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William Heath David House Ghost Tour

Old stories and troubled pasts live on in unexplainable ways at the William Heath Davis House. Book a US Ghost Adventures San Diego ghost tour if you dare.

William Heath David House | San Diego, CA | US Ghost Adventures

San Diego offers a little bit of everything. The foodie has incredible restaurants to choose from, and the surfer has legendary waves to catch. But perhaps most exciting is for the ghost hunter who will discover a vast network of haunted sites to visit.

The William Heath Davis House is known as one of the most haunted sites in San Diego, being the oldest wooden structure that has survived to this day. It tells tales of the city’s past, the house’s many owners, and visitors who came to stay—and never left.

Originally the hope of starting a new town, the William Heath Davis House has turned into a home for all things spooky and mysterious that attracts the curious from all corners of the world.

A Chain of Changing Owners

William Heath Davis first constructed the building in 1850 to create the foundation of a new town appropriately named “New Town.” Unfortunately, not all were on board with his aspirations. His efforts met with great hostility, and eventually, he abandoned them. Later, Alonzo Horton continued this goal, bringing tons of new growth but leaving the William Heath Davis House intact.

Later, the abandoned building underwent a revival when a great need for a local hospital arose. A local woman, Anna Scheper, who worked with San Diego County, decided to turn it into a hospital. All she asked was a dollar for every patient she saw.

The building later changed owners several more times, leaving remnants of its many functions behind. Guests today can see traces from its hospital days, signs from when it was a private residence, and even when it functioned as a Civil War officers’ barracks.

A Spy’s Legacy Left Behind

In between the ownership changes, there were many periods when the building sat abandoned. It was during one of these periods that many believe a German spy lived in the home. He hid there in an attempt to create security for himself before he was eventually captured and killed for his treason.

People today report seeing a male apparition clothed in a classic WWII uniform, full of anger. His spirit lingers with unfinished business, looking to punish those who captured him.

Woman in White

Another strange apparition seen here at the William Heath Davis House in San Diego is a woman in white Victorian clothes. She’s often spotted wandering the second story of the building, and there are a few theories about who she is.

Many say she is Sarah Horton, wife of Alonzo Horton and the second owner of the house. Legend says she still lingers in the halls where she once lived and died. Others say that she was one of the patients who died when the building was once a hospital.

Haunted San Diego, CA

Explore the darker side of San Diego the next time you visit this Southern California city. When you book a San Diego ghost tour, you can discover the town’s historic buildings and hear them tell their unexplainable stories. It’s a haunted history you have to see for yourself to believe.

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