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Welcome To Tucson's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Escape down to the border with the shadowy characters who disregarded the dangers of the desert. Discover why their souls never departed on a terrifying Tucson ghost tour.

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Trapped in Tucson’s eternal night, their spirits now resemble mere glimmers of their former selves. Peak your head behind the veil on a spine-tingling ghost tour and look into a world of havoc created by dangerous criminals like John Dillinger, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, and more.

Tucson Ghosts

All tours meet at Pima County Historic Courthouse at 115 N. Church, Ave., Tucson, AZ
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Tucson

Welcome to Tucson Ghosts

See the otherworldly activity that lights up the night conducted out of vile disease and destruction that once plagued Tucson’s hotels, theatres, and homes. Tucson’s scars refuse to simply disappear peacefully in the dead of night. 


This Little Light of Mine


Tucson’s dejected dead take refuge from a world that betrayed them when no one is looking, an unparalleled phenomenon in the Southwestern United States. It seems the mighty Saguaro cacti aren’t the only ones waiting patiently underneath the calming glow of the setting desert sun. 


Journey with Tucson Ghosts to the UNS Energy Corp building and search for the mysterious lights still emanating from the old Santa Rita Hotel that once stood here. Frightened construction workers in the hotel’s last days haven’t forgotten them and the accompanying maniacal laughter that rang out in tune with the hotel’s deadly history.


Mysterious deaths have plagued the Santa Rita Hotel since disturbed graves were pulled to the surface during its construction in 1917. Learn about the young boy whose parents jumped from the roof after finding his drowned body in the pool and the strange string of heart attacks suffered by perfectly healthy men. 


Explore Tucson’s downtown on a piercingly haunting ghost tour, where modern buildings only manage to tone down the scope of the heinous atrocities committed here.  


What Will I See?


Visit Tucson’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Pioneer Building – One of the city’s original skyscrapers, the Pioneer Hotel was wreaked by a devastating fire in 1970. Strange sounds frighten the staff, and the residual haunting of an ill-fated Christmas Party can be heard echoing loudly from the other side of the office building.


  • Fox Tucson Theatre – The ninety-three-year-old Fox Tucson Theatre, once home to live radio and bandstands, is now haunted by the apparition of an out-of-luck Great Depression-era worker. 


  • Pima County Historic Courthouse – Stretched across space and time, the ghosts of infamous gangster John Dillinger haunt the Pima County Historic Courthouse. Their angry spirits still flicker the lights on and off and walk the halls when no one is looking. 


Depressed In The Desert


Hardened souls linger in the ether of Tucson’s murky past created by tough times and tougher decisions. The Great Depression did not affect everyone equally; while many starved, the wealthy enjoyed the pleasures of society. 


Venture to the Fox Tucson Theatre and allow Tucson Ghosts to paint a picture of a crowded room inside the old theater filled with adoring music fans. However, despite being abandoned for twenty-five years, it may never have been truly empty.


Apparitions of a panhandling man appear utterly out of place against the swarms of music fans. His gaunt face has fearfully sparked legends for years inside and outside the theatre, leaving many to wonder why he vanishes so quickly when approached.


What is he looking for, and where did he come from? Find out these answers and more showtime secrets with Tucson Ghosts as we trek through this haunted oasis deep in the desert. 


Fire In The Sky


Tucson’s penchant for idyllic scenery does its best to block the treacherous accidents that have plagued it for decades. Formerly swept under the rug, these horrific events come into the spotlight while out among the dead who tragically died in their midst. 


Feel the terror that 113 guests experienced at the Pioneer Building with Tucson Ghosts. The terrible fire that occurred at the city’s first skyscraper in 1970 left nearly three dozen dead and the hallways infested with their spiritual residue. The smell of smoke hangs heavy in the hair, often accompanied by faint holiday music from another world. 


Who is the little girl who roams the hallways looking for her mommy? The madness inside the Pioneer Hotel has haunted the building ever since that faithful day and continues to terrify all who encounter it. 


Follow Tucson Ghosts to the base of the historic office building as we explore the fiery history behind one of Arizona’s most haunted cities. 


Why is Tucson so Haunted?


Public Enemy Number One


Dreadful murders have caused grief of untold bounties upon the people of Tucson. Arizona’s position at the southern end of strange and mystic deserts made it the perfect place for some of America’s most despicable criminals to hide out. 


Hear about Tucson’s most infamous criminal, John Dillinger, and his infamously short time in the Old Pueblo outside the Prima County Historic Courthouse. Is he responsible for the phantom footsteps heard barreling down the hallways late at night? 


The courthouse was nearly the final nail in the coffin for the notorious bank robber. It comes as no surprise that the souls of the victims he took would gather where his legendary crime streak almost came to an end.


Watch the windows with Tucson Ghosts; you may see the lights flickering as one of the courthouse’s many spirits cries for help. Dillinger’s story is a long and winding one. Learn all about it on our mind-bending ghost tour. 


Heartbreak Hotel


Spirits in Tucson’s finest establishments reminisce on their glory days amongst the bewildered eyes of the living. This feeling rings particularly true at the Hotel Congress, where gangsters and gamblers used to gather and refuse to relinquish their territory.


Walk with Tucson Ghosts along the streets of the historic hotel as we uncover the horrors hidden inside its menacing walls and find out what has made guests so frightened that they abruptly leave their rooms and the hotel in the middle of the night. Due to the constant opening of doors and unhinging of locks, one room has even been specifically labeled a haunted experience. 


Considered one of the most haunted hotels in America, the Congress was home to horrors ranging from murders to suicides. Could this be why the ghosts here appear so strongly? Their apparitions are seemingly almost life-like, many dressed in old-fashioned clothing. 


Understand what makes this hotel one of America’s most unique haunted hotels and why mysterious butterknives appear throughout the second floor in odd places on a haunted ghost tour with Tucson Ghosts. 


What’s so Special About the Tucson Ghosts Tour?


See a Different, Darker Side of Tucson Entertainment


The desolate desert comes to life after the searing sun hides behind the horizon. This poignant fact is known to many local Tusconians who claim they aren’t the only ones enjoying the cooler nighttime temperatures. 


Listen closely for footsteps outside of the 1920s Rialto Theatre. They are the remnants of a piano player who let his passion get the best of him. Musicians find themselves in an uninvited duet with the dead while playing in Tucson’s oldest theater. What are they playing? A nocturnal etude that seemingly never ends awaits you on our exciting Tucson, Arizona, ghost tour. 


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience Walking Through Desert History 


Tucson is among the oldest towns in the Southwest. Lovingly known as Old Pueblo, its breathtaking beauty only does so much to disguise a horridly putrid past. Such is the case at the Charles O. Brown House, Tucson’s oldest building.


Fill your mind with tales of a deadly disease that swept through the household in the late 1800s, as meticulously and unflinchingly detailed by Tucson Ghosts. Look towards the parking lot for a potential glimpse of Clara Brown’s spirit. The lady of the house is known to raise the hair on the necks of staff and visitors in her long, flowing Victorian dress. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Tucson Ghosts brings you the most delightfully horrible tales of terror and horror on our nightly walks through the town’s haunted history. From the crime-riddled halls of the Pima Cunty Courthouse to the mystery of Mr. Butterknives at the Congress Hotel, unexplained activity oozes out of these buildings and into the minds of the morosely curious. 


Bring out the spooky side of your imagination while we take an unbridled look at the gruesome hauntings littering the streets of Tucson. With the city’s most experienced tour guides, you’ll be on a journey like no other. Book your ghost tour of Tuscon today!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want To Learn About Tucson’s History


Tucson is the oldest city in Arizona and has a past as fascinating as it is deadly. Learn all about the days of the Wild West, prohibition, gangsters, and into the modern era on an informative and spooky ghost tour with Tucson Ghosts. 


2) You Are Looking For Family Activities In Tuscon


Family-friendly activities in Tuscon are all around. In a city known for its natural beauty and culinary excellence, there is no shortage of family fun. But why not try something different? Get the whole family out for a nighttime excursion on a ghost tour of haunted Tucson. One of the most unique things to do in Tucson is on a journey with Tucson Ghosts. 


3) You Need Things To Do While Visiting the University of Arizona


If your prospective college student is looking to attend U of A or you are going to visit them, then why not add some adventure into the mix? Instead of sitting around a college dorm all day or waiting in a nearby hotel, get your feet out on the ground on a ghost tour with Tucson Ghosts. Learn about the city’s unique history and determine if your hotel is haunted! 


4) You Want A Break From Nature


Tucson is just as well known for its breathtaking beauty as it is for its great Mexican food. Take a break from the trail and see what downtown Tucson offers. Come back to modernity and experience the haunted history of Old Pueblo with our experienced and insightful tour guides. 


5) You Have A Fascination With Mobster Life


The lawless days of the 1920s and 30s have captivated American society since they began. Learn the true story of gangster John Dillinger and his maniacal escapades across America while you visit the Pima Courthouse and Hotel Congress. Tucson Ghosts sheds light on his villainous career at these two locations that greatly altered his life.

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