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Welcome To Savannah's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Deep in the swampy beginnings of the 13th colony, death, disease, war, and restless souls laid the foundations for the ghosts of Savannah to haunt all who tread here.

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Join a Savannah ghost tour to discover a gruesome nightmare of deadly diseases, grave misfortunes, and horrific ends in the city of coastal dreams. Unspeakable tragic deaths and needlessly desecrated graves paved the way for Savannah’s standing as the nation’s most haunted city.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Savannah Terrors Ghosts and Ghouls of the South

Join a Savannah ghost tour to discover a gruesome nightmare of deadly diseases, grave misfortunes, and horrific ends

Savannah Terrors Ultimate Dead of Night Haunted Ghost Tour

Journey deep into the historic district for a truly terrifying late-night experience

Savannah Terrors Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Try the new Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for some genuine scares, spirits, and spirits in Savannah.

We Shall Overcome: A Savannah Black History Experience

Join us to bring to light the untold stories of those who labored and loved in the Hostess City, and celebrate the people of color who were instrumental in the development of American history as we know it.

Tombs of Savannah: Bonaventure Cemetery Experience

Take a deeper look at Savannah's haunting history, as well as the myths and stories surrounding this Historic District landmark nestled among moss-draped oaks.

Savannah Historic District Savory Foodie Tour

From the food to the service to unique and delicious experiences, we made a list of the best places to make your mouth and belly happy! Our Savannah Food Tour will show you to the delectable cuisine, amazing cafes, and fascinating individuals who have formed the city's culture.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Savannah

Welcome to Savannah Terrors

Southern Hospitality and Charm Masks Savannah’s Haunted and Chilling Origins


Underneath the beautiful coastal landscapes, exquisite colonial architecture, and seemingly peaceful parks and inviting squares lies a horrific history that refuses to stay buried…just like the dead that inhabit its countless sprawling cemeteries. Don’t let the beauty of Savannah fool you.  The Hostess City of the South boasts unbelievable origins that compare to a Greek tragedy of old, with good versus evil, and evil being the victor more often than not. Its reputation for topping the list of the most haunted cities in the United States is well-earned.


Venture with Savannah Terrors into the dark streets of historic Savannah to reveal the grisly truth behind its status as a legendary haunted location.


Its gruesome beginnings are the stuff horror movies are made of. Savannah’s status as a strategic port led to its multiple invasions resulting in various battles and an unprecedented loss of life. The city’s ability to survive was once again tested when it befell to the Yellow Fever epidemic – an illness that wiped out over 7,000 people and left the area surrounded in death. The darkness of Savannah’s calamitous past is brought to light inside its most historic architecture. Discover why the grizzly deaths of those who came before continue to fuel the city’s despair.


And it was only the beginning.


A Deadly Dark Past That Refuses to Die


The 19th century was a time of death and despair in this popular tourist destination. Yellow Fever swept the city leaving thousands of victims in its path. Oglethorpe Square serves as their final resting place, but resting is hardly a thing tortured spirits willingly do. Visit the spot where countless sightings of individuals bleeding from their eyes have been reported. Their sudden appearances are only less shocking than their immediate disappearance, including an authentic firsthand account from a man who came face to face with one such apparition.


Uncover the grim details of The Lindsay & Morgan Company Building, a dwelling that is unable to hold any tenants in its upper two floors. The unexplained activity at this location may have something to do with what’s underneath its foundations, as it was built directly on top of the site of the city’s infamous gallows which shared the land with its first cemetery. The desecrated grounds are still filled with the bodies of the unnamed and the unknown, while the undeniably haunted building is filled with their spirits that are happy to make themselves known to anyone who comes calling.


What Will I See and Do?

Hauntings in the Historic District


Learn the disturbing history of the eerie and supposedly cursed Juliette Gordon Low House. Discover why the home is still inhabited by the parents of the Girl Scouts founder, who died more than 100 years ago. They are both said to still wander the home, with Mrs. Nelly Gordon frequently seen playing her beloved piano or gazing out of her window, day or night.


Not all spirits are as gentle as the Gordon’s, however. Chippewa Square may be the site of the iconic Forrest Gump scene, but it lies just across from the terrifying Foley House Inn – the infamous site of Ms. Foley’s personal graveyard where she hid the body of her murder victim inside the walls. Following the retrieval of his skeletal remains, firsthand accounts of sightings of his spirit have been reported consistently and include detailed descriptions of an angry and disturbed man. No doubt Ms. Foley’s victim is reliving his horrific and tragic end over and over and over…


Undeniable Fear Born From Unspeakable Tragedies


As the oldest city in the state, it’s not hard to see how Savannah could have faced periods of misfortune. That, however, is putting it lightly. This picturesque postcard city has actually been plagued with disease, death, disaster, and destruction, sometimes by their own hands. The Savannah Theater is one of the oldest in the country and has survived natural disasters that include tornadoes, fires, and floods. But the premier location for live shows harbors a dark and disturbing presence that continues to terrify those who grace the stage.


Walk by the gates of Savannah’s Colonial Park Cemetery. The oldest formal burial ground in Savannah might just be where you are unintentionally caught in a voodoo ritual from the dark beyond. Visit the former cursed home of Captain Henry Dickerson and learn the heartbreaking story of his loss and why you may fall victim to his doomed circumstances should you choose to become a resident of this building.


Be Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Death shrouded in profound sadness is a common theme in various areas in Savannah. It’s one that draws in professional ghost hunters by the hundreds every year with the 17Hundred90 Restaurant and Inn being a popular hotspot. However, you don’t have to be a professional ghost hunter to have a run-in with the spirit of Anne Powell, a jilted woman who took her own life and is forever tied to the building, acting out her grief night after night, for anyone who will listen.


The beauty of Savannah is endless, and so are the haunting tales that have made the city a ghost hunter’s paradise. Tragic and brutal ends left behind restless spirits that continue to play out their final moments day in and day out, forever bound to share the city with the living. Join us as we take you to the area’s oldest and most terrifying haunts and discover a side to Savannah you never knew existed.


The Darkest Side of Georgia’s Brightest City


With the number of unexplained phenomena that regularly occur in Savannah, it’s safe to say that no one is immune to an experience. Restorationist James Arthur Williams can attest as he came face to face with an apparition at the Owen-Thomas House. Mr. Williams played a significant role in the restoration of Savannah and even his good deeds couldn’t shield him from the city’s unspeakable dark side.


Make sure not to miss out on the horrific events of the Kehoe house where William Kehoe and his wife lost several of their children, their spirits forever trapped in the home. Now operating as a bed and breakfast, try not to be alarmed by the sounds of children running through the house or their many devious pranks–whether you decide you’re brave enough to stay the night or you’re just passing through.


The sheer amount of historic and haunted buildings in the colonial city ensures you won’t be able to see it all in just one visit, even if you do stay up all night wandering the streets that aren’t as abandoned as you might think. Find out just how much you can handle and book a Savannah Terrors ghost tour tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons You Should Book a Tour Right Now!


1: You want to learn more about the south.


There are places in the south that are uniquely rich in history, serving as some of the most prominent locations in the founding of our nation. When it comes to Savannah, you’re right in the heart of some incredible tales that the history books or TV don’t do justice. You can read about it or even watch stories about it, but there’s nothing quite like hearing about them while seeing the sites firsthand. The only thing better than learning about the history of where it happened? Learning about the former residents that continue to claim their territory in the afterlife.


2: You love authentic historical sites.


Savannah is full of them! There’s no shortage of landmarks and historical monuments that you’ll see on the Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour. From the monument of the chief of the Yamacraw tribe and the oldest theater in the country to the Girl Scouts founder’s home and the home of the doomed sea captain, Captain Henry Dickerson, you’ll be taken to locations that belong to the origins of this incredible city. You can sight-see the regular way or you can sight-see with us and capture some pretty amazing shots of gorgeous aged buildings and maybe their former residents.


3: You want to know where Savannah gets its ridiculously haunted reputation from.


Savannah is synonymous with haunted. Ghost hunters from all over the country visit the city on a regular basis hoping to capture sightings of Savannah’s famous and infamous apparitions, successfully doing so almost every time. With such a deep-rooted history that includes war, executions, epidemics, and unbelievable misfortune, the area is prone to a vast amount of unexplained phenomena that show themselves to anyone at any time. Our tour guides will take you to some of the most active hotspots that have given Savannah, Georgia its reputation and keep delivering with every visit.


4: You want to mix it up and do something exciting on your vacation.


You’ve seen all the sites. You’ve bought all the souvenirs. Now what? How about a ghost tour with Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour? This ghost tour is unlike any tourist attraction you’ll experience. There’s plenty to do and see in Savannah, but none are quite as unique as taking a ghost tour.


This affordable, educational, and incredibly entertaining ghost tour lasts about an hour and might introduce you to some places you may have missed during your day of exploring. Beyond that, it’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced at any other attraction. Where else are you going to hear the dark yet undeniably true stories of the origins of this gorgeous vacation spot? Whether you’re visiting from out of town or a local looking to take in more of the city, Savannah Terrors Ghost Tour will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.


5: You want some extraordinary and unforgettable stories to bring home.


There’s nothing more interesting than a story that almost sounds too incredible to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll hear. And the best part is, they’re all true! Our team does a deep dive into each location and conducts copious amounts of research to ensure the guides are able to bring the most factual, entertaining, and chilling stories to life.


We guarantee that you’ll be captivated and entertained, and maybe just a little scared. But don’t worry! All stories are told with our audience in mind, so feel free to bring the kids.


6:  You don’t believe in ghosts…yet


So you’ve heard about how haunted Savannah is but you’re just not buying it. You just don’t buy ghost stories, period. We love it! Our goal isn’t to convince you either way. We want to provide you with an unforgettable experience that will give you a new perspective on the place known as the “Hostess City of the South”. Whether you believe the stories about the afterlife or not, we guarantee you’ll be entertained, engaged, and a little more educated on this gorgeous southern gem.

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