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Welcome To Seattle's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Hiding beneath overcast skies and the scent of freshly roasted coffee, the ghosts of Seattle’s ominous past are waiting to be unearthed. 

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Join Seattle Terrors for a captivating collection of hidden history and real hauntings that show Seattle as one of the most haunted locations in the country. From Suquamish Burial Grounds to the Northwest’s first elevator for corpses, this nightmarish ghost tour will reveal the shocking truth of why the dead continue to haunt Cloud City.  

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Seattle Terrors Ghost Tour

Discover why Seattle is a hotspot for paranormal activity amidst ancient burial grounds and the ghosts of greedy undertakers and gold rush prospectors still hunting for their fortune.

Seattle Terrors Boos and Booze Pub Crawl

Come join us on this amazing tour that combines fascinating stories with liquid courage, all while in the company of like-minded people and an expert guide who will shepherd you through Seattle's haunted streets.

Heart of Seattle Savory Food Tour

Join professional guides to experience the signature flavors that put Seattle on the map as a true foodie destination.

Painting the Rainbow LGBTQ History Walking Tour

Meet larger-than-life LGBTQ+ business owners and learn the stories of the groundbreaking activists and leaders who paved the way for gay rights– long before Seattle’s streets were being painted with rainbows.

Seattle Ultimate Coffee Tour

On this tour, you'll visit the original Starbucks, along with some other, more local cafes that serve up some of the best coffee in the Pacific Northwest.

Hoppin' Seattle Brew Tour

The premier location for breweries and distilleries. Come see, smell and taste how Seattle became the American Brewery Capitol. Tasting are included in this tour!

Seattle's Historical Cannabis Tour

Whether you are "highly" experienced in the world of cannabis, or you're a weed newbie, this tour is sure to provide enlightenment of the history behind one of Seattle's up and coming industries.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Seattle

Welcome to Seattle Ghosts

Discover why Seattle is a hotspot for paranormal activity amidst ancient burial grounds and the ghosts of greedy undertakers and gold rush prospectors still hunting for their fortune.


Echoes Of A Violent Past In The Emerald City 


Beneath the world-famous Space Needle and Pike’s Place Market, behind the moody music scene and the booming breweries are ancient burial grounds and a past of violence and tragedy. Discover the brutality that built Rain City and the violence that still lingers in the shadows.


Seattle is a city of unfinished business and once it’s gotten ahold of you, it will never let go. The city was founded by a group of white settlers on a mission to create a Christian utopia and their vision was never realized. To establish their settlement, they made treaties with local Native American tribes that weren’t fully honored. Prospectors flocked to the area only to have dreams of fortune left unfulfilled. 


Seattle is filled with chilling stories of ghosts and hauntings that date back as far as the original Native American tribes that settled in this state.


It’s no wonder the dead linger in the shadows of Cascadia City, watching the living and pining for validation, fortune, and fame. Cursed burial grounds and a violent past have left a legacy of restless spirits that prowl in the night, seeking justice, vengeance, and revenge. 


Get ready to visit some of Seattle’s most haunted buildings and places that still resonate with violence, greed, betrayal, and murder. Underneath dark clouds and never-ending rain showers is a city built on the blood of prospectors, prostitutes, and preachers with the echoes of their violent deeds left behind for eternity.




Discover Why Native American History Lingers in Seattle


Before Seattle was the moody, artistic, and culinary hotspot it is today, the land was home to the Coast Salish Native American tribes. The seeds of Seattle were settled in the winter of 1851 when Arthur Denny and a group of 22 white men declared it would be the home of their new Christian utopia. While all was peaceful for a while between the local tribes and Denny’s men, small skirmishes turned into a brief war, forever scarring the land with innocent blood and tragic death. 


Discover chilling and true accounts of ghosts that stalk ancient Native American burial grounds under popular Seattle tourist attractions, places where the disrupted graves of the dead have led to restless spirits stalking the night. Hear spine-tingling stories of encountering Kikisoblu, the daughter of a local chief whose spirit still walks the streets of Pikes Place in her red shawl.


As tensions escalated between local Native Americans and Denny’s growing settlement, it was Kikisoblu’s father Chief Sealth who stepped in to protect white settlers from angry tribesmen. His protection was so valuable that the settlers named their new town after the chief, despite his desperate pleas for them not to. Uttering the name of the deceased after they are dead was taboo in his culture because it disturbed the dead’s peaceful rest. 


Unearth bone-chilling stories of Chief Sealth and other tribesmen who cannot rest because their names keep being uttered by the living, the annoyed and vengeful souls who want nothing more than to find a peace the living won’t allow them to attain.


A Serial Killer’s Paradise


Seattle has become a famous stalking ground for serial killers like Ted Bundy and Gary Ridgway, both of whom left trails of brutalized victims across the city. And they’re not the only monsters who have roamed the Seattle night, hunting for the innocent. The victims they’ve left behind also haunt buildings and shops, caught in an everlasting search for justice and peace.


Linda Hazzard was a self-proclaimed doctor who may still haunt the LaSalle Hotel, where she abused victims in a stringent program billed as a gateway to health but resulted in death. Linda would entice victims into her program, weaken their minds and bodies and then convince them to sign over all assets. Then she would let her victims die. Linda Hazzard inherited her victims’ assets, and rumor has it her property inherited their spirits. 


Uncover hair-raising true accounts of shadow figures that haunt the streets and sidewalks near LaSalle Hotel, including one that beckons you to follow it straight to the front door of LaSalle.


Disturbed Burial Grounds Created Restless Spirits


Native American burial grounds aren’t the only cemeteries that lie underneath the streets of Seattle. Many small cemeteries have been moved over the years, or just built over as Seattle’s population swelled. Spirits who were laid to rest in those grounds have been disturbed and while their bodies were relocated, many ghosts still stalk the night looking for their lost bodies. 


One of those burial grounds was once under the Moore Theater, one of Seattle’s most famous entertainment venues and hotels. Settlers were buried here from 1853 to 1860 and most of the bodies were relocated a couple of decades later. 


Discover why apparitions and phantom cigar smoke still haunt the Moore Theater, as well as disembodied voices and mysterious figures watching in the night. Hear bone-chilling stories of an unfinished seance that could have opened a portal to the other side, one that was never closed. 


After the Moore Theater was built, it was discovered the land was also home to a Native American burial ground. Grave robbers flocked to the area to loot any graves they could find and disturbed many burial plots in the process. These restless spirits mingle with the unearthly and paranormal forces in the Moore Theater and Hotel, ensuring every step you take near this building will be watched by ghostly eyes.




Unfinished Business Ties Souls To Seattle


Life was violent during Seattle’s early days. To fund his vision of a pure and perfect utopia, Denny turned to the surrounding natural resources and began shipping lumber out of the area and to San Francisco. This attracted a population of workers in direct conflict with Denny’s vision, rough sailors, hard-boiled lumberjacks, and later, Gold Rush prospectors, who all lived in a world of human vices Denny despised. 


Visit the dens of sin that evolved to accommodate Seattle’s rough and renegade population and unearth bone-chilling stories of the ghosts they left behind. See the Can Can cantina, where sex workers endured hard lives that came to miserable ends and mysterious burlesque dancers have disappeared in the middle of their acts. 


Seattle Ghosts will take you on a tour of the bloody history that built Cloud City and introduce you to a blurry world of mystery where the echoes of rape murder and violence still echo in the streets and victims’ ghosts still search for revenge. 


Portals Of Mass Suicide Linger In The Streets


While America’s largest mass suicide event took place in San Diego, there is a piece of the street in Pikes Place that directly ties the souls of the victims to Seattle. 


In 1997, members of the Heaven’s Gate cult poisoned themselves in San Diego in an effort to cleanse themselves of human attachments and ascend to the next level of existence. Before the suicide event, one of the cult’s organizers bought a tile during a Pike’s Place Market fundraising campaign in the name of Heaven’s Gate. And for some reason, there seems to be a connection between that tile and ghosts of cult members who voluntarily ended their lives in pursuit of perfection. 


Discover the Heaven’s Gate tile and unearth chilling stories of those who have stood near the tile and heard the echoes of Heaven’s Gate, calling from beyond the grave. 


Why Seattle’s Past Continues To Be Resurrected


While Seattle is popular for coffee, culture, music, and food, it was built on blood, greed, savagery, and violence. Even when the sun does pop through the clouds in one of America’s rainiest cities, you’ll find darkness still lingers in the corners and alleyways of this busy Sea-Town.


Visit popular tourist attractions like Pike’s Place Market on our haunted walking tour and discover a place where the afterlife mingles with the living and the past is just a breath away from the present.




See a different, darker side of a historic and beautiful destination


Seattle is a ghastly playground for the paranormal, a hotspot for lingering violence and ghosts that won’t let their stories die. Darkness hovers around corners and at the edge of your eye line ghosts dance between the world of the living and the world of the dead. In Seattle, the past still shapes the present, and atrocities of old are still alive and well in the shadows.


Come with us to visit the gruesome past of the Gateway to Alaska and to hear stomach-churning stories of the very ghosts that will stalk your footsteps and haunt your dreams. Join us on a walk through some of Seattle’s most haunted locations to discover why the sins of this city linger for eternity.


A once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’ll cherish forever


Seattle is a whole vibe unto itself with the frenzy of activity at Pike’s Place Market, the daring design of the Space Needle and the avant-garde art and food scene. A visit to Seattle will already leave a lasting impression, but if you really want to get the city under your skin, take a walk through some of Seattle’s most haunted areas. You’ll really get to know Seattle’s permanent residents.


Come see where Gypsy Lee Rose danced her last burlesque show and where victims of serial killer Linda Hazzard breathed their last. Visit buildings built for death, haunted hotels, and apartments where tenants whisper chilling secrets of residents long dead who still stalk the hallways.


Join Seattle Ghosts for an adrenaline-laced walk and visit places that have housed the truly horrific, the gruesome, and the ghastly. See places where some of Seattle’s most grisly and grotesque murders have taken place and where heartbreaking tragedy left ripples of misery throughout time and space. 


Be part of a Growing Ghosty Community


For anyone who loves a creepy haunting, Seattle is a destination worth visiting. Not only will you encounter chilling stories of prospector poltergeists and wild west ghosts, you’ll take a walk through sites haunted by spirits who were violent in life and who are vengeful in death. If it’s your first time ghost hunting, you’ll find a frightful chill as you walk through these haunted locations with us. If you’re a veteran ghost hunter, be ready to discover hair-raising tales that will deepen your twisted connection with the other side.


From serial killer Ted Bundy to a portal to the Heaven’s Gate cult victims, Seattle is a smorgasbord of sinister hauntings that prove the pain of the past is never very far away.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1)  Serial Killers, Cult Victims, and Sexy Ghosts


With such a macabre history and existence under a near-constant cover of clouds, Seattle is an ideal host city for ghosts to roam. This popular destination still echoes with the remnants of tragedy and natural disasters, plagues and fires, violence and cult murders. Seattle has a beautiful culture that draws thousands of tourists each year, and a ghost tour is one of the best ways to really understand the city. 


Seattle Ghosts takes you on a walk through the shadows of a city steeped in brutality and bloodlust, where chilling tales of nightmarish hauntings are just as compelling as a cup of Seattle coffee. 


2)  You Love Native American History


Before white settlers founded the small settlement in Washington that became Seattle, this land was home to the Suquamish and Duwamish. These two tribes of Native American people lived in peace with other neighboring tribes and collectively were known as the Coast Salish people. You’ll find their artwork in every Seattle corner shop, but there are other elements of the culture that linger in the shadows.


Visit ancient burial grounds with us and hear petrifying stories of the restless Duwamish, ghosts of the first people in Washington that are forever disturbed, roaming the streets in search of peace. Join us to hear chilling accounts of these watchful wraiths and explore the places that may still house their bones.


3)  You’re Here to Ghost Hunt


Seattle has a habit of drawing in many different types of tourists, people who are interested in seeing the Space Needle and eating good food and those seeking something darker. You’re here to see the place that birthed the tragic and twisted stories of Kurt Kobain, Ted Bundy, D.B. Cooper, and Mia Zapata. And while you’ll definitely snag a coffee and donut for the road, you’re here to visit some of Seattle’s most haunted buildings. 


Seattle Ghosts can give you a firsthand look into the murderous, vengeful, and ominous world that lingers just beneath the surface of Seattle. Together, we’ll take a walk through this city’s haunted and gruesome past, giving you a good starting point for your own macabre investigation.


4)  You Want a Good Conversation Piece for Coffee and Donuts Tomorrow


Seattle is famous for a wide variety of things, but coffee is synonymous with this city. Known as the Coffee Capital of the World, you’re bound to find yourself sitting around a cafe table with your group on your visit to Seattle. There’s lots to talk about when you’re exploring this busy city, but nothing captivates an audience like a hair-raising tale of real-life hauntings and tragedy. 


Unearth harrowing tales of depravity and tragedy and hear shocking stories of hauntings that continue to this day. You won’t realize you’ve walked a mile in a ghost’s shoes until we release you from our storyteller’s trance. Join us for first-hand accounts of chilling encounters that will undoubtedly add an extra edge to tomorrow morning’s coffee conversation.


5)  You Want to Spice Up Your Pikes Place Market Shopping Trip


Pike’s Place Market is famous for flying fish and epic eats. You could get lost for hours among the vendors and creative crafts on display throughout the gigantic market, chatting with happy vendors and buying unique keepsakes and fresh foods. But what if the friendly farmer you just bought veggies from vanishes completely after your exchange? What if that sound of a baby crying on the wind isn’t coming from any living being, but from beyond the grave? 


Join us to hear the disturbing tales of hauntings at Pike’s Place Market, where the ghosts of the past mingle with everyday shoppers and echoes of injustice linger in the alleys. If you’re looking for something to really sink your teeth into, we’ve got stories that will chill your bones and leave you with lingering nightmares.


6)  You’re Looking for Inspiration in a City of Music, Food, and Outdoors Adventures 


You and your friends are culinarily curious record junkies who love a good mountain bike and can’t wait to take in all the art, music, and fresh sea air that Seattle has to offer. What better way to crank up the adrenaline than to add a haunted ghost tour to your list of adventures? Get great restaurant tips and tidbits of music history on a walk with us through haunted Seattle and create nightmarish memories while you’re at it. Our alarming accounts of eerie hauntings and real-life victims coming back from the grave are sure to leave a lasting impression and creep you out even after we’ve wrapped up our walk and you’re on to sample the best beer in town.

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