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Welcome To San Diego's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

From ancient turf wars to modern murders, America’s Finest City has been ground zero for colonial conflicts, bloody battles, and some of the most chilling hauntings of the past 300 years.

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Join a San Diego Ghosts tour to dive into the terrifying dark side of this sunny destination, all while hearing authentic, real-life narratives detailing the lesser-known shocking stories of life and death hidden in its tragic past.  True tales of inexplicable horrors, spine-tingling secrets, and eyewitness accounts of the ghosts that plague this beachside city.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

San Diego Ghosts: Gaslamp Haunted Tour

Join us as we explore beyond the tourist attractions of San Diego, and experience the hauntings and horrors that lie beneath the charming exterior of the City of the West.

Old Cali And The War For The West: Gaslamp District Experience

Join us to explore the eclectic heartbeat of San Diego and the colorful way of life it enjoyed before it rebranded itself as America’s Finest City.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In San Diego

Welcome to San Diego Ghosts

Unveil the shocking truths that hide under San Diego’s sunny facade, and see why it’s considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the US. Follow along to hear the sordid secrets about this famously haunted region…if you dare.


Waterfront Charm and White Sand Beaches Disguise San Diego’s Sinister Past


San Diego has a rich history that dates back hundreds of years. From the time of the Kumeyaay tribe of Native Americans to the introduction of Spanish missionaries, to officially becoming a part of the US in 1848, this region has seen it all. And the sins of its have left an irreversibly bloody stain on its present. 


Today, San Diego is known for being a sun-kissed piece of paradise. But only few know of the city’s shockingly dark history. Under the moonlight, strange creatures and phantoms from San Diego’s tormented past begin to arise, enveloping both residents and tourists in fear. Don’t be fooled: among the trendy boutiques and theaters, something sinister lurks in the shadows, hidden by the city’s sunny facade.


Uncover the hidden truths that lurk beneath the surface of San Diego’s murky waters, and prepare to take a deep dive into the mystic, the mysterious, and the unexplained with a tour from San Diego Ghosts.


What will I see?


The “Birthplace of California” Breeds Death, Disease, and Disaster


Ever since Spanish explorers founded the Mission San Diego de Alcala in 1796, San Diego has been a particularly active center of violence and human suffering. From the horrific consequences of colonization—including violence against the land’s native inhabitants—to the city’s role in the Mexican-American War, this region has seen countless atrocities over the years. Crime, death, and disease have spurred tragedy after tragedy around San Diego, leading some to wonder: is this city secretly cursed?


Travel back in time on a San Diego ghost tour and hear about the sordid secrets that haunt this Western metropolis. Learn about the impact of Yellow Fever on the region, which rocked families throughout the 19th century. One such family stayed at the historic Davis-Horton House—the oldest building in downtown San Diego. Legend has it that a wispy ghost donning Victorian-era clothing haunts the residence to this day, and has frequently been spotted pacing outside of the upstairs nursery. Some say that this woman is actually a distressed mother,   Forever mourning her deceased baby, imprisoned in the home where her child’s life was so abruptly taken. 


Join us to learn more about the strange happenings that have occurred at this historic home and at other San Diego landmarks…if you dare.


Murder, Unsolved Mysteries, and Infamous Hauntings


The amount of violence, murder, scandal, and other ungodly acts has left no building, no park, and no quiet corner immune from the lingering sense of doom that’s come as a consequence of San Diego’s sinful past. Journey into San Diego’s tormented history, and learn why death, destruction, and conspiracy are built into the very heart of the city. 


Perhaps nothing is more symbolic of San Diego than the Old City Hall, which is located in the center of the Gaslamp Quarter on the corner of Fifth Avenue and G Street. This ornate Florentine Italianate building was originally built in 1874 as a commercial bank, and was bought by the city to serve as their City Hall, library, police headquarters, and even jail in 1900. It remains an architectural icon of San Diego, but its picturesque facade is simply a mask for the terrifying and strange incidents that have taken place inside its sordid walls.


The building was sold off in 1938, and around the 1950s is when puzzling events started taking place around the building. Dull thuds and unexplainable banging were oftentimes heard by tenants. But an especially bone-chilling tragedy took place in 1966 when a family found a small room hidden behind one of the walls of their apartment. The father and his family were asked to leave for tearing down the wall. When a cleaning crew came in to clean out what the landlord thought to be the recently-vacated apartment, they found the bodies of the entire family, bludgeoned to death. The police never solved the case. But the twist? The father’s head was missing and has never been found.




Unsuspecting Buildings Hide a Dark Past and Tormented Present


Many have struggled to explain some of the bizarre occurrences that have taken place around downtown San Diego. Whether it’s because of this part of the town’s shady past, or perhaps the result of some sort of centuries-old curse, remains uncertain. But one thing should be known about the buildings that line the streets of the historic Gaslamp Quarter: a seemingly charming facade cannot hide a legacy of violence and bloodshed.


Although this building now houses something rather pleasant–the Ghirardelli Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop—643 Fifth Avenue actually has a disturbing and demented past that dates back to 1913. It originally opened as the Casino Theatre, which operated as a cinema and café until the 1970s, when it had been turned into an adult store and X-rated moviehouse. Because of the nature of this theater, it attracted a very specific, oftentimes violent clientele. In the 80s, an altercation between a man and a woman would end in tragedy after shots broke out, leading to the untimely death of an innocent projectionist who was trapped inside the theater. Shortly after, the building was boarded up and subsequently abandoned.


Since then, the building has been brought back to life thanks to Ghirardelli, but employees still complain of experiencing some strange things. Sometimes, staff members have reported feeling hot in places that shouldn’t be warm, as well as disembodied cries of someone screaming for help walls. Stories such as these are far from uncommon in San Diego, a place where the dead very much walk amongst the living.




See a Different, Darker Side of this Historic Destination


The amount of horrific violence, murder, and other ungodly acts that have taken place in San Diego’s bloodstained streets is enough to leave anyone nauseated. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter is a treasure trove of chilling tales, hair-raising mysteries, and mystics that has something to offer for everyone.


We invite you to step back in time to the gritty streets of 1920s San Diego, and stroll with us through these dim streets while hearing grim retellings of real-life ghost stories that have haunted this waterfront city for decades. Join us to experience a side of San Diego that can only be unveiled after the sun goes down, and prepare for a night of frights.


A Unique and Unforgettable Adventure You’ll Cherish Forever


To visit San Diego is to travel deep into the unknown, where all the normalcy and routine of day-to-day life is left behind for a thrilling, once-in-a-lifetime adventure meant only for the brave of heart. The memories you’ll make along the way are sure to stick with you forever—whether you like it or not.


Join San Diego Ghosts for a nonstop, bone-chilling journey to get the adrenaline rush you seek when you come face-to-face with the ghosts and ghouls of America’s Finest City. And watch out, because they may be trailing close behind.


Stop by legendary haunts such as the Prohibition Lounge, a stylish cocktail bar that hides a deeply disturbing past. Once a 19th century morgue, the tile is said to still be stained with bloodied bits and bobs from the countless corpses that once rotted away in this basement. Strange occurrences have taken place ever since the building was renovated into a bar, including flickering lights and even the sensation of ghostly hands grabbing onto bartenders after their shifts…making it an ideal destination for lovers of spirits of all sorts.


Join a Growing Community of Ghost Fanatics


Thanks to social media, the online ghostly community is as connected as ever. And for lovers of the supernatural, visiting downtown San Diego is any ghost fanatic’s dream—or nightmare. This haunted haven attracts thousands of visitors fascinated by the macabre each year, bringing together creative, sinister minds, and they join the ghostly culture with unbridled passion.


Keep your cameras ready when visiting the Carriage Works building, the site of a particularly gruesome tragedy. It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy who used to work there, and he’s often seen walking around or ducking into a hiding spot around the premises. Be prepared for a close encounter: he’s been known to approach both customers and employees.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 reasons to book the San Diego Ghosts tour right now!


1) You’ve already hit the beach


It’s true: San Diego is known for its sun-kissed beaches, which is exactly why it’s such a sought-after vacation destination. But after splashing around in the ocean and burying your feet in the sand, you may be ready to switch things up. Join San Diego Ghosts on a curated one-hour tour around downtown San Diego, and experience a different side of the city that only few know. Skip the sunburn and visit places like the Gaslamp District’s Yuma Building, which acts as a strange meeting place of real-life crime and otherworldly, paranormal activity. There’s so much more to this one-of-a-kind city than its waterfront access, and your party is sure to never forget this unique, spooky experience. 


2) You want to experience a different side of San Diego


Do you want to travel like a local, but still want to visit the top sites San Diego has to offer? Look no further than a walking tour with San Diego Ghosts. Through this hair-rising journey, you’ll be able to explore some of the city’s most prominent locales, such as the 150-year-old Davis-Horton House. Here, you’ll learn about both its fascinating history as a makeshift World War II hospital, in addition to learning about its ghostly resident….a Victorian-era woman who’s been known to pace outside of the upstairs nursery at night. Hear the chilling tales that have been passed down by San Diego locals for generations, and make one-of-a-kind memories you and your family will never forget.


3) You’re tired of watching documentaries


It’s easy to get wrapped up in the world of streaming, but don’t you want to experience the bone-chilling sights and sounds of San Diego’s most haunted destinations for yourself? Log off of Netflix and set down the TV remote to see some of SoCal’s most terrifying locales in-person with a tour from San Diego Ghosts. Follow us on a hair-raising adventure around the streets of the Gaslamp Quarter, known for its seedy history as the city’s former Red Light District. Stop by the infamous Yuma Building, an old brothel that was raided by law enforcement officers in the early 20th century as part of an attempt to weed out prostitution in the area. Today, strange phantoms have been seen roaming the building, perhaps, the ghosts of long-dead women of the night who spent their lives here prior to the Stingaree Raid of 1912. 


4) You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about San Diego’s ghostly residents


San Diego has a lot to offer in the way of history. From the centuries-old pueblas of Old Town to the brick-paved sidewalks of the Gaslamp, this city is oozing with years’ worth of fascinating tales and legends. But do you know about the lesser-known side of San Diego history? Ghost stories are often a direct reflection of different time periods, and can give us detailed, first-person accounts of what it was truly like to live in a certain era. And in many cases, life was far from easy. Follow along on a one-hour curated walking tour of downtown San Diego, and learn all about prominent historical figures like Captain Alfred Henry Wilcox, a wealthy real estate mogul who’s rumored to still wander the Yuma Building from beyond the grave. Who knows? You might just learn something new.


5) You know all about San Diego’s Navy history…kind of


You’ve already explored the USS Midway, the San Diego Air & Space Museum, Point Loma, and have even snapped a picture next to the iconic “kissing sailor” statue. So what’s next? Expand your knowledge and understanding of Navy culture by diving into the strange and inexplicable with a tour from San Diego Ghosts. Learn about the cursed remnants of World War II, which can be seen and experienced inside of the notoriously haunted Balboa Theater. This historic building was once used as a makeshift barracks for the US Navy during the war, and is rumored to have a mysteriously dark energy. Do the spirits of long-departed sailors still roam these darkened corridors to this day? Come see for yourself.


6) You and your friends want a spooky outing


It’s not difficult to find a good scare in San Diego. If you and your party are looking to explore the city after the sun goes down, follow us on a curated ghost tour around the historic Gaslamp Quarter and prepare to hear hair-raising stories about San Diego’s tormented past. Explore a cursed side of this SoCal metropolis, and hear authentic accounts of past and present-day hauntings. It’s sure to be a refreshing and memorable switch-up from your normal vacation routine, and will certainly send a shiver up your spine.

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