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Welcome To Waco's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Deadly infernos, catastrophic tornadoes, and unhinged cults created an otherworldly wasteland the size of Texas. Meet the poor souls born of tragedy on a ghost tour with Waco Ghosts.

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Join Waco Ghosts as we take you through the town built on promises of prosperity and received nothing but heartbreak and despair. The home of Dr. Pepper is also the breeding ground for spirits of miners, cultists, and killers, all waiting for you on this haunted tour of Waco.

Waco Ghosts

All tours meet at the Dr. Pepper Museum at 300 S. 5th St., Waco, TX
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Outside of the Dr. Pepper Museum
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Waco

Welcome to Waco Ghosts

Mother Nature’s lashings, callous murders, and the sinister deeds of a diabolical man left a town in a permanent state of sorrow and despair. The ghosts of Six-Shooter Junction are forever tied to the city’s disastrous past, giving locals a chilling reminder of their former lives and their brutal deaths.


Cults of Central Texas


David Koresh and The Branch Davidians were placed squarely onto the screens and minds of Americans and the world in 1993. The largest battle in ATF history ended in tragedy for the eighty-something people who lost their lives under Koresh’s demonic influence.


Years later, there are still Davidians at the compound in Mount Carmel. Some are still physically committed to Koresh and his vision. Others are caught between worlds, tormented by their actions and the tragic, fiery exit they took from our mortal coil.


Venture with Waco Ghosts to the historic Waco courthouse that reshaped the lives of these heroic ATF members years later. Learn about the apocalyptic atrocities Koresh committed that day, still sensed by those daring enough to visit the compound. Phantom smoke chases visitors away, tailed by the sounds of bone-chilling laughter. 


Twenty-eight children and 82 adults were systematically sacrificed through the power of Koresh’s words. Their innocent souls are now a part of haunted Waco, Texas, and they aren’t alone. 


What Will I See?


Visit Waco’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Dr. Pepper Museum – Home of the original soft drink, invented in 1885, one year before Coca-Cola, Dr. Pepper’s carbonated history bubbles to life in this popular tourist destination. The spirits of old factory workers, some killed in a devastating F5 tornado, and a former CEO still clock in from time to time.


  • Waco Hippodrome Theatre – A phantom family lingers in the fringe of the theater’s darkness, recollecting an age when a magician and orchestra cost ten cents. They are joined by a shadowy projectionist who died in a terrible inferno and the other playful spirits of this 1914 theater’s past. 


  • Alico Building – One of the few buildings to remain intact during the 1953 tornado that rocked the city. One hundred and fourteen people died inside the 260-mile-per-hour tunnel of wind and doom. The Wailing Woman, a distressed wife mourning the death of her husband, now haunts the street in front of the 22-story skyscraper.


23 Flavors of Fear


The dark secrets of Waco’s Dr. Pepper Museum concern themselves with much more than the 23 flavors of soda lore. Since 1991, the museum has displayed Dr. Pepper’s journey for the world. Some displays, however, carry the stories of unfortunate times. Waco Ghosts takes you to the site where one of America’s favorite drinks was created and where one of the most devastating natural disasters took one of the company’s own.


One horrific night, baseball-sized hail and torrential rain accompanied an F5 tornado that swept through the town, consuming everything in its path. Learn more about the unfortunate employee who braved the storm for the job he loved and became a permanent fixture of the building. Experience the chills that invade staff members as they work through eerie, unexplained noises, flickering lights, and flying soda cans.


Feel what many others have felt before you right outside the doorways. The ghosts of the Dr. Pepper Museum like to share their final experiences with the world, creating an immense force that blows down even the most sturdy visitors. 


Mother Nature’s Wrath


Join Waco Ghosts as we take you back to the years before weather warnings. The 22-story Alico Building is one of the few that were not buried by the Brazos after the worst disaster in Waco’s history. 


Envision the terror that quickly overtook the people of Waco when an F5 force tore through the city at dangerous speeds on May 11th, 1953, damaging over 100 local businesses, but the Alico remained. The catastrophic and bloodied remains of the town were searched from its tower while medical forces assembled on the first floor.


Lift the veil on the aftermath of this cataclysmic event and take a glimpse into the spirit world that now infests the area. Keep your ears open as you may hear the piercing shriek of The Wailing Woman, an unfortunate soul that terrifies passersby with her blood-curdling screams. 


Many believe it’s the tortured cries of a woman still in agony over the loss of her lover. Others believe it’s the anguished howls of the victims whose bones were callously tossed into the river. Adventure side by side with Waco Ghosts to hear these gruesome tales and decide for yourself whose screams continue to taunt the locals.


Why is Waco so Haunted?


The Park For The Wicked


No place is safe from the otherworldly in Texas’s spectral tempest. Even the most unassuming of locations has a history of collecting souls, and Cameron Park is filled with the spirits of its conquests. Waco Ghosts introduces you to the epicenter of horror and the darkness that consumes it.


Uncover the stories of the lifeless bodies that have been seen swinging from trees along Lindsey Hollow Road, then disappearing at a glance. Discover the tales of a purported witch’s home, which lies abandoned in the center of the park, and the local legends that speak of a lifesaving cliff face if you’re of the right persuasion. 


These are all child’s play, however, as Waco Ghosts invites you to take in one of the most frightening tales in Waco’s history. Find out what made an area ideal for couples a site for murder, suicide, and superstitions and who caused the disappearance of so many innocent souls inside this portal to hell.


Deadly Standoffs in Wild West Waco


Shootouts were an everyday experience in old Waco, where the times were fast when the river was high. Hear the Legend of G.B. Gerald and one man’s arm at the historical marker that earned his name. Two vengeful brothers, Williams and James Harris, teamed up on the disabled vet on that bloody day in 1897. Their bitter spirits are paying for it now. 


Relive the Civil War veteran and McLennan County Judge’s fateful day spent defending his friend’s honor without the use of one arm, the arm long lost to the fires of war. 


Two versus one is hardly fair, but sixty-two-year-old Gerald took his shot from his good arm, striking newspaper editor James Harris in the neck. His brother Will shot at Gerald from the bank and was quickly met with retribution: three well-placed shots.


Now, the phantom pops, and the smell of gunfire populates the historical marker in downtown Waco. Some even experience the tingling feeling of Gerald’s defunct limb. Waco Ghosts is not for the faint of heart. 


What’s so Special About the Waco Ghosts Tour?


See the True Wild Side of Six-Shooter Junction


Walk where Elvis walked, home to an otherworldly family that always saves their applause until the end. The Hippodrome Theatre opened again in 2014, and stories of a phantom family have been consistent ever since. 


Join Waco Ghosts to visit the local haunts that stay true to their reputation. Discover the hidden stories that keep the ghosts of Waco eagerly awaiting your arrival, ready to expose the truth of the city’s forsaken past. Every location has a story, each more spine-chilling than the last. Uncover the grim history that keeps Waco in its icy grasp with Waco Ghosts.


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity To See The Flip Side of Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Hometown


Waco is home to Wild West mysteries straight out of a Spaghetti Western. Bandits have searched for a hidden treasure for decades, only to march home disappointed. They brought back tales of voices lifting out of the river, whispering the cache’s secrets of gold and silver in corroded detail.


Picture the treasure hidden along the mighty Brazos, untouched for almost three hundred years. Its whereabouts kept a mystery to even those who buried it. A bounty lost to the sands of time and crippling heat exhaustion. The shadowy figures of the crazed men who died traveling through the Texas heat now cast apparitions along the riverbank. Discover their eternal route tonight with Waco Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Texans have a vast diversity of interests and personalities, almost as expansive as The Lone Star state itself. Listen closely as they tell you all about the most haunted and unpredictable spirits on this side of the Rio Grande. Meet a community interested in dark history and folklore just like yourself.


Whether you’re new to the ghostly community or looking for a haunted location to explore on your next ghost hunt, a ghost tour with Waco Ghosts is the perfect way to experience the spectral side of the city. Take a peek at what lies beyond the Magnolia empire, and get to know the ghosts that helped shape the city on a thrilling ghost tour with Waco Ghosts!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Fascinated By Cults and Cult Leaders


Waco has been at the center of Texas cult-related tourism since the 1993 shootout between David Korseh and the ATF. Despite its heinous history, the Mount Carmel compound receives over 200 visitors a year. Learn all about that fateful day and the residual otherworldly activity that remains.


2) You Are Itching to Learn About Dark Texas Folklore

From the deserts to the plains to the bayous of Baytown, Texas’s immensity and changing landscape can have captivating effects on people. Hear about the dark folklore, secret treasures, and Native American legends hidden beneath the scenic layout of verdant Waco. 


3) You love Dr. Pepper 


Waco is the home of Dr. Pepper and its secret 23-flavor recipe. Visit the Dr. Pepper Museum and get a taste of its haunted past before digging in the museum for the master list. We hope you are thirsty. We offer a taste of Dr. Pepper’s history you have to hear to believe!


4) You Are Looking For Something To Do Between Austin and Dallas


Texas road trips can feel like a lifetime of traveling. Break up that journey at a stop in haunted Waco, Texas. Are you thinking about spending the night? Discover what makes Waco a paranormal destination for visitors nationwide. Bring the whole family for some spooky fun!


5) You Took A Stroll In Haunted Cameron Park 


You walked into the city’s 400-acre park and sensed something unsettling. Now you want more. Cameron Park is full of spooky legends and myths waiting at the end of each dark path. Many feel the spectral energy within and can’t help asking why. Join us as we take you along the park’s edge to discuss its nightly unexplained happenings.

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