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Welcome To San Antonio's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Meet the ghost of Davy Crocket and the spirits of The Alamo’s villains and victims. Discover the origins of a haunted Wild West hiding deep in San Antonio’s sordid past.

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Embark on a journey deep into the heart of haunted Texas. Join a San Antonio ghost tour to uncover the bloody conflict and tragic ends that left a city filled with restless spirits and some of the most bone-chilling hauntings in the Lone Star state.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

River City Ghosts: San Antonio Apparitions

Join a San Antonio ghost tour to uncover the bloody conflict and tragic ends that left a city filled with restless spirits and some of the most bone-chilling hauntings in the Lone Star state.

River City Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a Boo's and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for genuine stories, scares, and delicious drinks in the historic district, with up to 2 hours of ghostly fun with the city's spirits and Spirits.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In San Antonio

Welcome to River City Ghosts

The Origins of a City Built By War, Murder, and Misfortune


By day, the Riverwalk is a tourist destination that sees thousands of visitors each year, each experiencing the Hollywood version of San Antonio’s origin. By night, it echoes with the sorrow of the many casualties of these unforgiving waters. The city was built around this famous attraction but before the development of restaurants and hotels, bodies lay strewn in their place with many more floating downstream for Texas wildlife to consume. 


Beyond the culture, unique architecture, and ongoing Fiestas the city is known for, remain the souls of the soldiers and settlers that not only helped establish San Antonio as a city but also as one of the most haunted places in Texas.


Journey deep into the heart of Texas to explore the most iconic and haunted spots in Texas’ most visited city. Hear unbelievable descriptions of unexplained activity and apparitions that have been experienced up and down the Riverwalk. Discover the identity of the ghost who continues to inhabit the Briscoe Western Art Museum and why the souls of performers and guests maintain their presence at the iconic Majestic Theater, even during ongoing performances.




The Alamo And The Grim Reality of The Battle’s Dark End


Downtown San Antonio is filled with haunted history, but none is quite as famous, notable, or as deadly as The Alamo. One of the most prolific battle sites in history is also home to the unexplained phenomenon that has been experienced for more than 150 years. You’ll visit and stand in the exact spot where bodies of fallen soldiers lay strewn across the field and where their tortured souls can still be seen and heard. 


Tourists from far and wide visit The Alamo every year by the thousands to see the site where Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William B. Travis, and the rest of the defenders fought this brutal war. In the very spot where souvenir photos are taken the corpses of fallen soldiers were disposed of by burning, denying them their Christian burial and rendering their souls doomed to wander the grounds endlessly.


The bloodshed and casualties of this unholy past have made The Alamo one of the most haunted places in the United States. Unexplained phenomenon has been reported since the 1800s, with full articles on the terrifying activity being featured in the San Antonio Express-News. The eerie encounters are in abundance at The Alamo with both employees and tourists alike claiming to see apparitions of defenders, Mexican soldiers, and even monks. If you’re lucky, you just might have a run-in with John Wayne, star of the movie The Alamo and frequently spotted apparition. 


When The Fiesta’s End The Darkness Sets In


Did you know that your hotel is likely to be one of the former hospitals that housed the sick, and caters to the dead? Uncover the truth behind the creepy Emily Morgan and the final resting place of the soldiers, settlers, and Native Americans whose blood was shed during constant battles for control of the Lone Star State. 


Before operating as an award-winning hotel, the Emily Morgan was originally constructed to serve as the city’s first Medical Arts Building. Though it would be considered one of the most advanced and well-renowned hospitals in the nation, within its four walls cruel and merciless practices rendered patients permanent residents of the now hotel of torment. Hear the horrendous conditions patients endured and which floors held their decaying corpses. Learn about the madness that’s continued to be passed down and has since manifested in heinous acts and creepy encounters.


Why is San Antonio So Haunted?


Horrific Ends and Restless Spirits


Built before the Alamo, La Villita was once considered a slum neighborhood that originally served as the Native American settlement. Today, it’s one of the most thriving areas in San Antonio, both for its culture and terrifying unexplained anomalies. The buildings that inhabit La Villita are known for strange phenomena such as disembodied voices and objects moving on their own. This, however, is child’s play compared to the disturbing accounts by witnesses of beheaded Comanche Indians showing themselves at night, wielding tomahawks in search of new heads. 


Visit the ironically named Tower Life Building, the 31-story gothic structure that is home to several businesses is also a place that has a horrid history of individuals who are down on their luck committing suicide beginning with Jim Smith, one of the original developers. The lives claimed by the star-crossed building are now forever tied to it, recreating their disturbing deaths for anyone unlucky enough to witness them.


Vengeful Spirits Come For Unfinished Business


Learn the grim story behind one of San Antonio’s most popular and laid-back establishments, the Cadillac Bar. It may be a desired hot spot for parties and events, but this famous attraction sits on a burial ground and is known for its unexplained activity and sightings of various apparitions such as the man with the white handlebar mustache and Beatrice, a former prostitute with a violent temper. 


The eerie happenings at the Cadillac Bar, however, are rivaled by those of the Alamo Street Theater. Built in 1912, the building originally served as the Alamo Methodist Church until 1968 and has seen its fair share of businesses come and go. The abundance of activity and spirit sightings that occur not only earned Alamo Street Theater the “Officially Haunted” Award by the South Texas Ghost Hunters Alliance but is said to be the reason businesses are unable to keep their doors open.


Murders, Mystery, and Malevolence 


Discover the San Fernando Cathedral and learn why this building which was thought of as a symbol of peace has such a dark and troubling existence. Hear the true tales of the bodies that were buried underneath the sanctuary railing of the church, and how the unearthing of their remains disturbed their final resting place and made the Cathedral one of the most haunted sites in Texas.


The area’s grisly history also features its fair share of unsolved murders. River City Ghosts Tour takes you to the Briscoe Western Art Museum also known as the former home of businessman John McMullen where his lifeless and bloody body was discovered with no trace of his attacker, and where visitors and staff report seeing a dark figure roaming the building. 


What’s So Special About the River City Ghosts Tour?


See a Ghastly Side to The Fiesta-Filled Alamo City


Behind the beauty and riverboat tours are a plethora of horrific tales of countless deaths that continue to accumulate to this day. Its deep, dark history has made this one of the most haunted locations in San Antonio. Reports of creepy unexplained shadows and disembodied voices are just some of the accounts you’ll hear with River City Ghosts.  


Discover why the war-torn ghosts and the souls of the unavenged continue to roam the streets, reliving their ill-fated pasts and dastardly deaths.


Become Part of a Like-Minded Ghostly Community


There are some locations that are brooding with such paranormal activity that they’ve become magnets for ghost hunters of the professional and novice kind. One such location that’s become a beacon for believers is the Menger Hotel, the oldest hotel in San Antonio. Visit this incredible landmark that hosts more than just tourists and ghost hunters from all over the country.


Experience the chills that witnesses have felt when met with the remnants of this troubled building of grandeur. Learn about the various sightings that continue to spook the visitors of the Menger Hotel, including Sallie White, a former chambermaid of the Menger Hotel who was murdered by her husband in the 1800s. At minimum, there are 32 documented entities that inhabit the building, all ready to make an appearance for anyone who dares seek them out.


Enjoy a Unique and Unforgettable Tour of Downtown San Antonio


With the amount of death, devastation, and tragedy that downtown San Antonio has seen, it’s easy to see why the city remains one of the most haunted locations in America. Rich in history and culture, the city also holds a disturbing past that includes everything from war to executions, to murder, and everything in between.


Every location features a fantastic yet sordid story, none that you will ever forget. Join our expert guides as they take you on an adrenaline-pumping adventure through the history of some of the most significant events to ever happen, the buildings that are a product of those events, and the people whose souls aren’t ready to let them go.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You want to know more about one of the most haunted cities in the country.


Take in some of the most incredible true stories of a city that was built with literal blood, sweat, and tears. The development of San Antonio came at a price. Our tour is filled with well-researched, evidence-based accounts of spirit sightings in every location we take you to.


There are some stories you just won’t find in a history book. Stories of dead soldiers being carried downstream of the San Antonio River, spreading disease and contaminating the primary water source of the area. What you know about the Riverwalk may not include the darkness that precedes the name. Buildings that are now historical markers and serve as places of entertainment were once home to traumatic events and personal despair.


While the city saw plenty of bloodshed during the battle at The Alamo, the Great Depression is equally as guilty for being a grim era for San Antonio. Suicide was rampant throughout the area, with incidents occurring at The Empire Theatre and the Tower Life Building. As you can see, The Alamo was just the beginning. There is so much to explore in downtown San Antonio, and you never know who you might just see.


2) You’ve done all the normal “tourist” things


You’ve seen all the sites. You’ve bought all the souvenirs. Now what? How about a ghost tour with River City Ghosts? This ghost tour is unlike any tourist attraction you’ll experience. The 1-mile walk through downtown San Antonio will leave you with chills and stories to take home to your friends. 


This affordable, educational, and incredibly entertaining ghost tour lasts about an hour and might introduce you to some places you may have missed during your day of exploring. Beyond that, it’ll be unlike anything you’ve experienced at any other attraction. Where else are you going to hear the dark yet undeniably true stories of the origins of this gorgeous vacation spot? Whether you’re visiting from out of town or a local looking to take in more of the city, River City Ghosts will leave you with an experience you’ll never forget.


3) You don’t believe in ghosts


Some people are full believers, some people are skeptical, and some people don’t believe at all. Whatever category you fall in, we welcome you to River City Ghosts. We’re not here to persuade you, either way, we just want to provide all of our guests with a good time, some great memories, and some information on the founding of San Antonio that may not have been known before.


It’s also a chance to see some sites you may not have been inclined to visit outside of the tour. Even if you’re not a believer, the places you’ll see and the stories you’ll hear will at the very least get your gears turning. We promise this isn’t a ghost hunters show you’ll see on TV. This is real life.


4) You’re looking for something to entertain the entire family


The stories you’ll hear are true but are told with your family in mind. After all, you’re here for fun! As you walk through downtown San Antonio, you’ll hear about the development and significance of each building and historical marker as well as the apparitions that frequent them. It’s enough to give you chills, but not enough to keep you away from this beautiful city. We want to see you back for more!


5) You want to know where to ghost hunt


New to ghost hunting? We won’t tell! If you’re ready to get into the ghost-hunting game, you picked the perfect spot to begin with. The places we’ll take you have been the focus of professional ghost hunters around the nation and can be seen on various television shows, and YouTube channels, and have been the topics of numerous blogs and articles. 


In addition to learning where to begin your ghost-hunting adventure, you’ll also know who (or what) to look for, giving you something to work within your endeavors. Call it a cheat sheet or a gift from us to you, but you’ll be left with plenty of information to start your own ghost-hunting career.


6) You’re ready for an authentic fact-based ghost tour


There’s nothing more interesting than a story that almost sounds too incredible to be true, but that’s exactly what you’ll hear. And the best part is, they’re all true! Our team does a deep dive into each location and conducts copious amounts of research to ensure the guides are able to bring the most factual, entertaining, and chilling stories to life.


We guarantee that you’ll be captivated and entertained, and maybe just a little scared. But don’t worry! All stories are told with our audience in mind, so feel free to bring the kids.

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