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Welcome To Riverside's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Old Hollywood glamour is overshadowed by secret tunnels, mythical creatures, tragic deaths, and the mark of an infamous serial killer in the cursed city of Riverside.

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Venture with Riverside Reaper Ghost Tours to peel back the sunny facade of California’s citrus capital and hear the untold stories of restless spirits, fallen stars, and Wild West legends that make this California dream a haunted nightmare.

Riverside Reaper Ghost Tour

All tours meet at Riverside Municipal Auditorium, 3485 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Riverside

Welcome to Riverside Ghosts

Victorian homes and postcards painted a picture-perfect life in Riverside, but tales of tragedy and the ghosts they left behind lie beneath the surface.


Wings, Whispers, and Wraiths


With over 24 nationally registered historic sites and over 100 city landmarks commemorating Riverside’s flavorful history, regular tourists looking to soak up the sunshine and taste the city’s past will surely have a memorable time. There’s no shortage of museums that offer a glimpse into the city’s history, but one in particular comes complete with spirits of the past.

Hear about the eerie happenings of the historic March Field Air Museum, one of Riverside’s most haunted locations. The somber history it houses has made it a haven for restless spirits forever tethered to the machines they once flew. Today, the museum is a priority destination for renowned ghost hunters nationwide, with several reports of ghostly sightings and mysterious occurrences from staff and visitors alike. 

Prepare to hear the story of brave pilots who never returned home and the ghosts of countless lives lost in the line of duty who have continued to roam this place. Could they still be hanging around to fulfill unfinished missions or seeking solace in the memories of their former comrades? Learn more with Riverside Reaper Ghost Tours.


What Will I See?

Visit Riverside’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:

  • Mission Inn – Built in 1876, the Mission Inn has played host to presidents and celebrities, but its grandeur isn’t enough to shake off its spooky past. Learn more about the “Alice Room” and why it’s considered one of the most haunted spots in the hotel.


  • Riverside Municipal Auditorium – Built in 1928, Riverside Municipal Auditorium serves as both a tribute to fallen soldiers from World War I and a hotspot for ghostly encounters. With its haunted history and ghost residents, from a persistent ticket holder to a woman in white seeking justice, and even a stoic soldier guarding its gates, the show never truly ends in this auditorium.


  • Riverside Community College Culinary Academy – From Cheri Jo Bates’s gruesome murder to the story of the infamous Zodiac Killer, Riverside City College has enough spooky tales to keep you on the edge. Join our tour to uncover the chilling truth behind the Zodiac’s possible first victim and other campus hauntings, from a weeping woman to a mysterious man in a suit.


Ghosts of Grandeur 


The end of the California gold rush brought uncertainty for many people, especially the newly arrived settlers who were lured by the promise of quick wealth and prosperity. But just when it seemed like all hope was gone, fortune smiled on the city of California when what seemed like an ordinary gift between friends in Riverside sparked a new kind of rush – the Orange Rush.

With an increase in population comes the need for more housing where residents, visitors, and newly arrived settlers will stay. Enter the Mission Inn, a boarding house turned grand hotel that hosted presidents, celebrities, and perhaps a few restless spirits during the Orange Rush, each leaving their mark on its storied halls. 

Beyond the Inn’s connection to glittering galas and presidential visits, a resident ghost has continued to roam the halls, keeping a watchful eye on a property she helped build. Find out why the “Aunt Alice” room is notorious for its chilling encounters and discover the story behind the woman who remains fiercely attached to this luxurious haven – even in death.


The Show Never Ends in the Afterlife


Built as a memorial to fallen soldiers, the Riverside Municipal Auditorium boasts a history as dramatic as the performances it hosts. Its Southern Californian Mission Revival facade masks a restless past that can only be uncovered by those brave enough to peer behind the curtain. 

Hear the tragic story of a patron who seems unwilling to leave the stage even in death, whose untimely demise in the Riverside Municipal Auditorium left him yearning for one final act. As you walk past the street where he took his last breath, keep your ear to the ground. You might hear a faint, mournful moan echoing from within the auditorium. 

Journey with Riverside Reaper Ghost Tours through the same street where this historic building stands today and prepare to hear about the stern-looking apparition standing guard outside the auditorium, with a gaze that seems to pierce through time, forever bound to the memory of those he protects. Is he a fallen soldier, eternally protecting the memorial built in his honor, or perhaps a restless spirit forever bound to the stage where the living pay tribute to those who gave their all?


Why is Riverside so Haunted?


Mountain of The Macabre


For a city that isn’t exactly known for centuries of bloodshed and natural disasters, it still holds its fair share of tragic stories and spooky secrets eerie enough to give you the creeps. One such story revolves around the Mt. Rubidoux Manor, its name intimately tied to the mountain’s unsettling past and lingering mysteries with locals and curious visitors whispering in hushed tones.

Named after the infamous Mt. Rubidoux, this manor seems trapped in a cycle of eerie events mirroring the mountain’s dark history. Mt. Rubidoux has become a magnet for restless spirits and strange events, with hikers and visitors reporting terrifying voices, lurking figures, icy cold spots, and even mysteriously stacked rocks along the mountain’s unlit trails. 

Join Riverside Reaper Ghost Tours to endure the terrifying tale of Father Serra, a controversial missionary with a dark past who many think may be the source of the strange occurrences around this mountain. Could it be the restless spirits of mistreated Indigenous people trying to seek justice or something even more sinister lurking within Mt. Rubidoux’s trails and peaks? Find out on this blood-curdling Riverside ghost tour.


The Zodiac Killer


In Riverside, even academic institutions are included in the spectral party. Discover the chilling truth behind the ghosts that roam the halls of Riverside City College, the overarching institution of the esteemed Riverside Community College Culinary Academy. Lean in as we give you the gory details of the horrific events caused by one of America’s most prolific serial killers.

One of the most notorious serial killers in history, the Zodiac Killer, had a reign of terror stretched across California and its nearby areas. His shadow hangs heavy over Riverside, with some even believing his first victim fell on the college grounds. 

But the Zodiac Killer isn’t the only restless soul haunting these halls. Learn more about a young student brutally murdered on campus in the same year, who is said to wander the grounds, forever reliving the horror of her final moments. What other secrets could be lurking in the shadows of these hallowed halls? Book a tour with Riverside Reaper Ghost Tours to find out.


What’s so Special About the Riverside Reapers Ghost Tour?


See A Different Side of The Citrus City


Behind the scenic beauty and cultural richness this Southern California gem offers, some of the most spine-chilling ghostly encounters have occurred, creeping out the locals. No place is exempt from ghostly activity, including California Baptist University, built on the land where an insane asylum once stood.

Hear the tragic tales of tormented asylum patients forever buried in the catacombs beneath the university and learn more about the eerie callers from the depths. Book a ghost tour with Riverside Ghosts to discover what keeps these sorrowful spirits tied to the horrendous place where they met their demise.


A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Learn About Riverside’s Haunted Mansions


They say history fades with time, and most tales of the past eventually become whispers lost to the wind. But in Riverside, the past is never truly gone, and the haunting tales of the city’s tragic past continue accumulating after every moonlit stroll through its historic streets. 

Our professional guides will take you back in time to experience the story of the Victorian Queen Anne-style Morey Mansion over a hauntingly good walking tour. Hear the story of a woman who met an untimely demise within its walls, leaving behind a trail of spectral chills and mysterious initials. Was it her way of communicating from the beyond or a heartbroken husband’s desperate attempt to keep her memory alive?  


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Riverside might be known for its endless orange groves and glorious sunshine, but there’s a darker side to this Southern California city that only comes alive after dark. Come along on our ghost tour and share an unforgettable evening with those who want to get to know the eerie side of the city.

From the whispers in the Riverside Community College Culinary Academy halls to the phantom footsteps at the March Field Air Museum, get ready for a night of thrills and chills as we swap ghost stories under the starlit sky of Riverside, CA. You never know who or what you might encounter!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re Seeking a Hauntingly Good Walk After Riverside’s Delicious Dining


Riverside is a haven for foodies, with everything from farm-to-table delights to classic Californian fare and international cuisine available for your indulgence. After satisfying your taste buds, why not feed your curiosity with a ghost tour through Riverside’s haunted history? It’s the perfect way to cap off a satisfying meal and add a dash of adventure to your evening.


2) You Want to See the City Under a Different Light


Sure, Riverside shines in the daytime, but have you ever experienced its nocturnal charm? Join us for a ghost tour and see the city in a whole new light – or should we say darkness? As the sun sets, Riverside’s streets come alive with tales of the otherworldly, offering a unique perspective on this vibrant city after hours.


3) You’re Curious About Local Legends and Mysteries


Every city has its secrets, but Riverside’s are particularly intriguing. From haunted mansions to eerie urban legends, there’s no shortage of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Join our tour and satisfy your curiosity as we uncover the spine-tingling stories that lurk behind Riverside’s facade.


4) You Want to Make Unforgettable Memories


Life is all about making memories, and what could be more unforgettable than an evening spent exploring Riverside’s haunted past with friends and family? Whether you’re a skeptic or a true believer, a ghost tour to the site of the historic March Field Air Museum is an experience you’ll be talking about for years to come. So don’t wait – book your Riverside Ghosts tour now and get ready for a night of spine-tingling fun!


5) You Want to Connect with Fellow Thrill-Seekers


There’s something special about sharing spine-tingling experiences with others who appreciate the thrill of the unknown. Join our ghost tour and become part of a community of fellow adventurers who aren’t afraid to embrace the supernatural. With laughter, gasps, and maybe even a few screams, you’ll forge unforgettable memories with new friends as you explore Riverside’s haunted history together.

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