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Welcome To Salem's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Join a Salem ghost tour for an unforgettable night of terrifying hauntings and real-life ghosts down the hallowed streets of Witch City. Finally discover why Salem is the most haunted city in America. 

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Visit the most bone-chilling, haunted locations in Salem for true stories about its lesser-known tragedies, murders, and sordid events that took place here in Witch City. Are you ready to experience the area’s most authentic and nail-biting Salem ghost tour?

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Salem Ghosts: Witches, Warlocks, & Hauntings

Join Salem Ghosts for an unforgettable night of terrifying hauntings and real-life ghosts


Uncover rarely-told stories of how Salem handled the aftermath of its horrific deeds

The Witches of Salem: Ultimate Witchcraft and Magic Tour

Discover the less well-known women of Salem who tested society’s boundaries as well as leaders in various occult movements who have found a place of acceptance here.

Salem Ghosts Boos and Brews Haunted Pub Crawl

The Salem Haunted Pub Crawl will quench your thirst for haunted history and ghostly drinks, so join us and have your fill of spirits and spirits on this unique and unforgettable Salem drinking experience.

Late Night Ultimate Ghost Tour of Salem

This terrifying tour will reveal Salem's rarely told tales and bone-chilling authentic hauntings of the America's most haunted city.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Salem

Welcome to Salem Ghosts

The Darkest Demons of America’s Past Come to Life Each Night in Salem


Once the sun dips, and the moon sets in, evil and its ghosts come out to play on Salem’s sacred streets. As magic sizzles through the air when twilight breaks on Salem’s shores, prepare to meet the ghosts born of a horrific history that will live on forever in the hauntings of this quaint New England town. 


The charming exterior of this tourist destination holds a veil over a past that’s riddled with gruesome murders, paranoia-fueled executions, and an afterlife on an eternal quest for vengeance. Salem may be lovingly referred to as Witch City, but the barbarity that took place centuries ago continues to manifest itself in terrifying fashions, reminding tourists and locals alike of a time when evil reigned supreme.


Try not to hold your breath as you listen to authentic accounts detailing some of the most chilling hauntings and unexplained events ever to take place in the Western Hemisphere. Experience the true, and truly terrifying, hauntings of Salem and the Salem Witch Trials that birthed them. 


Books and the big screen have done a wonderful job of introducing the popular tales of Salem to the public, but they have yet to capture the true essence of what it meant to live and–if you were lucky–survive a time so violent and horrific, just saying the name stirs recognition, fear, and curiosity on the face of any American.  The Salem Witch Trials.   A time when the lifeless bodies of the innocent were treated as nothing more than ornaments, and when the ungodly determined the fates of the masses.


Get ready for this undeterred odyssey that will divulge the gory details of a past that is so disturbing it will sound too horrific to be true – but it is. Salem’s earliest residents lived every moment of it, and for one night you will too, as you join them when they relive the terrifying crucible of their town told through the hauntings that are so prevalent in the most haunted city in America.




Welcome to Salem, the Witch City Where The Forsaken Refuse to Be The Forgotten


The City of Witches calls to every visitor’s soul. Its necromancy, its Wiccan ways stirring something awake within all who dare enter its borders. Salem is a city that needs no introduction,  with its foul deeds and black sins that mar every history book. This Essex County gable is infamous for what transpired in 1692. Its whole identity and culture revolve around bells, books, and broomsticks. Police cars adorned with witch iconography, a public school known as Witchcraft High, and athletic teams named the Witches. 


There is so much history that even the most authentic books seem to gloss over. That haunted history and those dark deeds are what we will uncover tonight.


The boutiques, attractions, and restaurants dedicated to Salem’s bewitching past offer a picturesque scene that was actually born from pure horror. Turner’s Seafood Restaurant at Lyceum Hall may be known for its delicious cuisine but the building itself harbors a disturbing origin story as it was built on top of the orchard of Bridget Bishop – the first woman to be executed as a witch.


Originally built in 1831, the building has been converted into a series of restaurants over the years with each business having its own reports of unexplained events and sightings. The distinct scent of apples is only the beginning as it sets the stage for the lady in white’s appearance. Her ominous presence is said to raise the hair on the back of anyone’s neck as the paleness of her face is rivaled by the darkness of her eyes and the deep, purples bruises that engulf her neck.


The Unjustly Condemned Reclaim The Night


There is a legacy of bloodshed, madness, persecution, hysteria, and devilish pacts churning impatiently on every cobblestone street of Salem. The Witches’ City overflows with tales meant to freeze your blood and stop your breath at every turn. Walk carefully down the historic streets that define part of our American narrative. 


Dare to tread through the hallowed avenues where something more than a coastal breeze stirs the hair at the back of your nape. If you’re very brave, visit the chilling grounds where the remains of Salem’s victims and sacrifices, their accused and their dead, are interred…but never so deep that they are unable to rise to the surface and reach out to make contact.


Justice Now Belongs to The Otherworldly in the Haunted Cemeteries of Salem


Every cemetery is filled with tales of desolate ends, some of these tales buried with the dead while others continue to resurrect themselves. Visit the Old Burying Point Cemetery, the oldest cemetery in Salem where you’ll find the graves of the condemned such as Judge John Hathorne, the magistrate who was responsible for sealing the fates of the alleged witches. 


With over 400 years of buried history, it’s easy to see why the dead are anything but at this mystical hotspot. Hear the true accounts of apparitions carrying on night after night, possibly dancing over the grave of Judge Hathorne himself. 


Feelings of agony and despair fill the air of Salem by the tortured souls of the wrongly accused, each making their presence known in various parts of the city that holds a piece from their past. Discover the tragic and eerie site of the Salem Witch Trials Memorial, a monument dedicated to the 20 innocent women who lost their lives at the hands of an egregious monster.


Find out why a memorial designed as a symbol of peace also serves as a marker for the forsaken. Uncover the terrorizing sightings of the aggrieved that have yet to make peace with their horrific ends. Some are forever tied to the very site of their execution, showing themselves in their gruesome last known human state.




A Community Cursed, Brethren Betrayed: Salem Sells Its Soul and is Haunted For Eternity


In 1692 evil made its presence felt on this Bay Colony’s shores. The first of many women was accused, tried, and executed in that year. Hanged in her backyard orchard after she was found guilty of transforming into a deformed monster and stalking the streets at night, she became the first sacrifice the town of Salem made when they lost their humanity and seemingly sold their souls with the blood of their neighbors, friends, and families. 


With that blood sacrifice, the cycle of madness, of hauntings, of depravity was set alight. Over 20 women were put to death, and more were tortured at the behest of a dark demonic inquisitor known as Judge Jonathan Corwin and the herd mentality of a spooked populace.


Embark on an unnerving experience through this town’s veins and discover a rich, ghostly history, one that not only haunts its borders but the foundations on which the American Dream was built on. A quaint city constructed on the bones of crimes it will never rid its soul of. Revive this past, watch it come alive, and hear the harrowing tales of the spirits that still haunt this abode and clamor for your attention. 


The Malevolent Spirits Trying to Take Back Witch City


In 1789, our first President, General George Washington, visited Salem. A man that had seen the horrors of war, had fought redcoats from the British Empire, and never feared their gaze or bullets was a man known for his bravery. This general and President who was the lion of the burgeoning states — this man fled the town of Salem as quickly as he had entered, whiter than a handkerchief. Apparitions, eerie encounters, and a bone-chilling dread drove him out of Salem with his tail between his legs. 


The souls of the immorally defamed remain tethered to the very grounds of their foes, forced to coexist in the afterlife. Salem Ghosts will lead you to the ominous and otherworldly Joshua Ward House, the now Merchant Hotel that was once the home of the infamous Sheriff George Corwin who was involved in the torture and execution of several of the casualties of the Salem Witch Trials.


Learn about the vicious role he played in the notorious trials and how his oppressive and violent spirit continues to torment anyone unlucky enough to encounter it. It is said that his vile demeanor can be felt in the hotel continuing his reign of terror and torturing those he considers to be unholy. 


The Living Now Savagely Pay For The Atrocities of Their Dead Ancestors


Sheriff Corwin’s vengeance may be unjustified but there are some that continue to rightfully seek it. Visit the avenging Gardner-Pingree House that was once the residence of Captain Joseph White, a retired sea captain that met a brutal and disturbing end commissioned by his own family.


Hear the wretched tale of greed and solicited murder that led to the captain’s untimely demise. While his murderers were brought to justice, the captain continues to scour the building in search of his revenge, ensuring no one takes from him again – just ask Jordan Deniau.


The Innocent Souls and The Cruel Fates That Forever Keep Them in Salem


Murder wasn’t the only cause of innocent lives lost. Uncover the tragic tale of Abigail Ropes, daughter of Judge Ropes who met a horrid end in unimaginable fashion. While the Ropes Mansion is one of the sites filmed in the wildly popular Hocus Pocus, it also served as the place where poor Abigail met her gruesome demise by being burned alive.


Visitors and workers alike share similar stories of Abigail’s apparition appearing to them, particularly in the winter. One witness’s account includes a manifestation of a reenactment of the judge’s daughter’s horrific death. Should you choose to venture into the building for a tour, beware of the smell of smoke as you just might be witness to Abigail yourself. 


What’s so special about the Salem Ghost tour?


A Once-in-a-lifetime experience — An adventure you’ll cherish ‘till the end. 


Our Salem Ghosts Tour is a bone-chilling adventure — One meant to stir the imagination and tell of one of our history’s most famous stories. A Haunting trip into the bowels of this bizarre Massachusetts inlet. One meant to uncover some of the atrocities, hysterics, and specters that haunt it. On this cobblestone streets, past the house of Seven Gables, over its historic district, and ending on the execution mount known as Old Burying Hill, the voices of the dead demand your attention. On our tour, you will hear the tales that made this city into the tourist Mecca it is today. We will narrate the epic struggles behind one of this nation’s biggest crimes — a controversy that haunts its very foundation to this day. 


See a different, darker side of a postcard destination 


Come with local expert guides, as we travel lamp-lid avenues, stand under the shadows of red brick buildings, and photograph iconic statues and places — many featured in some of this nation’s most beloved films. You will hear, see, and experience something unique. Communicate with ghosts, and phantoms, with the dreaded creatures like Judge Jonathon Corwin, and some of Salem’s famous witches. 


Each stop has its magic. Each one is a spellbinding experience and an opportunity for something to make contact with you. A one-of-a-kind, singular, and eye-opening adventure you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. Get ready to feel your skin crawl and, maybe, laugh. 


Be Part of A Growing Ghostly Community 


Journey with us through Salem’s haunted history — a past in plain sight. A past that is deeply embedded in this region’s identity. Book this once-in-a-lifetime experience, and be part of a growing community of investigators of the afterlife — Of ghost hunters. 


If you’d like to walk the haunted streets of Salem and see this Massachusetts community for what it is famous for, book your tour with US Ghost Adventures today.


Experience the unexplained — many of our guests bear witness to the unknown. Become one of them tonight.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book Your Salem Ghost Tour Right Now!


1) You Want to Immerse Yourself In The Hysteria-filled History of Salem


It’s not just witches, dark persecutions, and sinister Judges. It’s not just tales of pacts with the Devil under the moon in the cover of the forest. There is more to this New England coastal town. A vivid tapestry that involves pirates, smugglers, and present-day criminals. Our tour is a heavily researched fact-based adventure into the dark history, and reputation of America’s most haunted city. 


2) Come Halloween You Simply Have to rewatch Hocus Pocus and Visit the Film Location


“You know, I’ve always wanted a child. And now I think I’ll have one on a toast!” Winifred Sanderson, perhaps one of Salem’s most famous fictional witches, coined that phrase. Do you dare light a black candle in front of one of Salem’s most photographed mansions? If you’re a horror fan, if you’re a Disney fan, if you’re a Bette Midler fan, this tour is for you. Come fly with us, as “we put a spell on you and now you’re mine.”


3) Time is Short and Visiting the Site of the Salem Witch Trials is on Your Bucket List


Salem is one of the most coveted tourist enclaves in the whole US. It’s a small little town where bread and board might cost you your soul. This is why a huge percentage of visitors like to hit the ground running and concentrate as much as they can in as little time. After all, time is money, and in Salem, it all adds up. Our tour takes you on a fast roller coaster ride through some of the city’s best-kept secrets and most iconic places. Learn to appreciate this city’s cultural identity in a flash. 


4) You’ve Read or Watched The Crucible


“Until an hour before the Devil fell, God thought him beautiful in Heaven.”

 In 1953, American playwright Arthur Miller unveiled to the world one of the canons of modern drama — The Crucible. A partially fictionalized story of the Salem Witch that would soon become an allegory for McCarthyism and unjust persecution. Learn what truly occurred on the shores of this Bay Colony, and what ultimately inspired Miller into creating his Magnum opus.  


5) It’s Halloween Year Round in Your Household


Did you know that Salem is the most visited city in the world come October? It’s a bare-knuckle fight between Salem and Munich — the latter’s Octoberfest beer extravaganza always drawing in the crowds. And there is a reason why Witch City is so attractive come Fall. There’s a magic to it. There’s something otherworldly to what Salem becomes once the lights dim. And this magic can be felt throughout the year. Come join us and explore a city where Halloween is a 365-year-long event. 


6) You’re All About the Witches and Witchtrials in Witch City


Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. Cool it with a baboon’s blood, Then the charm is firm and good.

 “I am that very witch. When I sleep my spirit slips away from my body and dances naked with the Devil.”

 The Witch, Robert Eggers

There’s no getting around it, you came to Salem for the witches. You came to Salem for the frights. You came to Salem for the ghosts. There’s a reason why this Essex County Hamlet is called “Witch Town” because the portmanteau sells. You go to Disney for the Mouse, you travel to Vegas for the casinos, to LA for the celebrities, and Cancun for the beaches. And, you come to Salem for the witches and the trials. Learn all there is to know about them and their persecution in 1692. Learn the truths behind the fiction and the dark deeds that never made their way into your high school history book. 


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