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US Ghost Adventures is a great place to work, offering great pay and flexible schedules! We’re always looking for skilled storytellers in each of our 100+ cities. If you have a passion for telling engaging stories or think you'd be great at it, please apply below. We look forward to meeting you!



Our process involves four steps that can get you started in two weeks, or earlier if you learn the material sooner! The process length depends entirely on how quickly you can deliver a quality tour. We'll guide you through each step of the process to help you succeed. We also provide a $200 referral bonus if you refer a friend after they complete their first 20 tours.

  • 1. Introduction and Webinar

    Each applicant is encouraged to attend one of our live, introductory webinars (optional) with a recruiter to discuss the hiring process and for Q&A. Webinars are held three to four times each week at varying times. If you are not able to attend a webinar, please feel free to move to phase 2 and submit an initial audition!

  • 2. Phase 1: Initial Audition

    Applicants are asked to memorize and recite a paragraph (click here to see script and submit initial audition) of sample material through our quick and easy website.

  • 3. Phase 2: Contract and Begin Training

    Once your initial audition is approved, we send you your contract via DocuSign. Once we receive it, we'll send you the study materials. You will have two weeks to learn the material and the tour route. A test date will be scheduled either for a tour or a live virtual audition with a hiring manager.

  • 4. Phase 3: Training and Test

    During your study and training phase, you will practice rehearsing the material out loud to friends or family, and walk the tour route to become familiar with the locations and where to best stand. We also recommend recording yourself rehearsing the material and watching to seek areas for improvement. You may attend tours given by experienced tour guides to silently observe. Once you pass your test, your first tour will likely be a supervised tour accompanied by a seasoned tour guide to observe.

  • 5. Phase 4: Onboarding and Scheduling

    Once you pass your supervised tour, you will be sent your t-shirt and equipment, and the process and procedures manual to review and sign. The hiring manager will review this with you. We'll then add you to the schedule, and you'll start giving tours!


US Ghost Tours

LA Ghost Tours I’ve worked for LA Ghost Tour as a guide for almost a year now and I’ve truly enjoyed it. I’m able to set my own schedule, management is quick to respond and eager to help with any complications that may arise, and I’m able to work independently. I also love entertaining guests while showing them the darker side of Hollywood. There’s nothing more fun than watching a guest gasp or shake their head in disbelief as you weave tales of murder and mischievous spirits.

- Danielle W.

NY Ghost Tours I really enjoy working for NY Ghosts as I love meeting new people and explaining to them exactly why the uber expensive, super gentrified & classically beautiful Greenwich Village is truly as haunted as it is. From Mark Twain's spooky house, to one of the most haunted & romantic spots in town, One if By Land...Two if by Sea... The Village is a classic neighborhood that's full of surprises. Not only do I love the neighborhood but the perks of working for NY Ghosts are well worth it too. They throw in incentives like extra gratuities & bonuses in addition to the tips & good wages I already receive!

- Marci F.

NY Ghost Tours Having ghostly gifts myself, working as a guide for NYC Ghosts has been a great fit for me. Every tour I lead, as we stroll through the intimate streets of one of the city's oldest and most historical neighborhoods--whether you're a skeptic or believer, you can't but have a great and ghostly time leading excited and spooked guests to haunted locations! NY Ghosts is a company that is always flexible with my schedule, communicates consistently about everything, and always does its best to take care of its guides. I think leading a USGA ghost tour in any city is the way to go!

- Damien D.

Vegas Ghost Tours I have worked with Vegas Ghosts as a Ghost Tour Guide since the end of September 2019. In this time, I have experienced an incredibly positive work environment dedicated to cultivating growth and creativity. I have been given flexibility in determining my own schedule and responsibilities that prompted the birth and development of new leadership and customer service skills. I have met people from many different places and heard as many stories as I've told. This company has given me the opportunity to have fun while cultivating enjoyment for other people. I would highly recommend this company as a whole - as both a place to work and a place of fun.

- Kelly L.

NY Ghost Tours I have been working for Colonial Ghosts since 2018 and have enjoyed my experience as a Ghost Tour Guide. As a lover of history, I appreciate that this company strives for historical accuracy, and believes it’s important to include Williamsburg’s history on the tour so visitors have a thorough understanding of the town and the ghosts who haunt it. A lot of work has been put into the tours to ensure that guides provide an entertaining and accurate tour.

- Jordan W.



US Ghost Adventures is looking for energetic storytellers to lead walking tour groups downtown. Tours are held nightly at 8pm, last one hour to 90 minutes, and cover about one mile of ground. Candidates must be great with people and skilled in public speaking. This position is ideal for self-motivated candidates looking for a fun way to make extra income part-time in the evenings.

Flexible Schedule


$40 – 50 per tour plus cash tips
Tour Duration


approximately 90 minutes and have anywhere from 2 to 35 guests


Tours operate year-round, seven days a week


Commit to an availability of 3 nights a week, for a period of 1 year.


Applicants must reside nearby, within 15 miles of downtown

Join A Live Info Session Webinar

We hold live video info sessions three times a week so you can meet us and learn more. All times are EST.

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