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C&O Church Hill Tunnel North

All aboard! Visit the haunted C&O Church Hill Tunnel in Richmond. The only way to discover the truth is to take US Ghost Adventures Tour — find out more!

C&O Church Hill Tunnel North | Richmond, VA | US Ghost Adventures

The Chesapeake and Ohio Railway connected the rust belt during its glory days in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries. It brought prosperity and jobs all around the eastern United States, and this rail line was a godsend for the people of Virginia.

But on one October day, long ago, a terrible tragedy befell the Church Hill Tunnel line…

Not all is as it seems in Richmond, Virginia. Experience the haunted history of this colonial town on a ghost tour with US Ghost Adventures.

Working Six Feet Under

The tunnel was completed in 1873, but not without its fair share of difficulty. Unlike most solid bedrock tunnels in Virginia, the Church Hill tunnel went through blue marl clay.

This stone disintegrates in water and expands and contracts with the changing seasons. As the calloused hands of the workers tore through the earth, there were several cave-ins — killing at least nine men. 

These troubles during construction forbade a grim future.

A House Built on Sand

It was almost expected that frigid early morning on October 2nd, 1925. The whole history of the tunnel was leading up to this moment.

During routine repairs meant to keep the Church Hill tunnel safe, there was a massive cave-in. More than 150ft of tunnel blocked in hundreds of terrified workers. 

Most of the men crawled underneath a train until they escaped out of the East exit. But not all were so lucky.

At least six laborers were confirmed dead, with their bodies pulled out of the mangled wreckage. But each rescue attempt caused more of the tunnel to collapse, preventing any more lives from being saved.

They never recovered the bodies of Richard Lewis and a man known only as H. Smith. Their bones remain stuck in the tunnel to this day, cemented in their final moments of horror. Their spirits are said to be spending eternity in limbo, never to move on without a proper burial.

Hiding the Past

Today, this tragic episode gets brushed under the rug. Only the Richmond locals carry on the story. Perhaps they want to discourage nosy outsiders from agitating those who never left this mortal plane.

The railway permanently sealed most of the entrances. But some still lay open, overgrown in a dense urban forest. 

Should you seek to visit this site, always go with a group. Those who travel alone may encounter the strange and unexpected. If the entrances are boarded up, why then do visitors hear a knocking coming from the inside

On a US Ghost Adventure Tour, you’ll get up close and personal with this essential tale of Richmond history. 

Remember to hold your breath—you may get more than you bargained for on this journey.

Haunted Richmond, VA

This town’s colonial charm hides a bloody past. Experience the Revolutionary Spirit (and maybe a few other spirits) on a US Ghost Adventures tour of Richmond

We promise spooky stories, horrifying history, and terrifying tales. Won’t you join us on our journey into the unknown?

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