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Welcome To Temecula's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Furious gunfire and merciless mass murder set the stage for the chilling hauntings and restless spirits that paved the way for this thrilling ghost tour of Temecula.

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Journey with Temecula Terrors to peel back the blood-soaked curtains for you and catch a glimpse of the afterlife’s deranged western. Join us as we resurrect the terrifying tales of an unforgiving past and the ghosts that remained when the dust settled.

Temecula Terrors

All tours meet at the City of Temecula Civic Center at 41000 Main St., Temecula, CA
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

Meet Us Here

Outside of City of Temecula Civic Center
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Temecula

Welcome to Temecula Terrors

Stories of Native American massacres and cattle baron empires reverberate across Old Town Temecula in a manner unchanged for decades, just the way they like it. Relive the frontier town’s pioneering otherworldly past on a ghost tour with Temecula terrors. 


Bridge To The Otherworldly Side


Beware of the waters in Temecula, for if you cross into Old Town Temecula via the Main Street Temecula Bridge, you may not be alone. Beneath the modern bridge awaits a legend deep within California’s Spanish roots. Children have cowered for years over stories of her terrible wail and what happens to those foolish enough to tempt her wrath. 


Feel the hint of dark nostalgia as Temecula Terrors recants the tale of La Llorona and takes you to the very spot where her angry spirit roams in search of her next victims. Romantically intertwined with a man who rejected her love, La Llorona searches the streams and ravines of Temecula, inflicting the same pain in the hearts of mothers and their children.


Listen closely with Temecula Terrors; you may hear her gut-wrenching scream strong enough to cast doubt in even the most ardent skeptic. Spanish legends and cowboy campfire ghost stories are everywhere in “The Palace Of The Sun.” But don’t stray too far, as you may become one of them.


What Will I See?


Visit Temecula’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Palomar Inn Hotel – Guests are ushered into the spirit world by a Native American totem pole. This 1927 hotel, where mystical energies fill empty rooms and shock living guests, is home to a mysterious bird entity and many more native stories. 


  • Main Street Temecula Bridge – The vicious spirit of La Llorona lives underneath this modern addition to Old Town Temecula. This tale stretches across the Latin world, living in the scarred minds of unsuspecting children wandering around late at night. 


  • The Welty Building – Once a hotel that attracted Hollywood’s finest, the Welty Inn and Saloon was the only bar in an otherwise dry Riverside County for decades. The ghosts of this violent watering hole continue to wrestle over pride and ego from the great beyond. 


Hotel of Horror


Come for Temecula’s hot air balloon rides and wine tastings, and stay for a ghost tour with Temecula Terrors, where we’ll take you to one of the most haunted hotels in Riverside County. Venture to The Palomar Inn, where forbidden liquor once sat alongside daily mail, both kept safe and dry for the rowdy cowboy community. 


Witness the majestic power of the thunderbird totem above the entrance as you learn about the hotel’s interesting mystical powers. Strange “bird-like” entities usher guests into a world ravaged by the destruction of the city’s past. Learn of the restless spirits that heighten the unexplained activity at the Palomar, sending chills down the spines of guests with no relenting in sight.


An Old Town Temecula ghost tour with Temecula Terrors takes you into the shadows, where the high heat of the desert has no say in the icy temperatures around you—a place where decrepit hands from tortured apparitions reach out in agony. 


Spirits of Bullet-Riddled Saloons


Stand outside what was once the only saloon serving liquor in a dry and dangerous county. Spirits of the Ramona Inn and Saloon still remember the days of visiting Hollywood stars and boxing champions visiting the bygone bar. Their spectral cheers pulsate against the bullet-ridden walls of the legendary Western watering hole. 


Hear the ghost story of the blazing cigar, still lit from over a hundred years ago, that casts an eerie glow upon the backside of a branded cowboy’s pride. The resulting scuffle that ended with the first death in Riverside law enforcement history repeats nightly at The Welty Building. 


Gunshots that ring out late into the nooks and crannies of the building act as brutal reminders of the most gruesome murder in the old cattle town. Find out why the man responsible didn’t hang, instead enduring a fate far worse. Haunted Temecula holds its secrets behind the brick buildings and bullet-riddled walls of Wild West lore. Break down these walls on a ghost tour with Temecula Ghosts.


Why is Temecula so Haunted?


Massacres of Horrible Magnitudes


Gather around The Merc in Old Town Temecula, home to performances from both sides of this mortal coil. Native spirits from the days of California’s tainted foundation walk the community theatre with pleading steps, searching for justice.  


Discover the terrible truth behind the Temecula Massacre Site and the dozens who lost their lives in a war between nations. Creation comes at a price, and in the canyons of Temecula, the victims of California’s birth walk sorrowfully in the afterlife. Their souls are cursed and pitted against each other for the pleasure of the invading, greedy men surrounding them. 


Specters of Natives now run through department stores and playhouse theaters, disappearing through the stage lights and displays as if they were part of the act. Investigations are often led into these portals, and the results are shocking. The massacre has yet to find peace, wailing back from the afterlife in a furious rage. Unveil these horrors and more with Temecula Terrors.


The Wild Wicked West


Listen for the phantom spurs of hardened saddle tramps and outlaws at 1909 Temecula, once The Long Branch Saloon and the roughest place in town to get a drink. A moniker attested to clearly by the bullet holes in the ceiling where it once stood and the ghosts that now walk the hundred-year-old bar. 


Learn about the epicenter of haunted Temecula, Vail Ranch, where the dead are known to talk to the living and claim acres of the cursed land. Whispers of stale yesterdays tell the sordid stories of Temecula’s oldest adobe. The city’s Wild West bravado led many souls six feet under and its ranches to the list of California’s most haunted places.


Temecula Terrors unearths the corpses of Western lore and shines a light into the dark barns littering Temecula’s once barren landscape. Ride forward into the night on a ghost tour of Old Town Temecula and see this rough-and-tumble world for yourself. 


What’s so Special About the Temecula Ghosts Tour?


See The Sour Side Of Wine Country


A foiled bank robbery took the breath of a little girl, and she now walks alongside her murderer, who died by his own gun, in perpetual torment. Some say their spirits are locked in a never-ending loop in an old bank building. 


Behold the delicious and distinct aroma of the Bank of Mexican Food, where the weeping of innocent lives, brought to a cruel end, reawaken our other senses. Train your sixth sense on a ghost tour with Temecula Terrors and get a taste of the afterlife that pairs nicely with the wine of Temecula Valley.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience That Will Leave You Wanting More


Temecula’s famous hot air balloons see a vast topography of haunted locations floating over the heads of beleaguered spirits. Dilapidated buildings hidden between wineries and mountains hold secrets waiting to be explored. 


Hear about the blazing fire at the Kea Grain Mill that left the once prosperous storage structure a shattered skeleton of itself. Discover tales of a ghastly little girl in blue that greets many urban explorers who have spotted the old building from high above the clouds. Prepare for a night of bone-chilling tales and intriguing experiences you’ll never forget.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Join a group of thrill seekers ready to explore the deepest, darkest secrets of the “tourist’s secret paradise.” Western fanatics and dark history buffs rejoice alongside your new favorite people as we take you through the terror-filled past of Temecula. 


A growing ghostly community awaits you with stories of their own to share. When things go bump in the night, you’ll be reassured you’re not alone in those who experience them. Get ready for a creepy good time, and book your Temecula Terrors ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’ve Seen Other Major Haunted Places in California


You’ve been to the Whaley House in San Diego and the Mission Inn in Riverside and want more spooky good times. Temecula’s Wild West past is full of violent murders and thrilling ghost stories waiting to be talked about. 


2) You Are Looking For Something To Do After A Temecula Hot Air Balloon Ride


You were soaring above the clouds and heard stories from your pilot about the spookier side of Temecula. Find out what evil lurks in the KEA Grain Mill and Vail Ranch on a ghost tour with Temecula Terrors. 


3) You Want Family Things To Do In Temecula


In a city known for its wine, the list of family activities can run short. If you are in Temecula for a weekend, take the kids out for a ghost tour with Temecula Terrors. Our family-friendly tours are fascinating, scary, and informative! 


4) You Are On A California Road Trip


Bust out the van and hit the road. Temecula lies in between several major cities and makes a great stop between Los Angeles and San Diego. The scenic beauty of the inland city is only rivaled by its propensity for the otherworldly! 


5) You Need A Break From The Outdoors


Like much of California, the trails and campsites near Temecula are well-known and second to none. Take a break from the great outdoors and hop on a different kind of trail with Temecula Terrors.

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