themselves to those in their space.


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Venture with Waikiki Ghosts to uncover the island’s darkest secrets that come to life when the tropical sunsets. From disturbed graves and the soul-sucking Night Marchers to killer creatures and vengeful ghosts, we reveal it all on this unforgettable ghost tour of Waikiki.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Waikiki Ghosts Tour

Demonic-like entities join Oahu legends and spectral royalty in the eerie shadows of Waikiki’s idyllic sands and resorts, waiting to reveal themselves.

Honolulu Haunts and Hauntings Ghost Tour

Walk the palm-lined streets named after ghosts that haunt them as you explore the historic downtown district. Hear gripping stories of the past, confirmed local legends, eyewitness accounts of ghost sightings, and unexplained supernatural activity.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Waikiki

Welcome to Waikiki Ghosts


Disturbed sacred burials of fallen Hawaiian soldiers were just the start of the macabre events that would turn this beautiful piece of serenity into a virtual ghostly wasteland. Now, the entities of Waikiki’s past walk amongst the living, causing panic in some and taking the souls of others.


Hawaiian Head Hunters


Waikiki’s treasured coastline draws in thousands of visitors each year, all unaware of the island’s insidious past. As you stroll through Waikiki’s haunted history, you’ll walk the very sands where uninvited guests were once murdered on sight. 


Hear the legend of the Night Marchers and step into their old world on an eerie Waikiki ghost tour. It’s said that these Elite Hawaiian soldiers brought death to commoners who dared look into their eyes. Now, their ghosts create dazzling light displays and hold a place of great reverence among the Native islanders.


All who meet their timeless gaze are said to meet a certain death. There is a brighter side to the carnage, although not any less otherworldly. Waikiki Ghosts takes you to Duke Paoa Kahanamoku’s statue, where you’ll uncover the mystical healing powers of the Stones of Life.


Folklore speaks of the four Mahu, Tahitian healers who visited Waikiki in the days of Oahu Royalty. The Stones of Life were left behind in their place and now possess renowned magical powers. As elusive as it is beautiful, Waikiki Beach lies just beyond the bronze effigy of a Hawaiian national hero who brought surfing to the world. Standing guard between worlds, the Duke represents two versions of Hawaii.


What Will I See?


Visit Wikiki’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Sheraton Princess Kailulani – The last heir to Hawaii’s throne refuses to surrender her Island nation in the halls of this haunted Honolulu Hotel. Reports of a beautiful woman in a 19th-century Hawaiian dress have circulated the city and the hotel for years.


  • Moana Surfrider – Constructed in 1901, The First Lady of Waikiki was the first resort to open in the changing royal city. One woman’s madness and horrible suicide have left the building riddled with messages from the beyond. Strange tappings and shadows in the dark have scared visitors for years. 


  • Royal Hawaiian Center – This shopping center was once the site of ancient Helumoa, the landing spot of the Hawaiian God Ka’auhelemoa. Elite warriors slain in battle were buried beneath the former hotel’s bustling cityscape, and the strange activity around the outdoor mall makes this disturbing fact obvious. 


Murder, Mystery, and Madness 


Full of phantoms of known and unknown origin, this 1901 hotel has one shocking story that Waikiki Ghosts is devilishly happy to bring to you. Feel the icy breeze passing by Moana Surfrider, the first hotel still in use in Waikiki. 


A vacation stay of Amelia Earhart, Joe Dimaggio, and Frank Sinatra, the Moana Surfrider attracted only the most influential guests. Its elegance and beauty brought Stanford University founder Jane Stanford to its doors. Little did she know that it would be her last. 


Learn her heartbreaking story that ended with a deadly dose of poison and a list of suspicious suspects. Whispy figures wrapped in white are seen around the lobby alongside other entities of horrifying and shadowy intrigue. These apparitions and wretched tappings heard around the hotel in the dead of night remind guests that they are not alone, making for an eerie stay.


Did Jane Stanford take her own life, or was something far more sinister responsible for her untimely demise at the “First Lady of Waikiki?” Waikiki Ghosts breaks down this compelling murder mystery on a Honolulu haunted ghost tour you’ll never forget. 


Domains of Dead Royalty


Old and proud, Hawaiian culture appears in abundance around the island in different forms. But in Waikiki, not all is what it seems. Venture with Waikiki Ghosts to the Sheraton Princess Kailulani Hotel, where we reveal the darker side of the island’s beautiful culture. 


Once the site of the home of Hawaii’s last royal heir, the startling appearance of a beautiful 19th-century Hawaiian woman frightens guests at this hotel bearing her name. But it isn’t the only thing about this hotel that continues her upstanding and tragic legacy. 


Discover why the twenty-three-year-old princess expired shortly after a meeting with the United States to fight for the rights of her nation. Her death signaled the end of the Hawaiian empire, but not for her tormented soul. Find out the whole chilling story of her reappearance at the hotel on a mind-bending Waikiki ghost tour. 


Many have fallen from their balconies to a dizzying demise at Waikiki’s Sheraton Princess Kailualni. Their distant screams are still heard late at night while guests lie cozied up in bed, creating nightmares in waking life. Could the princess’s sudden and profoundly spooky appearance have led them to their graves? Decide for yourself on a ghost tour with Waikiki Ghosts.


Why is Waikiki so Haunted?


Vengeful and Deadly Deities 


Revenge for the desecration of the Hawaiian islands stretches from the deep and abnormal world of Hawaiian lore into our own. Join Waikiki Ghosts as we break down the horrid stories of the Ala Wai Canal at The Hilton Garden Inn. 


Learn why the legend of Pele remains alive at the Hilton Hawaii Village in Waikiki Beach, where a woman in a red dress stalks to the hallways and those unfortunate enough to run into her. It’s said that this vengeful volcano goddess was torn apart by her sister and now haunts various parts of the Island chain. Many locals believe her to be the enigmatic lady in red haunting Hilton Hawaii Village today and the cause of the hotel’s various deaths. 


Unlock the terror she struck in the heart of a woman who lept from the seventh-floor balcony of the Hilton and the panic felt by the guests who discovered her surviving child hanging on for dear life off the same balcony. These bone-chilling tales and more are waiting to be unearthed on this thrilling Waikiki ghost tour.


Frozen By The Faceless


Join Waikiki Ghosts at the stunning Kahi Hala’a Alhoa Memorial, where over 200 ancestral skeletal remains have been reburied. Not all the spirits of Oahua, however, are truly at rest. 

Explore the history of the gruesome “Obake” on our nightly march through Oahu’s most haunted beach resort. 


Many locals say they began to appear when ancient gravesites were disturbed, and now they infest the island. Taking the shape of reptilian-like creatures and faceless entities, they freeze their victims in place with rampant fear. 


Turn the pages to one the most famous tales of an “Obake,” a faceless woman seen in the bathroom of a drive-in movie theatre. Her pale face lacks all distinction as she desperately cries for help from the other side of our mortal coil. What led her to approach one unlucky man in 1959, and why does she still reach out to the living?


Waikiki Ghosts takes you to the creepiest haunted locations on the island to give you a taste of the fear that fills countless locals’ hearts.


What’s so Special About the Waikiki Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side Of Oahu’s Beauty


Even the most complacent of homes can hide something terrible when the bridge between life and death is as fragile as it is in Hawaii. Listen in amazement as your experienced tour guide relays the story of the Kaimuki House to you. The most haunted house in Hawaii is home to an aggressive spirit from another world that has exacted violence upon its unlucky tenants for decades.


The horrors brought to the house by a Kahuna, a Hawaiian Shaman, and the Japanese Kasha, a shapeshifting demon, are discussed in terrifying detail on your journey through Waikiki’s haunted streets.


A Once in a Lifetime Experience In Haunted Waikiki


Rest for a spooky moment at Jefferson Elementary School, where the unnerving truth behind Honolulu’s haunted schools and seminaries is exposed. The La Pietra School For Girls lies at the Diamond Head crater’s base and directly in the Nightwalkers’ path. See why this story is a warning to beware where and when you hike across Oahu’s gratifyingly lush landscape. 


Even more dreadful is the demonic creature inhabiting Saint Stephen’s Seminary, which closed due to the intensity of the haunting. Speculation abounds as to why the original owners, The Castle Family, sold their mansion that once entertained anyone from Spanish royalty to Hollywood stars. Let Waikiki Ghosts give you chills while the events of the “demonic obsession” that occurred there are revealed. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


If demons, deities, and deadly phantoms pique your interest, add a ghost tour with Waikiki Ghosts to your Waikiki beach travel guide. You’ll be in good company, as there are others just like you who are interested in learning more about the otherworldly wonders that surround the island’s many tourist attractions.


Make memories that will last a lifetime on a scary Waikiki ghost tour, one of the best things to do in Waikiki Beach at night. 


* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *




1) You Want To Learn About Hawaiian Legends like Pele


Hawaiian legends have stretched across the American imagination since before the nation’s annexation. Many gods and goddess make up their epic pantheon. Learn about some of these larger-than-life figures on a ghost tour of Waikiki with Waikiki ghosts.


2) You Are In Waikiki Without A Car


Waikiki is a small neighborhood packed with shops, bars, beaches, and resorts that is easily walkable. If you find yourself looking for things to do in Waikiki without a car, consider taking a ghost tour with Waikiki Ghosts. In under 2 miles, you will see a large number of the area’s main attractions while learning about its fascinating, haunted history.


3) You Are Looking For Unique Things to Do In Waikiki


For distinct reasons, Hawaii attracts people to its sun-kissed shores and lush tropical jungles. If you are looking for something off the beaten path while not straying too far from it, take an obscure tour through the unusual side of Waikiki Beach with Waikiki Ghosts.


4) You Want To Learn About Waikiki Before A Night Out


You came to Waikiki looking for its world-famous nightlife and bar scene, but you aren’t quite ready to paint the town red yet. Get your bearings set and see the bloody haunted history of Oahu’s premier entertainment district.


5) You Need Things To Do In Waikiki With Family


One of the best Waikiki Activities for families is a haunted ghost tour with Waikiki Ghosts. Our tours, while frightening, are perfect for family members of all ages. Engaging and captivating stories are told by tour guides who know how to make their audience laugh and tremble in fear.

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