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Welcome To St. Louis's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Gateway to the West leads to the most terrifying hauntings on the Mississippi. Discover the grisly truths of St. Louis hidden just beyond its steel Arch.

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From the mysterious Native American dirt mounds to what lies beneath the world’s tallest steel arch, St. Louis Ghosts unveils why the city remains the burial ground for some of America’s most shocking historical tragedies.


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St. Louis Ghosts

Tours meet at The Soldiers Memorial Military Museum: 1315 Chestnut Street, St. Louis, MO 63103
Tours run 1-hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about our bonus extended tour to 3-4 additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly at 8pm
Simply bring your ID. You do not need to bring printed tickets or passes.
There are multiple parking lots on Spruce Street across from all sides of the Metro Link Civic Center

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In St. Louis

Welcome to St. Louis Ghosts

Join St. Louis Ghosts to uncover the countless unexplained hauntings that continue to terrify one of the most haunted cities of the midwest.


Burial Grounds to Bloodshed – Why St. Louis is so Haunted


St. Louis is a city that has witnessed centuries of war and bloodshed, changing hands from the indigenous Osage and Illiniwek tribes to the colonial superpowers France and then Spain. The ghostly activity surrounding the ancient Indian burial grounds stems from a dark, disturbing history with constant battles for supremacy amidst holy temples and sacred mounds on both sides of the Mississippi. From the Seven Years’ War between archrivals France and Spain to the Battle of St. Louis when the British attacked settlers during the Revolutionary War, the city’s inhabitants were continually the victims of the violence that surrounded it.  


As the “Gateway to the West”, St. Louis has had many adventurers, frontiersmen, and visitors pass through on their way to supposed fame and glory. Though many have made their way to the city and beyond, few ever return once they have stepped through the infamous arch. From ancient burial grounds to deadly wars and fatal happenings, this city holds centuries of terror, pain, and bloodshed. 


Kauffman Park is one of the locations in St. Louis where you may find ghostly figures wandering about still wearing their war uniforms. Homes in this neighborhood have also reported items unexplainably left out of place and doors slamming shut. From incredibly haunted theaters, to mysteriously abandoned museums and parks, St. Louis provides the perfect blend of haunted history and intense horror. 


Misery and Misdeeds on the Mighty Mississippi


The nail-biting St. Louis ghost tour leads you deep into the sordid past of the River City with an unforgettable recounting of authentic and spine-tingling stories and actual hauntings witnessed at each haunted location. Walk through this architecturally charming city and learn about the ghost who lives at Union Station that never made it to her destination. Experience a night full of adventure mixed with more than a little terror and visit some of the most terrifying and haunted locations in Missouri. Whether you’re a born and raised local or a Gateway first-timer, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and frightening that will keep you up at night clutching the covers. 


Discover gut-wrenching terror as you walk through Serra Sculpture Park and try to avoid making eye contact with the apparitions and ghosts of former residents whose lost souls will try to pierce through yours. Throughout St. Louis’ unique architecture and iconic buildings lies a dark horrifying past that will be revealed at each haunted stop along the bone-chilling ghost tour. Experience the ghosts of St. Louis’ past as you share its darkened streets with both the living and the dead.


Uncover the Darker SideSt. Louis’  to See a Destination From a New Perspective


Local expert guides will take you through multiple hand-picked and deeply researched sites of authentic tragic hauntings that are plucked straight from the darkest parts of America’s history books, beginning with the Stifle Theater. As you walk the dark streets traversed by former killers, victims, and outlaws, be prepared for the horrid stories of shocking deaths and the ghosts that remain in their wake, still haunting the city and stalking residents nightly. These thought-provoking accounts of unexplained phenomena will shock even the bravest visitors and shed light into St. Louis’ unbelievably dark and bloody past. 


Be Part of a Growing Community


Whether you’re a born and raised local or a Gateway first-timer, you’re guaranteed to learn something new and frightening that will keep you up at night clutching the covers. This thrilling tour is the perfect blend of real dark history, grisly entertainment, and hair-raising fear. Get ready to experience Ghosts of St. Louis’ past as you walk the streets among the living and the dead.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book the St. Louis Ghost Tour:


  1. You’re looking for a different night-time experience.


St. Louis Ghosts will give you an experience you’ve never had before! Late at night, when most attractions close down, our tours are just getting started. Though walks around the city are common, these tours will bring light to some of St. Louis’ darkest moments in time.


  1. You’re interested in a different way to learn about a city’s History.


Though St. Louis has some of the best museums, this walking tour will give you an interactive and informational experience you’ll be sure to remember! Our tours perfectly complement history and entertainment. Each site is deeply researched, and our guides exquisitely recount the events of real hauntings.


  1. It’s date night, and you’re out of fun, new ideas.


This Ghost Tour is better than any scary movie you go to just to wait for a pretty girl to collapse in terror on her brave man’s shoulder. With a whole hour to walk hand-in-hand, this tour is the perfect date night for any couple wanting something different, exciting, fun, and more than frightening!


  1. You’re intrigued by ghosts and you want to learn more.


Maybe you believe in ghosts, or maybe you don’t. Regardless, you ended up here… and you’re intrigued. This tour isn’t designed to transform you into a serious ghost hunter, but we will share fascinating and authentic stories about St. Louis’ gruesome past. The curiosity will only intensify as you walk through the haunted streets on a dark, deserted night with only your friends and the echoes of ghosts before you. 


  1. You’ve had enough booze and want some real boos.


While St. Louis’ Brewery scene is impressive, it’s good to take a breather! Enjoy an evening of St. Louis’ finest food and beverage before indulging in something a bit more unnerving. Our Ghost Tours are sure to leave you full of frightening facts you won’t forget! (Then you can impress your friends over the next round of beers)


  1. You’re Showing St. Louis off to your friends


It’s fun to play tour guide to friends and family, but sometimes you want a break. We’re happy to take over. There’s no better way to experience a city than to walk the streets while being informed by our expert guides. There are plenty of attractions in St. Louis, but this one-of-a-kind tour will be fun and exciting for everyone. They’ll definitely be sure to remember their visit!

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