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The Fitzgerald Theater

The elegant theater reminds many of a spectacularly grand opera house.  Named after the famous author, it is considered haunted even to this day.

F. Scott Fitzgerald House

Operatic Elegance

Built in 1910 as a memorial to Sam S. Shubert by his brothers who were leaders in the entertainment business, this elegant theater was renamed in 1933 and once again in 1994.  This time it acquired its current name, The Fitzgerald Theater, in honor of the famous author who, at one time, called Minnesota his home.  Inspired by the Maxine Elliott theater in New York, the elegant  theater reminded many of a spectacularly grand opera house. Featuring deep, rich burgundy seats and a stage curtain made of beautiful rich velvet cloth, the Fitzgerald was a sight to be seen at its peak.

Ghostly Performances

Throughout the years, the theater began to show its age and required repair and restoration, molding the theater into a new version of its past self. But what would happen when the construction workers began to disturb parts of the theater that had long been dormant? Of course, one would expect many theatrics to have taken place within a theater dating back to the early 1900s. However, not all of the happenings were from live performers in productions—some events were played out in the shadows, or behind the scenes, by not-so-“live” performers.

Uncovering an Apparition?

When the building was being renovated in 1985, a false ceiling was removed, revealing a second balcony. Along with the hidden balcony, was a hidden note which was written to a former employee by the name of Ben.  This is when some unexplained happenings began. The construction crew had tools vanish and then reappear in a different place and unexplained cold spots began to pop up throughout the theater.  Another odd event was when a couple of workers were in the stage area and some plaster fell from above, almost hitting the workers. The workers claimed that the plaster was not from the theater and that they could see a shadowy figure walking on the catwalk before vanishing.

An Actress Who Won’t Be Silenced

There is another visitor to the theater from times past. She is believed to be an actress named Veronica, who died at the theater or very close by the theater. The staff says they can hear her singing and her voice fills the auditorium. Despite the fact that her budding career was cut short, Veronica makes sure that her voice is heard—sharing her talents with the living from beyond the veil as one of the many performers who share this stage.

Is the Theater Still Haunted Today?

Many witnesses, theater staff and patrons alike, have vouched for the theater’s paranormal presence, though it is yet to be confirmed by paranormal experts. Staff describe Ben as an annoying presence that they would gladly hand over to another theater to haunt. They also mention that Veronica loves the acoustics of the grand theater and often tests her vocals, enjoying the limelight even in the afterlife. Will you be fortunate enough to hear her song? Find out on our Minneapolis Ghost Tour where we will.

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