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St Paul Ghost Tour

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Looking to book a hauntingly fun ghost tour in St Paul?

You’re in the right spot to unlock the ghostly secrets of St Paul’s past.

Tour Location Meeting Location

Outside Forepaugh's 2nd Mansion, 302 Summit Avenue

Weather Weather

Ghost tours are held nightly, rain or shine.

Tour Duration Duration

1 hr across 1 mile

Tour Order To Order

Press "Book Now" for availability.

St Paul’s Haunted History

St Paul isn’t usually the first city that comes to mind when we think of haunted locations, but don’t be fooled, this town has got it all! Haunted cemeteries, houses, streets, you name it!  Prior to European contact, the Dakota Sioux were the region’s sole residents. French explorers arrived in the region in 1680 and gradually, more European-American settlers arrived, competing for game and other resources with the Native Americans. Today, some of the Natives who were displaced and murdered by European colonizers still remain in the city… St Pauls’ City Hall, founded in 1866, is known for being extremely haunted with several people reporting interacting with the ghosts of unhappy young girls or witnessing the spirit of a hanged murderer lurking in a cloud of chill air.

Summit Avenue is an iconic part of St Paul that boasts stately Victorian homes lined up in a row, earning the title of one of America’s “Greatest Streets”. But despite their perfect, storybook appearance, some of these historic homes are hiding a sinister story or two behind their elaborate turrets and gables.

This famous street holds many secrets, spirits, and untold stories. As you pass by this street, you can feel the energy of each house. Every house has a story and a long history. From the Soap Factory to First Avenue, St Paul is filled with haunts. If you’d like to walk the haunted streets of St Paul and see the city in a truly unique way, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today — the spirits of St Paul are waiting for you!

What Will You See on Our St Paul Ghost Tour?

Our St Paul Ghost Tour will take you on a journey along St Paul’s historic Summit Avenue to meet a few famous authors and residents of St Paul, hearing about their families, fame, fortunes, and unfortunately plenty of misfortunes.

You will hear stories of romance and love and also affairs and mistrusts. Then there are the guests, or shall we say ghosts, that may have lived in some of these St Paul homes generations ago, who chose to remain with the house instead of traversing to the other side. We may never understand these spirits’ reluctance to leave, but they are here to tell their story.  Some people on this tour may feel a sense of their presence and others may not. Will you be the one they choose to communicate with from beyond the veil?

Regardless of whether they choose to interact with you or not, we’ll weave together their tragic stories and take you on a journey through St Paul’s haunted history—a not-so-distant past that lurks behind the city’s shining veneer.

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