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Welcome To Sacramento's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

A city of glittery glory became the byline for fools gold, disaster, and death. Find out on a terrifying Sacramento Ghosts tour how the city’s bright future collapsed into darkness and despair.

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Uncover the deeply buried truth about American pioneers who raced to Sacramento in search of fortune. Hear their shocking stories and discover how they quickly realized this Gold Rush destination was a dead end where they would meet their bitter end. 

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Sacramento Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at Waterfront Park, 1240 Front St. Sacramento, CA 95814 next to the Ferris Wheel
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to more haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly at 8pm
Simply bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes

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Waterfront Park on Front St. in Sacramento, CA, Meeting Location for the haunted Sacramento Ghosts Tour
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Sacramento

Welcome to Sacramento Ghosts

A Foundation Built on Disaster, Death, and Destruction 


Below its charming streets and pleasant river walks, California’s capital city has a morbid and dismal history so dark that it’s routinely kept hidden from visitors and new arrivals. After multiple natural disasters and countless deaths, the citizens of Sacramento tried to forget the past and endeavored to build a new city above the wreckage. They succeeded…but what they left behind was worse–a graveyard of bodies buried beneath the surface, and a plethora of dark and haunted souls waiting to be discovered.


The deceased bodies that still lay built into the foundation of the city is what makes Sacramento a sinister destination worth experiencing. See for yourself how Sactown, a place of adventurers, frontiersmen, spectators, and sultry saloons came to be among the top haunted cities in the country.


Stories of Heartbreak, Tragedy, and Perseverance


The spark of the Gold Rush in 1848 was the breeding ground for Sacramento’s countless tragedies and relentless tenacity. Soon after the initial discovery at Sutter’s Mill, many Americans set out to mine their own fate. However, because of this city’s location on the river, the wooden buildings were susceptible to both fires and floods. Though thousands of people died, the survivors kept pushing forward. Their innovation led to a new city built on top of the debris, and a cemetery of forgotten people just below their feet. 


Haunted History, Dark Truths, and Impatient Spirits


From the ghost of the captain of the riverboat named the The Delta King to bodies buried in collapsed mines whose souls are still “hungry” for a proper burial, this old mining town waits for someone to uncover its secrets and reveal the haunted history waiting below.


Walk the chilling  paths of Old Town on a journey to some of California’s most haunted destinations that we have hand-picked and thoroughly-researched for your enjoyment and terror. Each historically accurate account of these tragedies will unearth rumors of hauntings and unexplained encounters. 


In a town named for religious sacraments used to try to scare away the native tribes inhabiting the land before having them forcibly and violently removed, Sacramento has its share of disturbing and hidden truths. Whether you’re a Sactown local or just an adventurous sightseer, it’s always a perfect night to encounter the ghastly facts of Sacramento’s deadly past on this shocking Old Town ghost tour.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to Book the Sacramento Ghost Tour Right Now!


1: You want to experience more than just history and what meets the eye. 


Upon visiting Sacramento, many people stroll around Old Sac to see the same historical sites and read plaques on buildings. However, they only see and scratch the surface of what the city has to offer. This historic city holds bone-chilling truths that can only be truly experienced through a chilling and authentic ghost tour. As you walk the dusty Old Town roads, you’ll hear unbelievable stories of crimes, secrets, and unexplained deaths that you won’t find written on a door sign.


2: You don’t want your night to end at sunset. 


Sacramento has plenty of great restaurants and touristy shops for locals and visitors, but when the daylight disappears, that doesn’t mean your adventures should. Our hour-long tours are the perfect addition of fear and excitement to add to your night of fun. You’ll feel the adrenaline of spine-tingling tales and ghostly encounters as you lead the way by underground tunnels and centuries-old historic buildings. As the sun sets, the dead begin to rise to join the nightlife of Old Sac.


3: You want to dig deep into Sacramento’s unique culture. 


Culture is best experienced when you understand the past. Each moment in Sacramento’s history culminates to create a complex culture of the modern city we know and love. Learning about specific moments from the Gold Rush and the individuals who lived and sacrificed through floods, fires, and other natural disasters will give you a greater appreciation for California’s one and only haunted capital city. 


4: You don’t believe in ghosts.


Multiple haunted locations on this tour have been visited by ghost hunters, broadcast on travel shows, and are featured stories on blogs.. and for good reason. If you’re skeptical about unexplained sightings and encounters, come see for yourself.  These buildings, boats, tunnels, and historical sites consistently make the most haunted lists of California and the United States. It’s your turn to find out why and decide for yourself if you really don’t believe in ghosts.


5: You and your friends want a spooky night to remember


Why wait for Halloween once a year to be scared, when you can join us for an evening of terror on any night of the week? Sacramento Ghosts haunted tours give not only historic and authentic accounts of nail-biting horror, they are a great way to spend a night out on the town with friends. Bring your best friends and give them an adventure and adrenaline-rush they’ll never forget!


6: You want a break from Netflix.


Whether you’ve lived in Sacramento your whole life, or just visiting, the nights spent indoors can become monotonous. There’s only so much Netflix you can binge before wanting a real life outdoor adventure. These intense ghost tours give you just that. Experience authentic, movie-worthy stories in living color and in person.

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