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Welcome To Stuart's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Vengeful pirates, malevolent creatures, devious ghost gangs, and crucified souls lead the way on this spine-chilling ghost tour of Stuart, FL.

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Join Stuart Ghosts to tread the murky waters of this seaside fisherman’s dream where legacies of unnerving secrets reveal themselves to those brave enough to list. Discover the city’s spookiest locations and disturbing tales that taunt the town to this day.

Stuart Ghosts

All tours meet at The Owl House at 100 S. Colorado Ave., Stuart, FL 34994
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Stuart

Welcome to Stuart Ghosts

The eerie waterways of East Florida have produced frightful legends that flood the city of Stuart, making it a magnet for the macabre and pulling in an undercurrent of the unexplained and the terrifying, creating harrowing haunted tales you won’t soon forget.


Lost Souls of Shipwrecks and Sand Dunes


Alone, the ocean is a consuming, unforgiving mass that comes with its own name for those terrified by it. In Stuart, the Atlantic lends its storied reputation to amplify this phobia, sending chills down the spines of those already fearful of this tempered body of water.


Pirates and shipwrecks are a fascinating and frightening part of Stuart’s dark history, and Stuart Ghosts is about to confirm your fears about the dangers of the sea. Hear of the phantom ship that floats into the dark horizon off of Gilbert’s Bar House of Refuge. 


Discover the foolhardy sailors who met their murky demise and still cry out from their underwater prisons, horrifying beach-goers with their agonizing wailing and hazy apparitions stumbling along the troubled coast. Learn more about the ships and their crews that met grisly ends and where you might catch a glimpse of their spine-chilling spectral lights.


The shores of Stuart are littered with tales and restless spirits of dark and brutal deaths. Test all your senses, especially the sixth, while exploring Florida’s haunted past. Learn about a hundred and fifty years of Treasure Coast’s dark history on a ghost tour with Stuart Ghosts. 


What Will I See?


Visit Stuart’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Confusion Corner – A local hotspot that’s known for its six-way intersection, traffic jams, and lonely railroad visitors. Railroad workers leading dangerous lives perished near Confusion Corner, a part of the lifestyle you could say. Sightings of a one-arm railroad worker wandering the tracks have created years of spooky speculation.


  • Lyric Theater – Once the largest building in Marin County, The Lyric Theatre has been home to vaudeville, silent films, and a collection of hair-raising stories. A bad fall during a modern renovation led to the eerie sounds of someone whistling down its dark hallways late at night. 


  • Old Colorado Inn – This den of sin was opened by a member of the infamous Ashley Gang, whose rivalry with Sherrif Baker is an integral legend in Stuart’s true crime history. The ghosts of John Ashley and his gang still meet up from time to time, when least expected.


Confusion and Corpses Along The Railroad Tracks


Six different roads intersect in a devilish corner with a history of horrific accidents that made it so unsavory it has a song dedicated to it. And the hazards of SE Ocean Boulevard aren’t the only reason this corner is left off the travel routes of cautious citizens. 


Venture with Stuart Ghosts to uncover the dark history of railroads and how this revolutionary transportation system helped create Confusion Corner and the desolate spirits that are on an eternal train to nowhere. Ghostly railroad workers from Stuart’s locomotive history join up with the living at this cursed site—a history covered in the blood of disastrous accidents and woeful mishaps.


Experience the chills that announce the apparition of a one-armed man in 19th-century overalls seen walking along the old tracks that once brought commerce and tourism to the sleepy seaside town. Made of wispy smoke and hellfire, he is forever searching for peace. Stay alert, as you may hear the sounds of the phantom train that follows him on this thrilling ghost tour of Stuart, FL.


Lonely Whistles In The Dead Of Night


Develop a keen ear for the unknown with Stuart Ghosts while listening for the eerie sounds that emanate from the old Lyric Theatre. From Vaudeville to modern music, the 1914 theater has been home to an evolving landscape of entertainment. But all the joy and smiles produced in this theater could not deter the icy grip of the grim reaper. 


The elusive Spanish gold, lost in the breakwaters, draws hundreds of treasure hunters seeking untold fortunes yearly. Many find refuge at the Lyric Theatre after exhausting themselves in the salty waters of the Atlantic. But their safety is short-lived when an unwelcome company announces itself.


Stand in front of the very building that was frequented by death during its 2014 renovations, changing its cheerful aura forever. Today, lonely whistling reaches even the darkest corner of the Lyric as one unlucky soul that laments nightly about his past life. 


Who is this tortured spirit trapped in a ghostly prison not of his own making? What happened when paranormal investigators visited this doomed location? Find out tonight on this spirited ghost tour with Stuart Ghosts. 


Why is Stuart so Haunted?


Spirits of The Shores 


Before Stuart became known for its idyllic fishing spots, it was known for its creatures and entities with a taste for human souls. Join Stuart Ghosts on a journey through treacherous times, unveiling its maniacal past from the safety of Stuart’s Boathouse.


Eager newcomers looking for a simple life in Florida’s marine atmosphere quickly discovered they would, instead, be fighting for their lives. Hear the legends of the Ais Tribe that tell a terrifying tale of a nefarious mass that comes for those in a state of misery. Keep smiling because this devilish beast still stalks the shores of Stuart.


It wouldn’t be a proper sinister shoreline story without a shipwreck or two, and this sunny beach town has plenty. Embark on a ghost tour of Stuart, FL, and find out which fated fleet left legends of buried treasures strewn along the coast. Treasure hunters return time and time again to find the lost riches, only to be chilled to the bone by the long-dead rightful owners. 


Who or what strikes fear in those on the hunt for precious gems? The same spirits that will get your heart racing as you hear of their attacks on the masses with Stuart Ghosts.


A Treasure Chest of Unsolved Mysteries 


True crime lovers are in for a treat, as no one is left out on our cursed stroll through the Sailfish Capital of the World. The city is synonymous with mystery and the mystical, and The City of Stuart City Hall Annex holds the horrors of these ominous occurrences.


Stand in front of the City Hall Annex, the former site of a bank with a deadly backstory. Join Stuart Ghosts as our guides unleash the vast, complex web of unsolved cases that riddle Martin County. Gruesome murders and bizarre disappearances around town have baffled investigators for years, with several of these cases occurring right here in Stuart. 


Uncover the curious case of the man who was found bleeding in his front yard by his neighbor, his back riddled with shotgun wounds. It was 1926, and the police were hot on the trail of a suspect that would rock the town. Learn what kept the police guessing and why his gruesome murder remains the oldest unsolved case in Stuart’s history. Experience the chills that keep the locals up at night, as this tortured spirit refuses to be forgotten.


What’s so Special About the Stuart Ghosts Tour?


See A Darker Side Of This Fishing Oasis


The peaceful, lazy St. Lucie River lures sun-soaked tourists into a deceptive comatose of serenity. The Owl House, however, situated along the river, remembers Stuart’s main waterway differently. It recalls the numerous bodies dumped into the river and the countless nights spent hearing the dreary moans of these tormented souls. 


Listen closely for the disembodied sounds of crying children coming out of the former home-turned-maternity ward. Look to the east, and you may see the ghost lights of the infamous Black Caesar. The West African pirate ship that once called Stuart’s pristine waters home. Life and death are more than what meets the eye here at the “Panama Canal of Florida.” 


A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity That Will Haunt Your Dreams


Brave the dark undercurrents of the city’s past, one marked by gang activity and violent crime. The Ashely Gang once called The Colorado Inn home as they terrorized the seaside community. Stuart Ghosts walks you through the events that led to a thirteen-year feud that would end in a bloody, brutal death. 


Lift the veil on the gang’s deviant acts that continue to fuel their unhinged antics in the afterlife. Step foot on the very grounds where they committed their most heinous crimes and where they continue to frighten locals and tourists who trespass on what they’ve claimed. These whiskey kings still frequent Stuart, and they love terrifying new people… like yourself.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


In the ghostly community, there’s a place for everyone. In Stuart, you’re joined by the Ashley Gang, the lost souls of forsaken pirates, the victims of Stuart’s sea monster, and the sorrowful spirits of misfortune. 


On a ghost tour with Stuart Ghosts, you’ll meet the unique and unusual folks that make up Florida’s otherworldly community. Be a part of this ever-growing group of ghostly enthusiasts and experience the darker side of the coveted beach life.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Didn’t Find Any Treasure


At least you tried! Take a break from the metal detector and search for other great mysteries. While the area is known for its lost treasures, there is much more to discover along the shores of Stuart. Those dabloons aren’t going anywhere. Rest up and hit the sands first thing in the morning after a night of enthralling stories and illuminating spirits. 


2) You Need To Get Out Of The Sun


The sun’s rays beat down relentlessly along the white sands of Florida’s coast. Did you bring enough sunscreen? Step out of the sunlight and into the night with Stuart Ghosts as we shield you from the solar UV rays the area is famous for. We assure you the bright lights you’ll be seeing aren’t from above but beyond. 


3) You Want To Know What Those Strange Lights Were


You saw them as you walked through the Atlantic’s warm waters one evening, then again as you strolled past the St. Lucie. What could they be? Let Stuart Ghosts explain the unexplainable to you. Go home content rather than curious, even if you feel uneasy. 


4) You Are Interested In Pirate History


The banks of Southeast Florida have been alive with pirates, buccaneers, and privateers for centuries. Stand where they stood and learn the enigmatic history behind some of the Carribean’s most notorious swashbucklers. 


5) You Need A Break On Your Roadtrip


Are you heading to Miami to get away from it all? Taking the kids to Disneyworld one last time before they reach that certain age? Make a pit stop in Stuart while driving along Florida’s Gold Coast. Stay the night and entertain the whole family on a spooky night of bone-chilling fun.

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