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San Francisco Haunted Pub Crawl

San Francisco Haunted Pub Crawl

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Try the new Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for some genuine scares, spirits, and spirits in San Francisco.

San Francisco Haunted Pub Crawl
Tour Location Location

The High Horse at 582 Washington St

Tour Duration Duration

Approximately 2 hours

Tour Info Info

Arrive 10 minutes early and allow time for parking.

Tour Order Admission

Press "Book Now" for availability.

San Francisco’s Dark Side

Most people come to San Francisco for the sights, the bridge, the Irish coffees, and the tech. It has a vibrant culture and boasts some of the most instantly-recognizable architecture, geography, and landmarks in the United States.

But the history of this buzzing California city has a dark side teeming with stories of murder, assassination, serial killers, and haunted souls lingering from beyond the grave. Our San Francisco Haunted Pub Crawl will introduce you to these wicked characters and reveal their shocking stories. You may need a glass or three of liquid courage to face these terrifying tales.

Combine Hauntings With Spirits

Our haunted pub crawl offers you an opportunity to see the most famous watering holes in San Francisco while learning about the City By The Bay’s unique and debaucherous past.

There’s no tour that combines eerie entertainment, freaky fun facts, and the opportunity to meet like-minded lovers of libations, not to mention the metaphysical! Come see what the bloodcurdling buzz is all about!

Why Go On Our Haunted Pub Crawl?

Take a spirited saunter through San Francisco’s most celebrated districts including Jackson Square, North Beach, and Chinatown.

Thanks to your local guide, you’ll visit a superlative selection of the city’s best bars which also carry a diabolic connection to some manner of murder, mayhem, or madness. Even if you’re a local, we bet you find at least one new drinking gem to add to your rotation.

Hear San Francisco’s Scary Stories

From “Murder Corner” to the remains of an Alcatraz shipwreck with brothel beginnings, there’s no more cursed cruise through the City’s buried history than our bar crawl. The famous gold rush turned San Francisco into the wild west and brought an influx of villains, convicts, and turncoats. It’s no wonder the city earned the notorious Barbary Coast nickname.

Learn why one visitor of this bygone age called the city a “Licentiousness, debauchery, pollution, loathsome disease, insanity from dissipation, misery, poverty, wealth, profanity, blasphemy, and death, are there. And Hell, yawning to receive the putrid masses.”

Check Out The City’s Must-See Spots

Take in the Bay Bridge while hearing about the ghosts that haunt the famous connector between San Francisco and Oakland. Imbibe at the Hungry I Club whose family of locations witnessed such greats as Vince Guaraldi, Lenny Bruce, Dick Gregory, Woody Allen, Barbara Streisand, and even Maya Angelou!

There’s also no better way to see the nooks and crannies of the City’s world famous Chinatown thanks to our native guides.


Locations on Tour

High Horse

Formerly a horse stable, the High Horse is one of oldest surviving commercial buildings in SanFrancisco. It is located in the historic Jackson Square Historic district—the only part of Downtown San Francisco that survived the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

This part of San Francisco was nicknamed the Barbary Coast, known for lawlessness and debauchery. Of course, in the midst of all this murder, mayhem, and tragedy many a ghost was made.


Old Ship Saloon

The Old Ship Saloon was formerly the Arkansas ship that was towed here from Alcatraz Island in 1849. In 1851, an Englishman, Joe Anthony, cut a door through the hull and opened a saloon and it has been home to several businesses over the last 170 years.

Whether it’s the ghosts of the men who died here in this saloon, or those who returned to the last place they remember, there are countless stories of apparitions, poltergeists, and eerie feelings in the Old Ship Saloon.


Lion’s Den

While San Francisco’s current Lion’s Den is a brand new lounge, there was a club of the same name and concept at this location back in the 1940s in the golden age of Chinatown nightlife.

Chinatown was known for its illicit activities with opium dens, gambling halls, and prostitution drawing locals and white tourists as far back as the gold rush days. As a result, it’s no surprise that Chinatown’s streets are teeming with ghosts, and some walk the very path in front of the Lion’s Den.

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