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Welcome To Santa Fe's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The oldest capitol in America was born of bloody revolts, public executions, and the most violent prison riot in history, creating the terror that torments Santa Fe.

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Join Santa Fe Ghosts to dive into the city’s dark history, filled with unnerving tales of tortured patients, unjust death, and crimes against humanity. Uncover the disturbing secrets of this renowned city, and lift the veil on what truly makes it The City Different.

Santa Fe Ghosts

All tours meet in front of Santa Fe Plaza at 63 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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In front of the Santa Fe Plaza
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Santa Fe

Welcome to Santa Fe Ghosts

The city of Santa Fe is known for its incredible art scene and its historic adobe architecture. But behind the beauty is a city brewing with horrifying tales of violent prisoners, scandalous affairs, haunted hotels, public executions, and even a smoking nun. Discover the truth behind Santa Fe’s most frightening legends, and discover why the dead refuse to leave their former stomping grounds. 


The Bloody History of A Famous Local Landmark


On the edge of Santa Fe Square sits a city landmark that has remained nearly unchanged as the city keeps evolving around it. The Palace of the Governors may be known for its purchasable, authentic Native American artwork, but it’s the screams that echo from the building that really capture people’s attention.


Santa Fe Ghosts takes you to the site of the bloody Pueblo Revolt of 1680, which left nearly 500 people dead and a building swimming with unexplained activity. Hear the history behind this tumultuous battle and the spectral remnants left behind.


Keep your eyes on the windows, as locals regularly claim to see the figure of a Spanish soldier wandering the building in a state of panic. His tortured soul is not alone, as the artifacts on display in the museum are said to carry their own otherworldly tales. Discover the haunted items that come to life in the dead of night and why their former owners can’t let go. 


Santa Fe Ghosts invites you to explore the dark history of The City Different and meet the ghosts that remain shackled to their painful past. 


What Will I See?


Visit Santa Fe’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • La Fonda on the Plaza – This historic hotel has been welcoming guests since before New Mexico was officially a state. It originally served as both an inn and a courthouse, which saw plenty of public executions. It’s hard to imagine how many guests have checked in since the 1700s, but you’ll be surprised to learn just how many never left.


  • San Miguel Chapel – Considered one of the oldest churches in the US, this historic adobe structure is known for its bell, which is tied to a miracle. Most visitors are impressed by all of the history within, but children tend to notice something different, which their parents would find terrifying.


  • Drury Plaza Inn – Why is room 311 so infamous? This modern hotel once served as the city’s only hospital, and some of the patients want you to know exactly what happened to them here. 


A Mother in Mourning


Even the most unremarkable-looking buildings sometimes have shocking histories. The old PERA building looks like any other office complex and has only been around since the 1960s, but it has such a spooky reputation that most Santa Fe locals refuse to go anywhere near it after dark. 


Venture with Santa Fe Ghosts to the building that sits on top of the dead and harbors a heavy energy that’s turned the Old PERA Building’s basement into a real-life Poltergeist. The activity on the lower level is so profound employees have quit to avoid another trip to the cursed abyss. Though the Old Saint Michael’s Cemetery rests just below the building’s surface, it’s the ghost of a woman from its boarding school days that keeps everyone steering clear of the area at night.


Learn the heartbreaking tale of the woman in black and why it appears she’s doomed to wander the grounds for eternity. Find out who she is, who she’s searching for, and why you just may see her tonight on this bone-chilling ghost tour of Santa Fe with Santa Fe Ghosts.


The Woman Upstairs


A popular resort and spa today, La Posada once served as the luxurious home for German immigrants Abraham and Julia Staab. But what started as a fairytale turned into a horror film when Julia fell into a deep depression that turned her into a recluse and remains locked away in the home to this day.


Though guests can stay in her former room, they are encouraged to remain respectful, as Julia maintains her status as “Lady of The House.” Reports of the eerie sounds of a bath running in the middle of the night and unexplained cold spots are common, though sightings of Julia are what really send chills down the spines of those who see her.


Join Santa Fe Ghosts as we take you to the former home of Santa Fe’s most famous ghost, where guests are treated to 5-star accommodations and top-notch haunts. Lift the veil on the mysterious life of Julia and why her dishonest deeds may have made La Posada her permanent residence in the afterlife.


Why is Santa Fe so Haunted?


Death comes for the archbishop… and the inmates


The stunning Cathedral Basilica is Santa Fe’s showpiece, a true work of art, and a city landmark for over a century. It’s home to some fascinating relics, but it also holds one very unusual charred cross, which barely survived the fires during the riot at Old Main Penitentiary.


As you stand before this gorgeous masterpiece, you’ll hear the horrific details of the deadliest prison riot in history. The brutal melee resulted in the closure of the penitentiary and the malevolent entities that have yet to be pardoned. 


Uncover the terrifying tales that are bred in this building. Officers sent here for training leave with a petrifying experience they never forget, and one actor, in particular, got a glimpse into the darkness when he witnessed two ominous figures staring back at him from the gas chamber. Follow Santa Fe Ghosts to learn more about the city’s sordid history and the ghosts that give it its distinct haunted reputation.



Would you dare to stay in a haunted hospital?


The nightmarish tales surrounding the Drury Hotel begin with its dark past as a hospital, where death was a regular occurrence. The building would transition into a nursing home before becoming the Drury Plaza Hotel, but the spirits of its former life never left. Through every incarnation, it’s remained one of the most haunted buildings in Santa Fe. 

Learn why the nursing home staff once sealed off an entire section of the building and why employees vowed never to set foot in the basement again. Hear about the frightening events that have led hotel guests to flee and which room has been completely sealed off because of its terrifying, unexplained activity. 


Some believe that these malevolent entities have dwelled in this spot long before the building served as a nursing home, with many believing something wicked predates the building itself. Others believe the spectral activity is linked to what was once stored in the basement. So, who or what continues to terrify the tourists who stay at the Drury Plaza Hotel? Find out on a ghost tour of Santa Fe with Santa Fe Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the Santa Fe Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of the City’s Most Famous Historic Sites


In Santa Fe, history is all around you. You’ll learn why local attractions like The Oldest House give us such a fascinating peek into the past, as well as the darker stories of what really happened at these historic landmarks.


Were the women who lived in The Oldest House really witches? Was the mysterious visitor really who he claimed to be? And why does this entire street have a reputation for being extremely haunted? We’ll fill you in on this unique landmark’s dark secrets; then, it’s up to you to decide what you believe. 


A Once in a Lifetime Experience That Will Change How You See Santa Fe


San Miguel Chapel is set in one of the oldest parts of the city; the entire neighborhood is on the National Register of Historic Places. Most visitors stroll through the streets, unaware they’re walking in the footsteps of prisoners on their way to be executed.


Visit the San Miguel Chapel, a building that is on the must-do list for most Santa Fe visitors that harbors a mystical energy and a sorrowful soul. After a Santa Fe Ghosts tour, this beautiful church will have you envisioning the burning roof, the miraculous bell, and the secret lurking within the gift shop.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Santa Fe Ghosts takes you to locations that have been featured on shows like Unsolved Mysteries and Celebrity Ghost Stories, just to name a few. In addition to hearing about the spooky experiences of locals and visitors, you’ll hear why famous actors and professional ghost hunters find these locations so hair-raising, as well. 


Prepare for a night of fun and frights with a group of people as excited about haunted history as you. The ghosts of Santa Fe are waiting to tell their stories; book your tour with Sante Fe Ghosts to hear them for yourself tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You want to learn Santa Fe history while staying completely immersed in exciting stories


The more you know about any city, the more interesting it is, but reading historical markers and signs can be a bit of a bore. Your spirited guide will immerse you in stories of Santa Fe’s past, helping you imagine what it was like to be right in the middle of the events. You’ll walk away filled with fascinating new facts about Santa Fe’s history, as well as some nightmarish tales to tell your friends. 


2) You need a break from museums and galleries


Santa Fe has some truly incredible artwork to admire and buy, but sometimes, after your seventh museum of the trip, things start to blend together, and you just need to get outside. Join us for a stroll through the city and enjoy the fresh air while listening to surprising stories and terrifying tales. You’ll even learn which museums are haunted. (Hint: There are at least two.)


3) You’re fascinated by colorful characters


Unique places attract unique people, and Santa Fe is certainly no exception. Most people are familiar with some of its famous residents, like Georgia O’Keefe and George RR Martin, but the city’s past is full of people you’ll love learning more about. Who knows, you might even spot one of them when you look back through your photos.


4) You’re traveling with a skeptic 


Our Santa Fe tour has been meticulously researched, so even skeptics can walk away filled with a whole new appreciation for the city’s dark history. Our talented guides bring history to life so that, believer or not, you’re going to have a great time. That said, anyone who starts our tour not believing in ghosts tends to have a whole new perspective by the end. 


5) You love spooky spots, but maybe not alone


Visiting haunted locations is a lot of fun, especially with someone there to tell you the full story behind them! Our tours allow you to visit some of the most haunted places in the city and listen to spine-tingling, spooky tales while appreciating the safe feeling of being in a group led by a guide who will ensure you don’t get lost. 

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