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Chauncey Griggs Mansion

This 10-bedroom mansion looks straight out of a mystery novel and is said to be the most haunted house in Minnesota.

Chauncey Griggs Mansion

A Mysterious Appearance

The Chauncey and Martha Griggs house was built by Architect Clarence Johnson in 1885. With its sandstone facade and classic Victorian design, this 10-bedroom mansion looks straight out of a mystery novel and, appropriately, the Chauncey Griggs mansion is said to be the most haunted house in Minnesota.  While the mansion is named after its original owner, Chauncey W. Griggs, a Civil War officer who only remained in the home for four years before heading west, Griggs is not one of the spirits who haunts the mansion.

Woman of the Mist

One of the most primary ghosts in the house is a maid who worked in the house at the turn of the 20th century. Tragically, it is said that she hung herself on the top floor’s landing after a love
affair ended. Her ghost has been seen like a white mist all over the mansion with many people feeling her presence, and a sense of doom, when standing over the landing.

A Library Lurker

Another worker, Charles Wade, haunts the library in the home. The mansion’s besetting caretaker and gardener, it is assumed that he spent most of his time in the library, researching
how to do his work better.His ghost has been seen and felt in the library, and people have heard the rustling of papers when no one was there.

Wasche’s Frustration

In 1964, a man by the name of Mr. Wasche bought the mansion intending to use it as his home and office. One day he was working at his desk when he saw a ghost of a man with a long face, white hat, and dark suit glaring at him from the doorway, probably because that was Wade’s space and he felt Mr. Wasche was invading his space. Some time passed and Mr. Wasche had the home renovated, except there was one problem.

One window kept opening by itself. Wasche finally got frustrated and nailed the window shut, only to find it open the next morning. Yet another ghost has been seen roaming the halls of the Griggs mansion, an old man with white hair wearing a black suit and top hat.

Spectral Sightings

Over the years, the mansion changed hands a few times, becoming an art school in 1950. Both students and teachers reported encounters with the mansions, seeing a man standing behind their easels and being awoken by figures in the night. In 1969, three male journalists set out to write an article for the St. Paul Pioneer press; they were skeptical of the ghost stories and wanted to see for themselves if the mansion was haunted, choosing to stay the night in the mansion By 4 a.m., the men heard heavy footsteps headed towards the top floor. In the middle of the night, all three men ran out of the mansion in pure terror, and out the back entrance. Do you dare to set foot near this supremely haunted mansion? Join us on our Minneapolis Ghost Tour and test your bravery.

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