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Mason's Hall

Since 1785, Mason’s Hall has stood the test of time—and seen the ravages of man. Do you dare face what lurks within? Find out on a haunted Richmond tour.

Mason's Hall | Richmond, VA | US Ghost Adventures

For 500 years, the Freemasons have lived among us, sitting next to us in bars, praying in church, and just out walking the dog. 

But this ancient society is full of mystery and history. No wonder they have such a deep-rooted presence in historic Richmond, Virginia.

On a Mason’s Hall ghost tour with US Ghost Adventures, you get the rare chance to take a peek into this secret society. We share the historical and haunted on a tour of the darker side of Richmond, VA. 

Tolerance and Protection

Constructed in 1785, Mason’s Hall is the oldest Masonic Temple in continuous operation throughout America.

For centuries, Mason’s Hall was known to the public as a safe space for those in need. The Masonic rituals that went on in the darkest corners of the building remained separate from the public-facing services.

In the War of 1812, the Hall acted as a makeshift hospital. Nurses and doctors tended to wounded men, but far too many soldiers spent their final moments staring at the whitewashed ceiling of Mason’s Hall. 

Years later, in a more peaceful time, the hall was a place of worship for ostracized religious groups. The Masons transcended religion and were eager to permit free worship. 

These kind and selfless acts seem to have blessed the building and kept it standing through many dark times…

The Ties That Bind

Freemasonry is a bond that extends beyond race, creed, politics, or even family. No more evident was that bond than during the bloody Civil War.

In April 1865, at the close of the war, Union soldiers marched into Richmond, setting fires and destroying everything in their path. The whole town was evacuated, but chaos erupted in the remains of the town. 

Holding the white flag of surrender, the mayor of Richmond ran out to the Union general, begging and pleading to spare Mason’s Hall from the destruction. As chance would have it, the Union general was a Mason himself. 

He knew his duty. Several Union soldiers were posted at Mason’s Hall, and it weathered the war without a scratch as the city burned around it.

Still Standing Strong

Today, the hall is still a home for active Freemasons. What exactly takes place behind closed doors, no one knows. 

However, locals report strange lights coming out of the windows late into the witching hour, where candlelights are still the only light source for nightly gatherings.

Stay late and watch the doors. You’ll never see anyone enter. But after midnight, you will hear lively conversation and arguments rolling out of the hall. Keep watching the doors. By morning the lights are out, and the conviviality is gone… but not a single soul walked out the door.

Only a very few brave locals have ever knocked on the door—what happened to them? Well, that’s a story for another time.

Haunted Richmond, VA

Mason’s Hall is just one stop on a US Ghost Adventure tour of haunted Richmond. Prepare yourself for panic, bring a kerchief for the cold sweat, and tie your shoes tight — this is a tour of Richmond you won’t find anywhere else.

Sign up now and get out there!

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