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Welcome To St. Paul's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Mansions of mystery and misfortune lie in the heart of Minnesota’s capital. Uncover the origins of St. Paul and the unsettling sins spawned from its rise.

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With a 2000-year-old history, St. Paul harbors a disturbingly dark chronology mired in ghosts and villains that spans centuries before European contact. Take a Twin City Ghosts Tour and explore a past obscured in misery, mayhem, and murder.

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Twin City Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at Forepaugh's 2nd Mansion at 302 Summit Avenue
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
Visit for the best parking information.

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Twin City Ghosts | St. Paul, MN | US Ghost Adventures
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In St. Paul

Welcome to Twin City Ghosts

St. Paul’s placid veneer, its homely streets, cobblestone avenues, and handsome architecture turns wicked once twilight sets in and the sun goes down. Discover why the city is home to some of the most haunted locations in America.

The Black Heart of St. Paul 

The most liveable city in America is a melting pot of culture, lively individuals, and restless, unhinged spirits. Tragedy, adversity, and untimely deaths play a role in attracting sights and sounds that would make anyone question their own sanity. In the background of ideal scenery and picturesque views is a shadowy avenue that few dare travel – one that leads to the darkest pit of this haunted region. There are haunted locations in every corner of this burgh, places where visitors have been teased by past misdeeds and shadowy undertakings, with phantom shockwaves still sending tremors to those in its path.

The area that is St. Paul was once a battle-hardened wasteland. This was a dark, disturbing place in history where nomadic tribes and pre-indigenous groups fought violently for supremacy. Where tribes shed their blood and tears, and where sweat and hardship fertilized the fields, when food, grain, trees, and land were commodities worth dying and drawing blood for. Perched upon an ancient Indian Burial Mount, this delightful area is cursed by its unwelcomed proximity to the sacred, tainting every building that’s taken a piece of this holy space.

Adventure into a new frontier of dark tourism and learn the terrible truths behind this homespun and iconic place – Welcome to Twin City Ghosts.

What Will I See?

St.Paul’s Witching Hour And The Lives it Took

Summit Avenue is known as one of the most famous streets in the nation not only for having the longest stretch of Victorian-era houses in America but for being a breeding ground for the wealthy, the famous, and the grandiose. The indulgences these socialites were exposed to, however, played a part in the demise of many of their earnings, and lives, as was the case of Mr. Joseph Forepaugh.

Visit Forepaugh’s 2nd Mansion where you’ll learn about the entrepreneur’s rise to wealth and his transgressions that resulted in the suicide of his Irish maid, Molly. Following the discovery of Joseph and Molly’s affair by Mrs. Forepaugh, Mr. Forepaugh’s mistress hanged herself from the 3rd-floor chandelier, reportedly in response to Joseph choosing to stay with his wife. Molly wouldn’t be the only casualty in this modern-day soap opera. 

Joseph too committed suicide, allegedly because of his inability to get over the loss of Molly. The devastation of this torrid love affair and its Romeo and Juliet-type ending left a lasting wound on the mansion, one that remains open and oozing with paranormal happenings and ghostly sightings of the unfaithful pair. Molly is said to make creepy appearances at various parties, walking down the hallways and sometimes locked in a gaze before vanishing. The manic ghost of Joseph Forepaugh has also been seen, most often running up and down the stairs in a panic.

Trapped in Forepaugh’s mansion for eternity yet seemingly light years apart, the tortured lovers aren’t the only past residents whose agitated souls are trapped on Summit Avenue.

The Summoning of David Stuart

In the same year Minnesota became a state, successful sawmill owner David Stuart built what is now the oldest house on Summit Avenue. Take a stroll with Twin City Ghosts to The Old Smith “Vine” Mansion, a two-story Italianate-styled house that leads the way in more than just original design and structure. 

Sadly, Mr. Stuart would not be able to enjoy the fruits of his labor as he passed away the year the building of his immaculate home was completed. His spirit would get no rest, however. Hear the actual accounts of his wife’s dark dive into the occult and the lengths she went to in an attempt to contact him. Going through nearly her entire inheritance, she did more than contact her deceased husband – she trapped his withered soul in the home along with a variety of other spirits of the not-so-friendly kind.

More than a century after the attempted conjurings, the vengeful ghosts continue to instill terror into visitors of the house in the most tormenting of ways. Horrifying accounts include visitors claiming to hear a menacing disembodied voice verbalizing some of the most horrid things imaginable, sending chills down the spines of those who cross paths with the evil entities. Stay focused on your tour guide, or you may be the next to be accursed by the dead.

Why Is St. Paul So Haunted?

The Dawn of Disease

The development of Summit Avenue included a place for children as the area was growing at an exponential rate with individuals of all ages. Discover Cochran Park, a piece of Summit Avenue that served as a play area for children in the 19th century. This donated piece of property was designed to be a safe haven for children to run and play worry-free. This dream endeavor, however, would soon turn into an amusement park of nightmares.

Unsanitary conditions and diseased livestock would be the culprits of constant pandemic flare-ups, and the kids would be the carriers of these deadly illnesses. What’s transpired since has been a cause of panic and horror for visitors and locals alike. Visions of emaciated and distraught children can be seen in the waters of the duck pond as well as the petrifying sounds of their anguished screams and cries. The pain that reverberates in the park can be felt in the air, and seen by unsuspecting visitors – you might just be next.

The Underworld Rises

It’s hard to believe that such a quaint city with gorgeous sweeping river views was once home to one of the largest brothels in the Washington Lights District, and it was run by one of the most successful madams of all time. Twin City Ghosts takes you on an intriguing ride through a true heatheness era for St. Paul. Visit the Madame Clifford Statue and unveil the seedy side of this opulent piece of the city, where the nefarious ruled the area and the wicked called home. 

Madame Nina Clifford owned the streets, paying off officials to turn a blind eye to her debauchery. Nina ran her brothels successfully until she passed away in 1929 but she’s not done yet. The madame continues to roam Summit Avenue wearing her 1920s best dress, possibly searching for her next group of ladies of the night to continue her life’s work. Her spirit is not so much menacing – unless she’s coming for you.

Why St. Paul’s Past Won’t Die

Before the Dakota Sioux called the area their home; years before traders, trappers, and outlaws roamed this frontier, and before vengeful mobs hung criminals on the steps of City Hall, St. Paul was already experiencing a seemingly endless supply of pain and misery. 

From beginning to end, St. Paul is filled with eerie stories of the dead and terrifying documented haunts with each stop serving as an opportunity to feel the energy of the souls that once walked these shadowy streets in their earthly form. Get ready to feel your skin crawl, not knowing what’s right around the corner.

What So Special About the Twin City Ghosts Tour?

Join Us On A Once-In-A-Lifetime Experience 

Walk with us as we peer behind the curtain and stare deep into the eyes of some of the human monsters, sinister stories, and bizarre tales that hide behind each building’s elaborate turrets and seemingly idyllic gables. Discover the remarkable Rice-Ordway Home, a location that rivals the medium business.

Owned by Lucius Ordway, a multi-millionaire investor of 3M, the home was donated to the Arts of St. Paul but his spirit has never left. It’s said that visitors of the home have been known to experience sudden bolts of inspiration and life-changing revelations that have led them to find new fulfilling purposes. Will Mr. Ordway change your life? There’s only one way to find out – join us for a Twin City Ghosts Tour.

See a Different, Darker Side of a Light-Hearted Destination 

Explore Summit Avenue in St. Paul with our expert guides as they take you through opulent roads where you’ll stand under the shadows of gray gothic buildings while they narrate unbelievable stories of torrid romances, blind avarice ambitions, and inflamed artists engulfed by madness and creativity.

Embark on a journey through this dark and haunted destination as we unearth sinister truths of a tainted road only ghost fans can appreciate. Uncover The Chauncey Griggs Mansion where the brooding presence of a former employee who hung herself in the home can still be felt, ominously. And as one of the most haunted locations on the tour, she’s not alone. Meet the rest of the restless spirits that inhabit this sweet but deceitful road of luxury. 

Be Part of A Growing Community 

Journey with us through St. Paul’s haunted history — a past that lurks behind the city’s shining veneer. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife, whether first-time hunters or seasoned veterans. 

The Twin City Ghosts Tour is a sensory experience that can’t be missed, one you’ll remember for the rest of your life — and recall in your nightmares. If you’d like to walk the haunted streets of St Paul and see the city in a truly unique way, book your tour with Twin City Ghosts today. Experience the unexplained where many have bore witness to the unknown and the unexplained. 

Become one of them tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your Twin City Ghosts tour right now!

1) You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Terrifying History of St. Paul 

Connect with the lifeblood of this region and soak up some of the hidden histories of St. Paul. A place where every corner has a story, where every house has a skeleton to hide, where every person has a sin they would rather not shed light on. Our tour is thoroughly researched and based on facts — from history books, recorded accounts of hauntings, and documented ghost sightings. 

A study at Princeton University may have proven the existence of ghosts. Researchers at Princeton University have been studying paranormal phenomena in a scientific context for almost 30 years, through a department called “PEAR”, which stands for “Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research”. PEAR is a scientific study of consciousness-related physical phenomena.

“Nearly three decades of intense experimentation leave little doubt that the anomalous physical phenomena appearing in the PEAR studies are valid, and are significantly correlated with such subjective variables as intention, meaning, resonance, and uncertainty… The primary importance of operator intention and emotional resonance with the task at hand, along with the operator-specific structure evident in the data, the absence of traditional learning patterns, and the lack of explicit space and time dependence clearly predicate that no direct application or minor alteration of existing physical or psychological frameworks will suffice. ”

2) You Have A Dark Sense Of Humor

Some of us like our stories, like we like our steaks, bloody and rare. Some of us love a good Agatha Christie Mystery, enjoy curling up to a great Stephen King, and wait anxiously for the next installment of our favorite slasher franchise. Some of us need that extra jolt of darkness when it comes to our stories. We are part of a community that enjoys a good scare — that anxiously wants our veins to bulge as our hearts get flooded with adrenaline. We need that kick. We are a vast community and, to us, there’s nothing more scintillating than a good fright on a cold dark windy night. 

3) You Need Something To Do That’s Different – a chilling date night

Life, sooner or later, becomes a bit dull. You feel like you’re just going through the motions, repeating the same routines over and over again. The same restaurant. The same bar. The same movie theater. The same re-hatched superhero movie. Step out of your comfort zone and book something different — something that’s strange, bizarre, ingenious, and exciting. Come with us on a once-in-lifetime trip and see the world from a different POV. 

Did you know that our bodies release different hormones when we are thrilled or scared? Most of them influence attraction. There’s a reason why scary movies and roller coasters get the blood pumping and give that date night a different stimulant. Join us on this less than romantic tour, yet highly titillating – it’s good for bonding. 

4) You Are Looking For Inspiration 

You need a tale that inspires — that makes you dream new dreams, and create your own stories. You need lore that helps you look at your hometown in a new light. Come with us as we travel through stories that are anything but tame. Stories that make you appreciate how weird and strange the world really is. Stories that allow you to believe in the impossible, and make you rethink what you know about reality. Stories that question the tangible, and the rules of physics — the rules you hold to be true. 

5) You Already Took All Those Architectural Tours

You’ve slugged through all those tours — been up and down Summit Hill and bore witness to some of this nation’s most awe-inspiring buildings. You’ve heard the tales, and the angles, and the motifs. You’ve memorized the style. You’ve been told the difference between Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque. But now, the lights have gone down. The city is painted in moonlight hues and the orange-yellow glare of streetlights, the shadows have grown deeper, the buildings more menacing. Now, you want context, you demand subtext. Come with us as we go beyond what you can see, and what the academics can tell you, and help you experience St. Paul like never before. 

Our guides will take you on a wild theme park ride – they will interact, they will question, they will command the group. Are you sick and tired of all those terrible tour guides? The ones that seem to slide by with the bare minimum? Our experienced guides will take you on an experience you will never forget. They are the polar opposite of traditional. Get ready to scream, to laugh, maybe even shed a tear. 

6) You’re a snowbird in for the winter

“No amount of fire or freshness can challenge what a man will store up in his ghostly heart.”  —Nick Carraway.

Hemingway’s peculiar friend, the second half of that legendary couple – full of fire, madness, and passion – of Zelda and Scott, the man who wrote some of America’s best novels – full of quotable passages, and memorable scenes – F.Scott Fitzgerald once lived on St. Paul. If you’re a Gatsby fan, new or old – introduced to the writings of the genius by Baz Luhrmann’s and Leonardo DiCaprio – you simply can’t miss this thrilling ghost hunt. Why? F.Scott once called Summit Hill his home. The wordsmith and lyricist penned his first scribble at St. Paul and his house, with its eerie unkempt hanging gardens, soot covered brickwork, and chipped oval openings is full of mysteries and scandals. Get an inside look at the mind of F. Scott as we visit his Victorian retreat and dream of bootleggers, lavish decadent parties, and a green light at the end of a peer.

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