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Welcome To Santa Barbara's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Tales of deadly disasters, disturbed burial grounds, and deranged serial killers await you on this chilling tour through the secrets of Santa Barbra’s dark past.

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Horrors inflicted on the Natives evoked a curse from which the city can never escape. Join Santa Barbara Ghosts to learn the true stories of some of the city’s most tragic events and hear the chilling accounts of the ghosts left in their wake.

Santa Barbara Ghosts

All tours meet at Santa Barbara St & Equestrian Ave Parking Lot 1219 Santa Barbara St, CA
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Santa Barbara

Welcome to Santa Barbara Ghosts

Death and debauchery built The American Riviera, trapping the souls of those consumed by Santa Barbara’s doomed legacy. Uncover the evil deeds that cast a shadow over the city’s sandy beaches and venture into the dark underbelly of a place unable to mask its disturbing past.


Deadly Missions


Downtown Santa Barabara is rich in history, filled with preserved buildings that pay homage to the city’s earliest beginnings. Their beauty, however, masks a sinister backstory that comes to life in the dead of night. Venture on a journey with Santa Barbara Ghosts to hear the horrifying details of the city’s origins and why the ghosts of its past can never rest.


Visit the Santa Barbara Historical Museum, where Santa Barbara Ghosts introduces you to the unspeakable acts that ravaged the Santa Barbara Mission and the Chumash Natives that inhabited it. Their brutal deaths left a permanent stain on this sacred building, and left their souls to wander their former home.


Uncover the most active areas where the unavenged Natives are said to linger, appearing to unsuspecting witnesses and leaving cold spots for the living. Though spirits of nuns and friars are also said to haunt the grounds, it’s the Natives that send chills down the spines of visitors. There’s no shortage of otherworldly experiences, as even the beloved actor Jay Thomas had his own run-in with their spirits during his time on Earth.


Hear the gruesome details of their deaths and how they continue to fight for their land in the afterlife. Find out why their disturbed graves are only the beginning of the nightmare that serves as the reality for taunted locals. 


What Will I See?


Visit Santa Barbara’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Lobero Theatre – Known for being California’s oldest theater still in use, the Lobero Theatre has welcomed countless A-list stars to its stage over the past 150 years. Discover why one of its most loyal employees has never left and why they always leave a light shining on stage.


  • Casa de la Guerra – An early 19th-century home known for its colorful past, Casa de la Guerra is now the home of one of the city’s most restless spirits. Learn why locals never bring children near here at night.


  • El Presidio de Santa Barbara – Dating back to the Revolutionary War, this fort was built with adobe bricks handcrafted by the Chumash tribe. Tales of its hauntings have been passed around for decades, with sightings of soldiers, murder victims, and its original builders.


Dinner With the Dead 


A local favorite since 1922, El Paseo Restaurant has always been the place to see and be seen. For the dead, it still is. Venture with Santa Barbara Ghosts through Old Town to the historic building known for its stunning architecture and famous spirits.


El Paseo and Casa de la Guerra are structural icons whose beauty and significance landed them on the National Register of Historic Places. Today, they’re as popular as ever, with patrons visiting from all over – even the afterlife. Hear detailed accounts of Judy Garland’s spirit startling patrons near the fountain and learn who else joins her in giving hair-raising haunts.


While not all spirits of the building are as famous as Judy, some have a more infamous reputation than the Wizard of Oz star. Who else causes panic at their mere sight? Find out who wanders the grounds of Casa de la Guerra, frightening all those who catch a glimpse of her morose apparition on this enthralling ghost tour of Santa Barbara.


Marital Bliss Turned Murderous


True crime lovers are in for a treat on this spooky stroll through Old City. Santa Barbara Ghosts takes you to Santa Barbara City Hall, where local government officials share offices with the victim of a heinous crime.


Uncover the horrifying story of a man who shocked police when he asked for a quiet place to sleep as he’d just murdered his wife and wasn’t keen on staying in the home. The particulars of this grisly affair are so unhinged that it’s easy to see why the energy left behind is as heavy and dark as the day of this unfathomable event.


Santa Barbar Ghosts reveals the deranged details of that fateful night and introduces you to the apparition of the woman whose soul has yet to find peace. City Hall staff are now subjected to doses of ominous figures pacing up and down the stairs, striking fear in those unlucky enough to see them. Experience the chills that grip so many who enter these haunted walls on a thrilling ghost tour with Santa Barbara Ghosts.


Why is Santa Barbara so Haunted?


Digging up The Dead


Santa Barbara is referred to as “The American Riviera” because of its beautiful climate. The city’s origins, however, aren’t quite as rosy. Join Santa Barbara Ghosts as we visit El Presidio de Santa Barbara State Historic Park, the most historic spot in the city that holds as tight to its history as it does its spirits.


Hear tales of the terrors that turned this Revolutionary War fort into one of the city’s most haunted landmarks. Learn of the archaeologist who was working within its walls when he got a closer look at the past than he expected. The eerie sound of disembodied footsteps is said to have caused his heart to race, but the spirit passing through him is what really chilled him to the bone.


Who nearly sent the archaeologist running for the hills? Was it the Chumash Natives who are still seeking retribution for their abysmal treatment? Or is it the spirits of a couple killed long before their time? Hear the horror and judge for yourself with Santa Barbara Ghosts.


Red Light Delights


With some buildings, you can tell at a glance that they have a rich and intriguing history to share. Other buildings, like the Santa Barbara Post Office, aren’t as obvious but definitely have a tantalizing side. Join Santa Barbara Ghosts for scandalous stories of the old Red Light District as you stand in the very spot where these illicit affairs took place. 


Be sure to keep an eye on the buildings around you as your guide fills you in on the gory details of murders and mayhem at the site of the city’s most notorious brothel. It’s believed that some of the long-dead ladies of the night might still be waving from a balcony, trying to catch your attention. 


Other apparitions are less “appealing,” such as the ghost of the ex-con who died here as a result of his attempted murder of the city’s most infamous madam. No truths go unexposed on this unforgettable haunted exploration of Santa Barbara with Santa Barbara Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the Santa Barbara Ghosts Tour?


See A Different Side of Santa Barbara’s Most Revered Landmarks


Live performances have a unique way of stirring up the audience’s feelings, making theaters a magnet for ghosts that draw energy from strong emotions. It’s no secret that actors and musicians have their superstitions. But those superstitions exist for a reason, especially in one of Santa Barbara’s most renowned performance venues that is known for being filled with dark and mysterious energies. 


Join a thrilling Santa Barbara ghost tour as we put the spotlight on the spirits of the past still lurking backstage at the legendary Lobero Theatre. Uncover the secrets of the mysterious light that moves around the stage. Lift the veil on the unsettling basement area believed to house a ghostly portal. And discover why you might spot a dead doctor dressed to the nines.


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity To Discover Santa Barbara’s Haunted Past


The aptly named Oreno Adobe has been passed down through the Oreno family for generations. The home has been so well-preserved that it appears much the same now as it did in 1858, which may be why many family members have refused to leave despite dying more than a century ago. 


Of course, every family has a black sheep, and the Oreno Family’s disinherited member is still upset about what happened to him. His anger is said to be palpable when he’s around. The children of the Oreno Family are believed to still haunt the grounds, though one you don’t want to see. It’s said that he’s still upset about his grave being disturbed and is known to take his rage out on anyone who gets too close. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


If bone-chilling tales of true crime and local legends sound right up your dark alley, this is the tour for you. There’s so much more to Santa Barabara’s history than most people know, and after an entertaining tour that makes your heart beat faster, you’ll leave with plenty of interesting local trivia and nightmare-inducing scary stories to share with your friends back home. 


Santa Barbara certainly looks sunny and laid-back on the surface, but as you follow your guide through the footsteps of some of its most infamous former residents, you’ll uncover the real story. Along the way, you’ll be entertained with interesting trivia about the city, your guide’s fantastic storytelling skills, and the opportunity to test your bravery. Be sure to snap plenty of photos; you never know what might turn up in the images.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want to Walk Off The City’s Famous Wine


It’s hard to resist participating in a wine tasting (or ten) while visiting Santa Barbara wine country. When you feel like you can’t handle one more merlot, it’s time for some fresh air and spine-tingling tales. Joining us for a night of ghost stories may give you nightmares, but at least it won’t result in a nightmarish hangover. 


2) You’ve Gotten Your Thrills From Surfing; Now You’re Ready For More Adrenaline


Santa Barbara’s surf breaks are certainly an adrenaline rush, giving surfers the thrill of catching a perfect wave and, more often, the bumps and bruises that come with the agony of defeat. After a day of sun and surf, join Santa Barbara Ghosts to hear stories of sightings so spooky they make the mysterious creatures in the ocean’s depths seem downright cuddly in comparison. 


3) You Want to Make the Most of Your Santa Barbara Trip 


There’s always something exciting going on here, from the annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival to the Old Spanish Days Fiesta each summer. Whether you’re visiting for incredible art or the wonders of nature, be sure to add an evening of eerie exploration into your plans! 


4) You Want to Learn More About the Chumash Indians (and their hauntings!)


The Chumash people could never have imagined that people would still be viewing their artwork more than four centuries later, but then again, the ghosts who haunt Santa Barbara certainly never imagined their tales would be told long after their lives ended, either. After you’ve made the trek out to see one of the city’s most cherished relics of the past, join us to learn more about the people who lived here long, long ago and discover the places where you may be able to spot them. 


5) You Want to Do Something Different for Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party


A pre-wedding party with drinks and dancing is fun, but it’s been done to death. For a truly unforgettable night out with your wedding party, sign up for a ghost tour instead! After getting goosebumps from ghastly tales of the ghosts of soldiers to creepy children still haunting their former homes, tying the knot won’t seem scary at all.

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