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Welcome To St. Petersburg's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Sunshine City can’t contain the tortured souls of tragedy and untimely deaths. Join St. Petersburg Ghosts to uncover a grisly history that keeps its icy grip on this Florida getaway.

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Venture with St. Petersburg Ghosts down a sordid path that leads to the city’s most terrifying places and infamous hauntings. Learn why the ghosts of Babe Ruth and Jack Kerouac are forever tied to their former stomping grounds and why some spirits refuse to leave.

St. Petersburg Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at Mirror Lake Community Library at 280 5th St. N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Front view of the Mirror Lake Community Library in St. Petersburg, FL
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In St. Petersburg

Welcome to St. Petersburg Ghosts

Tragedy traverses the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and spills out onto the blood-stained streets of the Sunshine City, infesting downtown St. Petersburg with restless souls and hair-raising hauntings. 


The Souls That Wander by The Water


Known as an ideal waterfront escape, St. Petersburg offers everything needed for a picturesque vacation. Though some may come for a permanent stay, others didn’t have a choice. St. Petersburg Ghosts invites you into the depths of the city’s most beautiful bodies of water to expose the dark secrets that dwell within the buildings they’ve taken hostage.


From the safety of the Mirror Lake Community Library, we introduce you to the terrors of Mirror Lake, a reservoir known for the numerous deaths that occurred around it, many of them brutal murders. Hear disturbing tales of spirits doomed to remain a fixture of the lake, such as Eric Hall, who isn’t shy about making his presence known.


The horrors of this cursed lake keep a cold, dead grip on everything near it. Learn the ugly truth of St. Petersburg High School. Though the school has since relocated, its time near the lake proved disastrous. No matter where it’s gone, students and faculty continue to report the chilling sounds of scratching and banging on the walls. It’s the dark shape figures that glide through the hallways, however, that keep the police coming back to the school. 


Of course, the apartments that now occupy the former site of the school aren’t unscathed. Prepare for a spine-chilling journey that begins at one of the most haunted areas in St. Petersburg and continues with a heart-pounding exploration of the places where spirits of a tortured past lurk in the shadows, ready to reveal themselves to those they envy the most: the living.


Welcome to St. Petersburg Ghosts.   


What Will I See?


Learn About St. Petersburg’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Williams Park – An unassuming park harbors a darkness that bleeds into its surroundings. Learn how the park earned its malevolent reputation and why its mystique made the Williams Park Hotel the choice hotel for Babe Ruth and Jack Kerouac… in the afterlife.


  • S.H. Kress and Co. Building – A former “five-and-dime” store, the building is now home to a variety of businesses and spirits. One business in particular was rife with so much unexplained activity the Paranormal Society of Bradenton was called in to investigate. What they found made the building a “must-see” on our St. Petersburg ghost tour.


  • Vinoy Resort and Golf Club – This luxurious hotel is a popular destination for MLB players in town to take on the Tampa Bay Rays. Not all of them, however, enjoy their stay. Discover the hair-raising events and terrifying entities that have made numerous players from various teams steer clear of the mystical hotel.


The Bad News Phantoms


Hampton Inn’s usually offers cozy lodging unless it happens to be the one located in the heart of St. Petersburg’s hauntings. Don’t let its position as a chain fool you. Though only two decades old, the Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown St. Petersburg is really owned by a variety of mysterious entities that enjoy taunting the staff and guests. 


Learn what keeps the maintenance men on their toes, dodging water bottles, and on a never-ending search for their tools that constantly go missing. Hear true accounts of guests experiencing disembodied voices crying for help and ominous sightings of a mysterious woman who sends chills down witnesses’ spines before vanishing.


But it’s not the only haunted hotel in the Sunshine City. St. Petersburg Ghosts will give you the lowdown on the places where the accommodations include a free pass to the unknown. Learn all about the most well-known of them all, the Vinoy Resort & Gold Club, famous for the MLB players that stay there and the sinister spirits that keep so many of them away.


Museum of Haunts and History


The Vinoy isn’t the only place where baseball and the dark side collide. As you stroll through the otherworldly streets of downtown St. Petersburg, you’ll get a haunted history lesson whose main characters infest the St. Petersburg Museum of History. 


Join St. Petersburg Ghosts to hear more about a building designed to preserve pieces of the city’s history, even the most malevolent artifacts. Should you decide to venture into the museum during your visit, be sure to stop by the Victorian-era black mourning gown, an item known for moving on its own and exuding a heavy energy.


It’s the baseball exhibit, however, that keeps the staff peeking over their shoulders. Hear the eerie tales of the unknown figure that stalks all those brave enough to enter its territory. The dark shadow is known for evoking a feeling of dread, especially in those who are alone in the exhibit. And it’s not alone. Who else terrifies guests and has a reputation for making them run for the doors? Find out with St. Petersburg Ghosts.


Why is St. Petersburg so Haunted?


A Park of Peculiar Deeds


It’s not called the “Sunshine City” for nothing, as St. Petersburg holds the Guinness Book of World Records for “most consecutive days of sunshine.” But even the rays of bright light can’t penetrate the wickedness that taints even the most unsuspecting areas of the city. Case in point: Williams Park – a charming recreational spot that’s delightful by day and ghostly by night.


Visit the very park that has been subject to nightmarish acts that resulted in the discovery of numerous corpses over the years. The body count may have come to a standstill, but the spirits born of brutal crimes have yet to find peace. Stay vigilant, as they’re known for manifesting at night, crying out for attention.


Like Mirror Lake, the darkness that consumes the park cannot be contained, as several buildings surrounding the park come with their own mysteries of the macabre. Discover Williams Park Hotel, a historic hotel that caters to everyone from tourists to the spirits of Babe Ruth and Jack Kerouac. Learn more about The Williams House and its resident ghost known for its violent temper. Who is this entity that causes the hair on staff members’ arms to rise? And what other locations are possessed by the horrors of Williams Park? Get these answers and more with St. Petersburg Ghosts.


Rooms With Otherworldly Views


No matter how much the city grows and how many new buildings pop up in downtown St. Petersburg, it seems that nothing can hide the dark underbelly of the Sunshine City. Venture with St. Petersburg Ghosts on an unflinching exploration of the city’s most cursed locations and peek behind the spectral veil that envelopes this historical site.


Uncover the mysteries of the creepy Ponce De Leon Hotel, a Spanish Mission-style staple with a backstory so disturbing the residual energy that has made guests flee the hotel in the middle of the night. Who or what is causing the blood-curdling screams that send chills down the spines of visitors and staff alike?


The sinister spirit that scares people right out of the Ponce Del Leon likes to keep an invisible profile, opposite of the one that inhabits the infamously haunted Don CeSar Hotel. Though a bit less petrifying, the hotel has its own resident specters that don’t shy away from letting the living know who truly owns the hotel. Find out who these ghosts are that leave a cold chill in the air and witnesses in a state of shock with St. Petersburg Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the St. Petersburg Ghosts Tour?


See the Darker, Seedier Side of The Sunshine City 


Beyond the sandy beaches and fascinating museums, St. Petersburg offers a variety of family-friendly activities that add to the draw of this tourist destination. Theater lovers of all types of entertainment are in good company when visiting the city as downtown is home to the best of them. Of course, you have to be willing to mingle amongst the dead.


St. Petersburg introduces you to the local venues where the performers are in constant competition with the otherworldly entities vying for attention. Backstage is synonymous with seedy, and these theaters are no exception. Learn about the ghosts that command the curiosity of venue-goers, putting on heart-stopping performances for more reason than one.


Experiences and Stories You Won’t Get Anywhere Else 


Book lovers rejoice! The only thing better than a bookstore is an indie bookstore, and in St. Petersburg, there’s one that was so delightful the spirit of one of the most prolific novelists in the nation still visits. His name is Jack Kerouac, and his presence is so profound that paranormal investigators have explored the building attempting to contact him.


Uncover the oddities of Haslam, the former bookstore that provided readers with ample reads and unlimited frights. Hear more about the famous Beat writer’s inebriated spirit traipsing around the building, wreaking havoc on the work of the employees, moving books around, and giving his prominence. The bookstore may be no more, but the building is still very much alive with unexplained activity. Hear more with St. Petersburg Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


The otherworldly industry is continuously growing with no end in sight. Whether it be to curb curiosity or to find a ghostly hot spot to explore, more and more individuals are attempting to lift the veil on the unknown and peek beyond the curtain of the unexplained. 


Tonight, become one of the many who dare to explore the events and entities that defy logic. From the Comfort Station One that’s meant to be a relief station but serves as a terminal of terror, to the rows of haunted eateries such as La Cote Basque Winehouse, our expert guides leave no stone unturned. The ghostly community is growing, and we invite you to join them on a thrilling ghost of St. Petersburg with St. Petersburg Ghosts.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want to Explore St. Petersburg on Dry Land


The beautiful beaches and luscious lakes make St. Petersburg the perfect vacation spot for families and lovers of the sea. But let’s be honest, there’s only so much you can do out on the water. If you’re ready to take your exploration of the Sunshine City out on dry land, we have an ideal way to keep your journey enjoyable. Take a St. Petersburg Ghosts Tour and uncover an entire world that beckons to be investigated and is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.


2) You’re a Baseball Fan 


Tampa may have the Tampa Bay Rays, but St. Petersburg has Tropicana Field. From baseball players to the fans that pack the stadium, the city is a mecca for America’s favorite pastime. Visiting the city to take in a game or two? Fill your downtime with a ghost tour by St. Petersburg Ghosts. We’ll give you the lowdown on the haunted hotels known for sending chills down the spines of MLB players and where you just might be able to meet the Sultan of Swat himself – if you don’t mind seeing a ghost.


3) You’ve Seen the Museums, Now You Want to Hear the Haunted History


St. Petersburg has a great variety of museums that provide an in-depth look at how the city came to be. As informative as they are, these places of knowledge don’t tell the whole story. Take a St. Petersburg Ghosts tour to learn about the city’s history that the Visitors Center doesn’t want you to know about. Get the whole truth on what keeps the Sunshine City in the dark.


4) You Need a Fun Way To Walk Off Your Brewery Tours


St. Petersburg is a city that’s fun for all ages. There’s plenty to do for the kids, and the breweries offer an afternoon of fun for the adults. When you’re ready to do something that’s fun for the whole family and will help you walk off some of that delicious craft beer, join us on a thrilling ghost tour of St. Petersburg. When it comes to entertainment and frights for the whole family, we’ve got you covered!


5) You Want to Make the Most of Your St. Petersburg Vacation


If St. Petersburg isn’t a place that’s a regular vacation spot for you, why not make the most of it while you’re here? There’s plenty to see and do in the Sunshine City, but none offer the nonstop excitement that comes with a heart-pounding tour through the city’s most haunted area. You’ll hear stories you won’t hear anywhere else and visit places that you may only see once in a lifetime. Get everything there is to get out of your St. Petersburg vacation and book your ghost tour with St. Petersburg Ghosts tonight.

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