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Welcome To San Jose's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The darkness that consumes the Winchester Mansion reverberates throughout Silicon Valley. Discover San Jose’s horrifying hauntings that continue to disrupt the nation’s tech capital.

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Embark on a heart-pounding ghost tour of the city that’s spawned the latest technology and the most sinister spirits. San Jose Ghosts unveils centuries of murder, revenge, tragedy, and the cannibalistic acts that have made the former capital of California the capital of hauntings.

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Welcome to San Jose Ghosts

Past the legendary, haunted Hicks Road lies the dark underbelly of San Jose, where tortured victims of the Winchester rifle mingle with the sinister spirits of a deadly era that’s yet to end in Silicon Valley. 


Unearth a treasure trove of salacious secrets and unspeakable atrocities that haunt the locals and infect unsuspecting visitors with terror at every turn. Welcome to the home of the man-eating Donner Party. Welcome to San Jose Ghosts.


The Shots Heard Around The Ghostly World


San Jose may be famous for its diverse culture and status in the ever-evolving tech industry, but no matter its world-changing advancements, it will always be known for housing one of the most infamously haunted locations in the world. You’re about to walk the line of terror as San Jose Ghosts begins with an introduction to the nonstop horror that consumes the Winchester Mansion.


Movies, TV shows, books, and blogs have been dedicated to the legacy of the home, but nothing quite compares to visiting the city that harbors the infamous home. Breathe in the cursed air as you stand downwind from the haunted house, and hear the true tales that cursed the Winchester Mansion, trapping the souls of those who met their fate at the end of a Winchester rifle.


Following a seance that convinced Sarah Winchester she was cursed from her inherited fortune, Sarah began construction on the 24,000-square-foot mansion that would consist of 10,000 windows, 2,000 doors, and 160 rooms. The seances never stopped, and it is believed her constant contact with the dead continued to add to the number of spirits that inhabited the home. 


Today, the Winchester Mansion is one of the biggest attractions for paranormal investigators and lovers of the otherworldly. But some may not know that it’s only one of several locations in San Jose that is brimming with harrowing unexplained activity. And tonight, you’re going to get to experience these spine-chilling haunts firsthand with San Jose Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit San Jose’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Sainte Claire Hotel – It may be known as The Westin, but that doesn’t stop the spirits of a dastardly past from calling it their home. From brewery workers who perished on the job to a jilted bride who ended her life at the hotel, various generations of ghosts walk the halls of the former Sainte Claire Hotel.


  • Park Avenue – What appears to be a quaint and quiet street is actually one that horror movies are made of. At least two houses have been causing sleepless nights for its unfortunate residents, with families from the other side refusing to give up their former homes to the living. 


  • 65 Post Street/Splash Bar – Though popular in the Wild West, Red-Light Districts existed throughout various parts of the country, including San Jose. Visit the oldest commercial building in the city that began as a saloon and brothel, and where the debauchery continues even in the afterlife.


A Melting Pot of Ghosts


San Jose’s landscape is an intriguing mixture of new-age architecture and stunning landmarks of bygone eras. Like the building that now houses The Westin; however, not all things go out with the past. Journey to the former Sainte Claire Hotel with San Jose Ghosts to uncover the sorrowful souls spawned by decades of tragedy and heartbreak.


Before becoming the opulent hotel’s home, the site housed Santa Clara County’s first beer brewery, The Eagle Brewery. Though successful, the building was subject to heinous working conditions, resulting in numerous workplace accidents and several deaths. The tragic ends wouldn’t stop here.


Established in 1926, the Sainte Claire Hotel was one of California’s largest and most elegant hotels. The hotel hosted its fair share of lavish weddings, one that resulted in one of the many distraught entities that reside here. Hear the tales of a jilted bride’s gruesome death, jumping from the roof after her husband left her at the altar.


Remnants of these deadly affairs are still felt throughout the hotel. A shadow figure referred to as the “smoking ghost” is frequently seen on the second and sixth floors. Its presence is startling, but it’s child’s play compared to the activity on the first floor. Violent disturbances are a regular occurrence in the hotel, particularly in the lobby. Keep your eyes and ears open; the poltergeists are known to occur at any given moment.


Murderous Minds


Centuries before San Jose became evolved into Silicon Valley, the area was inhabited by a mix of Native American tribes called the Ohlone people. The Ohlone people had strong beliefs about what happened to the souls of the dead, particularly that they could linger on earth long after their death. Their theories would prove true, evident by the plethora of unexplained activity that plagues San Jose State University. 


Venture with San Jose Ghosts to the site where the curriculum includes Hauntings 101. Uncover the grisly event that turned Hoover Hall into a frightening portal to the other side. Years ago, a student was heading back to her room when she was attacked and stabbed multiple times. She ran to the lobby to call for help but could only manage to dial 9-1 before the assailant caught up with her and finished what he started. 


The woman died in the phone booth, and since then, her soul has been doomed to replay the events of that horrendous night. For years, students have reported a bloodied woman running down the hallways toward the lobby. And though the phone booth that she expired in is long gone, students and staff report hearing phantom rings with no known source. Of course, this hall isn’t alone in the haunting department.


Yoshihiro Uchida Hall has its own dark past. During World War II, the men’s gym was used to process Japanese Americans condemned to internment camps. This abhorrent time in US history left residual haunts, with students and staff claiming to hear disembodied crying and the sound of somber whispers. Prepare for a crash course in the otherworldly. And it only gets more terrifying from here.


Why is San Jose so Haunted?


The Dead Rise From The Ashes


As a leader in innovation, it’s no surprise that defunct businesses don’t remain in that state, being rebirthed as successful establishments. The Signia by Hilton is one such business that picked up where a former hotel left off. That hotel was the Fairmont Hotel, and while its name may not remain, the horrific remnants of its past do.


San Jose Ghosts takes you to the site of the former Fairmont Hotel, where the energy is as heavy as the unspeakable events that created it. Feel the hair on the back of your neck rise as you hear the disturbing details of the tragedy of Chinatown. In the 1800s, a massive fire, believed to be caused by arson, destroyed the neighborhood and killed an innumerable amount of people.


Combined with the murders the area was once known for, you have a perfect storm for unexplained activity. Employees and guests of the hotel have odd occurrences, including lights turning on and off and doors opening and closing on their own. Guests will often complain of loud voices coming from the room next to them, only to find out the room is vacant. 


Could it be the work of unavenged spirits who needlessly lost their lives in the fire? Or is the spirit of an amateur chemist whose experiments cost him his life continuing on with his work in the afterlife? Find out tonight with San Jose Ghosts. 


Why San Jose’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected 


Keeping up with trends leaves little time for rest. Businesses may evolve to meet the latest demand, but the souls of the dreadfully departed aren’t ready to go with the past. Walk with San Jose Ghosts to Trials Pub, the bar that’s lived 100 lives, one of them being an auxiliary jail. Prisoners awaiting trial were once held here, but those who required being held in the basement were the true heathens.


Below Trials Pub sits the grim and dark basement that once housed some of the most violent criminals in San Jose. Decrepid pieces of the former jail cells can still be seen in the basement, along with the damaged souls of the former prisoners, doomed to forever be imprisoned.


Hear the spine-tingling tales of employees and staff hearing banging and the eerie sounds of scraping coming from the floor. The creepy, skin-crawling feeling of being watched has been keeping several employees out of the basement for years. They’re not wrong in their feelings, as others have spotted a shadow figure moving in and out of the former jail cells. Spookier than this, sometimes the figure makes its way into the women’s restroom. Learn more about this ominous presence tonight with San Jose Ghosts.


What’s So Special About the San Jose Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side of This Industry-Leading City 


Behind this thriving metropolis’s modern aesthetics and gorgeous landscape sits a world of the mysterious, hair-raising, and unexplained. Where even the most pleasant-looking locations harbor a dark secret and a deadly past. Park Avenue may appear to be a peaceful piece of the city, but the homeowners on this street will paint you a different picture.


Tonight, visit the neighborhood where homeowners must co-exist with tenants from the afterlife. Uncover the years of hauntings that taunt the inhabitants of Park Avenue, including the family forced to share their home with two ghostly children who continue on as though they’re still alive. You’re about to see San Jose in a new, creepier way. Are you ready?


Unveil a Treasure Trove of True Haunted Tales You Won’t Forget 


There’s seemingly no end to the ungodly acts and sinister behavior that have rocked the former capital of California. The atrocities committed against locals from a primitive past condemned their tortured souls to the very buildings you’ll see with San Jose Ghosts. Each location is more ghastly than the last, and each has its own harrowing tale.


San Jose wasn’t immune to the seedy and sinful red-light districts, having its very own in the city. Take a tour of the city’s nefarious side with San Jose Ghosts, and visit Splash Bar, the city’s former brothel. Hear the true tales of the debauchery that took place here in the 1800s, and experience chills as you discover who, and what, still wreaks havoc on the building while tormenting the living.


Be a Part of a Ghostly Community


There’s nothing like the rush of experiencing a haunted location in person, standing mere feet away from the otherworldly and unexplained. All over the country, both amateur and professional paranormal investigators unite to uncover the truth, feeding the spirits the attention they demand. 


Tonight, join a unique group of individuals who seek to peek behind the veil and witness what others dare not imagine. Discover the grisly truth of a city that’s been able to lead the way in innovation but has yet to make peace with its gruesome past. An unforgettable journey awaits with San Jose Ghosts. Book your tour today!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In San Jose



1) You need a little break from the tech world


San Jose is known for being the tech startup capital of the nation, breeding some of the world’s biggest technological advancements. Thousands of visitors visit the city every year to learn more about Silicon Valley and discover what’s next. Even the biggest techy, however, needs a break from all of the excitement. Take in another side of the city with San Jose Ghosts. There may be plenty on the horizon for the future, but it’s the past that offers the most mystery and deserves exploration. Uncover the riddles that have yet to be solved, the ones that not even Silicon Valley has an answer for. 


2) You’ve seen the world’s largest Monopoly board and are ready to take a spookier-type of chance


It’s one of the most popular attractions in San Jose. The world’s largest Monopoly Board is permanently set in Discovery Meadow and offers visitors the opportunity to play a lifesize version of the beloved game. But it’s not the only game of chance available in the city. Roll the dice on an experience of a lifetime, and take a chance on coming face to face with the spirits that have been terrorizing the city for centuries. Are you ready to try your luck?


3) You’re looking for a fun and entertaining way to walk off all of San Jose’s worldly cuisine


There’s a little bit of everything in San Jose. Visitors of all ages can find something to enjoy in the city, and even the pickiest of eaters can find some great cuisine. The city is a hotspot for foodies of all palettes, but even cuisine connoisseurs know it’s important to avoid going into a food coma. How do you avoid that? By walking it off with San Jose Ghosts! Take a walking tour of the area’s most haunted locations, burning off some of those delicious calories while possibly discovering your next haunt – literally.


4) You’ve heard about the Winchester Mansion and want to learn more about San Jose’s sinister side


It’s one of the most well-known and most visited haunted locations in the world. Even those with the slightest interest in the otherworldly have heard of it. The Winchester Mansion has been explored by numerous paranormal investigators, each discovering something more sinister than the last. The Winchester Mansion, however, isn’t the only house of horrors in San Jose. The city’s dark history has created a playground of terror, where dark energy mixes with the souls of the betrayed and restless. Discover what lurks in the shadows outside of the Winchester Mansion, and learn the truth about the city’s dark underbelly with San Jose Ghosts.


5) You’re tired of watching documentaries on the otherworldly and are ready to experience it in person


In today’s haunted climate, there’s a never-ending stream of content detailing the events of any given location known for its sordid activity. But no matter how many you watch or how creepy they may be, there’s nothing like experiencing these terrifying sites in person. Turn off the TV, book your tour with San Jose Ghosts, and prepare for a hair-raising night of scares that can only come from standing on the grounds holding these haunted history-making locations. 

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