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Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon was once a refuge in Tombstone for travelers. But who lingers in its haunted halls today? Find out on a US Ghost Adventures tour.

Big Nose Kate's Saloon

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon in Tombstone, Arizona transports you back to life out west in the 1800s. This saloon appears almost frozen in time as a monument to the rough lives of those who first made the trek west during the gold rush. 

Dripping with scandal, it is no wonder this historic location was once a hotspot for the world’s oldest profession, led by no other than Big Nose Kate herself.

Find out what made this saloon a place of both refuge and rumors on tour with US Ghost Adventures. You’ll be able to revisit the Wild West and perhaps even encounter some characters who never left. 

Up in Smoke

What today is known as Big Nose Kate’s Saloon was originally The Grand Hotel. The first hotel in Tombstone, this stunning building drew the patronage of some big names of the time, like Wyatt and Virgil Earp, Doc Holliday, the McLaury brothers, and the Clanton Gang. 

With such Wild West legends frequenting its halls, it’s no surprise that rumors abound. Some say that these gun-slingers were guests at The Grand Hotel the night before the infamous OK Corral Shootout. 

Sadly, after only two successful years in business, the building was lost to the devastating fire of 1882. In the wreckage, all that remained were the iconic arches and the floor joists. 

Although the original structure burned to the ground, the legacy of mystery and mischief that plagued The Grand Hotel lives on today. You can find it at Big Nose Kate’s Saloon.

A Madam in a Mining Town

Mary Katherine Harmony, known as Big Nose Kate, was among the first to arrive in the mining town of Tombstone. The rough and hungry men working in the camp welcomed her presence and business.

While prostitution was frowned upon, it was completely legal in Tombstone, and money from brothels and parlors funded the local schools. Big Nose Kate made a name for herself as one of the best madams in town, caring for her girls and running a respectable parlor. 

But in this profession, even the most respected madams are chased by scandal, danger, and sometimes even death.

Last Call Never Came 

Today, the revamped Big Nose Kate’s Saloon attracts crowds of travelers hoping to experience the charm of the old west. But they aren’t the only ones taking up a seat at the bar. Staff, guests, and locals alike have reported mysterious happenings at the saloon. 

An old miner called “Swamper” is said to roam the building searching for the silver that he hid there over a century ago. Patrons have spotted him subtly sneaking into old photographs hanging in the saloon and traipsing through the halls and basement. 

Others have reported hearing phantom singing and talking in back rooms and have witnessed the shadowy outlines of cowboys creeping through doorways. One unanswered question remains: Are they here for old times’ sake, or did they come for revenge? 

Haunted Tombstone, AZ

A visit to Tombstone, Arizona is like being transported back to a different time and place. But be cautious! If you don’t pack your carriage carefully, you may bring more than souvenirs back with you. For those brave enough to dig into its haunted past, sign up for a USGA tour of haunted Tombstone.

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