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Post Alley/Gum Wall

Dive deep into the haunted stories of Seattle’s Gum Wall/Post Alley, including a friendly Frank and an old mortuary. Learn more from US Ghost Adventures.

Post Alley

Heading to Seattle opens a door of haunted possibilities. From the city’s old theaters to the famous Pike Place Market, secrets lie hidden in every corner of the Emerald City. One of its eeriest places is the Gum Wall, located in what’s known as Post Alley.

Do you dare inquire to know what happened here and what still happens here today? Book a US Ghost Adventure tour to see firsthand whether the stories of Post Alley are true.

The History of Kells Pub

One of the notable locations in Post Alley is Kells Irish Pub. This bar and restaurant occupies the space of what used to be a crematorium and embalming room of a historic undertaking business back in the late 1800s.

This spooky history perhaps explains why many people, from visitors stopping in for a beer to the owners themselves, have witnessed unexplainable events in this location where corpses once lied. 

The bar’s current owner even tells a story about a mirror shattering into a perfect pile when he was there as a kid, helping his parents clean up. Upon returning to the back bar room where the mirror fell, Patrick and his family only found a single lit candle on the bar.

Alibi Room Frank

In Post Alley, you’ll find a popular club called the Alibi Room. Head to the bathrooms, and you may just meet a ghost.

Countless patrons over the years have shared jarringly similar stories about Frank, the tall, elderly male ghost who hangs out just outside the doors. The unbelievable detail? Frank introduces himself by name.

Could this be a real ghost lingering in his favorite club for eternity? Find out with US Ghost Adventures.

A Coffee Shop With a Fitting Name

Many businesses make up Post Alley, and one of them is the perfectly named Ghost Alley Espresso. Locals believe the haunting at this shop is by one of the first advocates and designers of the Pike Place Market, Arthur Goodwin. 

But, how does a coffee shop know the specific ghost that lingers on in the space? One child drew a picture of a man she claimed to see inside. She drew a tall figure with a top hat and dancing motions that matched many photos of this historic Pike Place leader. 

The owner herself shares stories of indications of Arthur’s presence, including items falling off the walls, electronics acting up, and more. 

The espresso shop sits within what was once an old attendant’s room of a men’s bathroom, so it makes sense why someone like Arthur would spend time there and find comfort in the space. Perhaps he sat there to read the newspaper or get his shoes shined. It also makes sense that someone so dedicated and connected to the market itself would find a place to reside nearby in the afterlife. Do you believe it?

Haunted Seattle, WA 

While Seattle is known for its rainy weather, stunning coastal views, and impeccable seafood, many dark stories circulate throughout the town. For curious minds, believers, or even skeptics, taking a US Ghost Adventures tour through haunted Seattle may unveil a new side of the city you’ve never seen before.

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