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Welcome To Virginia Beach's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Ready to uncover the real horrors that lie below the surface of the Virginia Beach boardwalk? Uncover gruesome accounts of murderous sirens, insatiable pirates, and undead witches that tread the stormy waves of the Atlantic.

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For an unflinching look at the dark underbelly of this seaside town, join an after-hours tour and hear chilling stories detailing shocking accounts of the real-life hauntings of Virginia Beach. Neptune Ghosts will pull back the veil to reveal why many consider it to be one of the most haunted destinations on the east coast.

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Welcome to Neptune Ghosts

The ocean air is teeming with centuries’ worth of terrifying tales that continue to befall the residents of Virginia Beach to this day. Learn why the dead still roam the oceanfront from beyond the grave and unveil the sordid history of Virginia’s most haunted beachfront.


Learn About Virginia Beach’s Troubled Past and Encounter its Legendary Ghosts


Have you ever wondered what strange creatures and eerie, otherworldly presences reside in the dark depths of the Atlantic Ocean? Follow Neptune Ghosts to learn about the grim truths, countless horrors, and sinful secrets of Virginia Beach’s past that continue to haunt its present. 


Officially founded in 1887 as a waterfront resort, no one could have anticipated the sheer amount of grisly, everyday horrors tourists would go on to experience in the following years. When residents researched the darkest recesses of their town’s hidden past, they found disturbing and unexplained accounts of bloodthirsty pirates bound to Blackbeard’s fleet, as well as shocking documents of a wrongfully accused who was tortured and imprisoned for decades during the Virginia Witch Trials of colonial times. 


Today, the area remains a particularly active site for strange encounters with ghostly apparitions, making it a horrific haven for lovers of the bizarre and the macabre. 


Get ready to dive into the unexplainable and the chilling, while learning about the terrifying legends and real-life atrocities that have since come to curse this popular seaside destination.


What will I see?


Famous Ghosts and Unfathomable Horrors Plague the Murky Waters of Virginia Beach


Strange happenings, unexplained encounters with ghosts and other ungodly creatures…what really dwells in the depths of the Atlantic? No one knows better than the residents of Virginia Beach, who have passed down morbid, spine-tingling ghost stories since well before the city’s founding. Virginia Beach may be a well-sought-after vacation destination for those looking to sit back and bury their feet in the sand…but what they’ll quickly find out is that Virginia Beach is also known for burying its dead.


From horrific, deadly shipwrecks, to ghastly sea monsters, to acts of unspeakable human cruelty, violence, and Virginia Beach go together like the moon and the tide. The city’s legacy of slavery, horrendous atrocities, and bloodshed have stained this popular vacation destination’s image forever. While thousands of tourists make the trip out to these sandy beaches every year to relax, its otherworldly residents don’t. 


Prepare to take a hair-raising journey into the mysterious and the mystic, and encounter the famous ghosts that continue to haunt this seaside town to this day. Dive into the demented, disturbing past of Virginia Beach, and see why many consider it to be one of the most haunted destinations on the east coast.




Shipwrecks, Suspicious Deaths, and Unspeakable Tragedies Haunt Virginia Beach


While it’s true that Virginia Beach is widely known for being a scenic beach retreat today, there’s an ugly truth to this city that’s brimming with unfathomable horrors and tragedies. From the infamous Good Friday wreck of the Norwegian barque, the Dictator, to the deadly fire at the opulent Dolphin Inn, countless atrocities have rocked this nautical town for centuries. But in the wake of these tragedies, some of the long-departed victims still have yet to move on.


Learn the deeply disturbing and heart-wrenching true story of the Dictator shipwreck, which claimed nine lives — including that of a pregnant woman and her four-year-old son. Considered one of the most haunted locations in all of Virginia Beach, stop by the Norwegian Lady monument, where the ghosts of sailors are said to roam the surrounding beaches, forever not at peace since their bodies are buried thousands of miles from their home country.


After the disaster, one guest reported having a strange experience while swimming in the pool at the nearby Princess Anne Hotel. While swimming laps, he suddenly felt an icy, disembodied hand grab his ankle…and had to trash, flail, and desperately fight before finally breaking free from the strange grasp. After the incident, he found that he was clutching the wide-brimmed hat of a Norwegian sailor…a chilling remnant from this restless, vengeful spirit.


Once the Vacation’s Over, the Spirits Arise


Any visitor to Virginia Beach will talk of the city’s mysticism; its bizarre, dark, almost otherworldly energy and connection to unknown forces might never be fully understood. Legends and unfathomable tales have come to define this popular vacation spot, with creatures from the bottom of the ocean floor, deadly sirens, and even Roman Gods all being rumored to have played a part in Virginia Beach’s strange, dark history. 


Neptune Ghosts will take you deep into the heart of Virginia Beach’s mysterious past where you’ll uncover true stories of the strange events that occurred following the construction of the King Neptune statue, which has adorned the boardwalk since 2005. The sculpture was originally erected with the hopes that it would protect the city from a growing number of storms, drownings, unusual shark attacks, and other such incidents that seemed to be the acts of an unseen force. But the ancient beings who may control Virginia Beach clearly weren’t too pleased with the statue…as a ghost resembling Neptune himself is said to ride the waves of the Atlantic at night, terrifying passerbyers with the eerie, disembodied sound of his bellow.


Discover Virginia Beach’s dark underbelly, which is teeming with terrifying tales, inexplicable happenings, and otherworldly encounters that simply can’t be experienced anywhere else.


Why Virginia Beach Can’t Move on From its Tormented Past


In the Roaring Twenties, Virginia Beach started to attract vacationers and partygoers to its growing oceanfront, making it an epicenter for celebrated people. But while tourists were wasting away their days dancing, drinking, and socializing, the souls from Virginia Beach’s morbid past were, and continue to be, suffering in agony, eternally tapped in their earthly prisons.


Off the shore of Virginia Beach, The Dutch West Indies Company ship Leusden began capsizing while carrying a cargo of 700 enslaved people from Ghana after it came across a brutal storm. In a true moment of horrific, human depravity, its greedy crew allowed the majority of people onboard to drown in favor of escaping themselves, carrying a casket and their own personal belongings offboard while the Leusden collapsed into the sea. Today, the ghostly spirits of the crew can still be seen from the Virginia Beach Fishing Pier to this day, wearing tattered clothes, doomed to forever sail skeleton vessels while their victims remain, at last, free.


Strip away the charming facade of this seaside town and unbury what’s been buried with a tour from Neptune Ghosts, and keep an eye out for the ghostly apparitions that linger around the Virginia Beach boardwalk, perhaps as a punishment for their unspeakable crimes on earth.


What’s so special about the Neptune Ghosts tour?


Explore a Different Side of this Leisurely, Beachside Destination


From the DeWitt Cottage to the innocuous-looking Naval Aviation Monument, Virginia Beach is full of sinful secrets and mysteries just waiting to be uncovered. No one building in this oceanfront town has been untouched by crime, tragedy, or death…making it an epicenter for the strange and unexplainable.


We invite you to take a stroll with us through a grim time in Virginia Beach’s history, which inspired the sordid retellings you’ll hear throughout your tour with Neptune Ghosts. Join us to experience a side of Virginia Beach that only shows itself after the sun sets over the horizon and far below the ocean’s surface…if you dare.


Hear Authentic, Real-Life Accounts of Ghost Encounters You’ll Remember for Years to Come


Virginia Beach is a city ruled by its dead, many of which have unfinished business here on earth. Join Neptune Ghosts for a non-stop, exhilarating adventure and ditch the expected, the every day, and the mundane. 


Stop by the city’s famous conch shell installation, one of the last remaining remnants of a strange chapter in Virginia Beach’s history. Learn about the history of this bizarre site, which once acted as a last-ditch effort for lighthouse keeper Willis Augustus Hodges to prove that there was a monstrous, man-eating crab-like creature lurking in the waters of the Atlantic, who would grab people under the moonlight before leaving their corpses to wash up on the sand. After hearing rumors of a unusually large shell, Hodges dragged it to this very site as proof of what he’d seen, but it was quickly dismissed. He allegedly encountered the beast soon after and prevented it from attacking a ship by using a beam of light from his lighthouse. 


We’ll tell you more about Hodges’ spine-tingling tales and the creatures that are said to plague Virginia Beach, and will let you decide for yourself if you believe him.


Join a Growing Ghostly Community


Thanks to social media, interest in the paranormal community is at an all-time high. If you’ve gotten swayed into joining this particular corner of the internet, it’s tempting to put your newfound ghostly knowledge to the test, and Virginia Beach is certainly the place to do it.


A haven for the macabre and the mysterious, there’s a little something for everyone in Virginia Beach. From hair-raising stories of ungodly creatures from the sea to real-life accounts of murder, unexplained disasters, and fatal accidents, this nautical town attracts other unique minds who are interested in further exploring the ghostly community. 


Visit local haunts like the famous Dolphin Inn, where a mysterious fire broke out in the building in 1907, leaving two dead. The hotel’s manager was so distraught by the incident that he considered suicide, but he was held back from ending his own life. Reconstruction started soon after, and things eventually went back to business per usual, but some things remained…from beyond the grave. It’s sad that you can still spot the shadowy phantoms of the victims — Emma Clark and John Eaton — roaming the rebuilt boardwalk today, terrifying the guests and hotel staff they cross paths with.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Virginia Beach

6 reasons to book the Virginia Beach Ghosts tour right now!

1) You want to experience the unique culture of this seaside town


Tragedy, spine-tingling ghost encounters and strange, inexplicable death have all come to lay the foundation of this popular oceanfront destination. So why limit yourself to the safe and predictable? Travel like a local and join Neptune Ghosts on a one-hour stroll down Virginia Beach’s famous boardwalk, where the souls of long-dead pirates, ghouls, and former residents are said to roam once the sun goes down. Look out at the dark expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, and come face-to-face with a natural entity that has swallowed up thousands of innocent lives in its cruel waves. Hear chilling, authentic accounts of the boardwalk’s famous ghosts, and learn exactly why this seemingly charming tourist destination has a unique culture like no other thanks to its dark past and legacy of suffering.


2) You’re fascinated by singing sirens and deadly sea monsters


Did you know that more than 80% of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans? If you’re curious about what really lies deep in the depths of the Atlantic, join Neptune Ghosts to hear the terrifying tales behind some of the most vicious sea monsters, many of which have lurked around Virginia Beach’s idyllic coast for centuries. Hear sordid stories about sinful creatures such as sirens, who have been said to drag helpless men into the water before dragging them under to their eventual deaths, thanks to their mesmerizing, eerie song. A local Virginia Beach resident once encountered one of these ungodly creatures, who he said appeared to him as a woman with a long, silver fishtail and rows of needle-sharp teeth. His story serves as a warning to visitors…meaning you should always keep your eyes open — and your eyes firmly closed — when visiting this famously haunted town.


3) You don’t believe in ghosts


It’s hard to be a skeptic in a place like Virginia Beach, but after a tour with Neptune Ghosts, you’ll find that sometimes, there’s no logical explanation for why strange and mysterious things keep happening around this historic seaside city. Stop by what many consider to be some of Virginia’s most haunted locations, including the Old US Coast Guard Station, which once served as a fully-operational, live-saving station until workers claimed it was too haunted and potentially cursed after a series of inexplicable incidents. If there’s one place on Virginia’s coast that’s bound to send a shiver up your spine, it’s Virginia Beach, and you’ll have to see it to believe it.


4) You’re sick and tired of water activities


Parasailing, catamaran expeditions, sea kayaking…as fun as these can be, there’s likely going to come a point during your trip to Virginia Beach when you’d rather ditch your sea legs for solid ground. On your tour with Neptune Ghosts, you’ll get the chance to come face-to-face with some of Virginia Beach’s most popular haunted destinations and its legendary ghosts, from the apparitions of long-dead, shipwrecked sailors, to the ghost of the famous “Witch of Pungo,” who sometimes stalks the beaches today, perhaps, in revenge of those who attempted to kill and persecute her for witchcraft hundreds of years ago.


5) You’ve already checked off your “must-see” Virginia Beach destinations


If you’ve already visited the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center, the Aviation Museum, and Cape Henry Lighthouse, then it’s time to add a tour with Neptune Ghosts to your “to-do” list. Hear the sinful secrets and sordid stories of Virginia Beach’s tormented past, and experience the otherworldly by stopping at some of the area’s well-known haunts. Get the blood pumping and expand your comfort zone by diving into Virginia Beach’s gruesome history, and create unforgettable memories that are sure to follow you well beyond your trip to the Old Dominion.


6) You’re a local who’s never experienced the haunted underbelly of your historic town


If you’re a local resident, then you know that a city like Virginia Beach is a rarity. Acting as both an idyllic oceanside town and the site of countless, grisly horrors, you know your town is a special one. So why not take the chance to learn the ghostly legends behind the city you call home? Follow us around town and hear secret stories from this town’s past that you may have never heard before, from the real-life atrocities of the Virginia Beach fishing pier, to the ghosts of famous pirates, which are rumored to float around the boardwalk. Get to know your home a little better with a blood-chilling adventure into the unknown, and prepare to get goosebumps after learning about the everyday horrors that plague this nautical town.

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