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Welcome To Reno's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Opulent casinos and neon lights do little to hide the darker side of Reno’s past.  Meet the ghosts of Reno birthed from tragic crimes, unsolved mysteries, and real-life horror.

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Join Reno Ghosts for unflinching revelations detailing the city’s most infamous and unexplained hauntings. This terrifying ghost tour of Reno will dive deep into the city’s sordid secrets, strange deaths, and unexplained tragedies that continue to haunt the Biggest Little City in the World.

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Reno Ghosts

Tour meets at 320 Flint St. Reno NV 89501
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Reno Ghosts | Lake Mansion | Reno, NV
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Reno

Welcome to Reno Ghosts

Uncover the original sins of this unusual town where famous spirits and ominous apparitions roam the scarred streets, tormenting anyone in their wake.


The Gold Rush Brings Settlers—and Spirits—to Reno


A western metropolis known for gangsters, slot machines, and flashy displays of wealth, Reno is a place that boasts blatant debauchery while harboring an even darker past. Gunfights, prostitution, and countless murders left their mark on the city, and have continued to manifest and morph into something more disturbing and otherworldly.


Aptly known as the Silver State, settlers came to Nevada in droves in search of precious metals, from gold to silver, to copper. With lofty dreams of making a fast fortune, these individuals underestimated the pain, bloodshed, and death they were about to face when they began constructing what’s known as modern-day Reno. These miners inadvertently created a legacy of greed and violence – one that continues to haunt the city of Reno to this day. 


Discover the hidden, harrowing truths of this peculiar town, and get ready to bear witness to the appalling, the scandalous, and the mythical. Welcome to Reno, where the past crimes of pimps, outlaws, and gamblers have left an impenetrable stain on the fabric of this disturbing city and continue to live in the present.


What will I see?


A Cursed History Plagued by Tragedy and Heartbreak


The depravity that keeps this fast-paced city running pales in comparison to the mayhem, chaos, and agony that reverberate throughout the streets of this irreverent area of the world. Venture to one of Reno’s most troubling sites, the former Mapes Hotel. A true symbol of grandeur, the Mapes Hotel was built on a site that took many forms, previously the old post office but originally, an ancient Native burial ground. This construction would teach a very disturbing lesson in the perils of disturbing sacred grounds.


Hear spine-tingling accounts of its famous hauntings, including those of Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable, and Montgomery Clift. It’s believed during the filming of The Misfits, the angry spirits of those whose final resting place was repeatedly disturbed cursed the film and some associated with it. The fates of the three famous actors would be sealed with Clark Gable’s being the first, passing just days after filming wrapped.     


Marilyn Monroe would meet her end one year later, and her spirit makes frequent visits to the hotel, often seen roaming the sixth floor where the movie was filmed. Of course, she’s not the only famous figure associated with the Mapes. Uncover the intriguing mystery of D.B. Cooper and how his story is directly tied to the Mapes Hotel. 


The Outcasts Turn Otherworldly


Behind the glimmering facade of “America’s Biggest Little City” lies the remnants of a gruesome and grossly disturbing past. The rise of Reno was not without tragedy as injustices committed against immigrants resulted in the rise of crime, prostitution, drug use, and death – all of which continue to haunt the areas formerly known as Chinatown and the Red Light District.


Discover present-day Lake and East 1st Streets where those who were ostracized from the community were forced to establish their own section of Reno known then as Chinatown and the Red Light District. Though the Chinese were shunned from the rest of the city, their community offered sought-after services such as nourishment from their cuisine and laundry services as well as some from the darkest desires of the wicked. Heinous acts and merciless murders would give the area a reputation for being a grimy and unholy part of town – a reputation that precedes it to this day.


Otherworldly activity is predominant in the area with reports of faces being spotted in windows, strange smells of noodle soup in the air, mysterious “hot spots”, and disembodied screams of horror being the most common. Could it be the opium dealers, prostitutes, gangsters, and brothel-goers who once bloodied these streets? Find out with Reno Ghosts.




Why Reno’s Disturbed Past Continues to be Resurrected


For its size, Reno has a very complicated history that goes far back thanks to vengeful spirits from its past. From the Native Americans that once occupied this land, to the rush of overeager gold miners, thousands of souls have come and gone throughout the centuries. And with this came conflict—a conflict that would oftentimes prove to be deadly. 


For years, cowboys and ranchers were a common sight in Reno, where they would stop to bathe, rest up, and grab a strong drink in between jobs. Because of this, gunfights and outlaws stirred up trouble around town. In the midst of these senseless murders, the law attempted to take control, leading to one extreme incident: the city’s one and only lynching. 


Visit the Virginia Street Bridge where it’s said that the angered spirit of the condemned man still wanders the site where he was hanged all those years ago, searching for vengeance on those who delivered him to meet his grisly end. Hear the terrifying tales of what happens when the man is summoned and what can happen to you if you dare do the same. 


Shining Lights and The Darkness Behind Them


Don’t be fooled by the shining lights of Reno’s famous 24-hour casinos. The victims of this decadent era in Reno’s history continue to haunt the halls of casinos, bars, and hotels, perhaps trapped inside of the opulent prisons of their own making.


Uncover the Riverside Hotel, the site where Reno was established, and has seen multiple owners throughout the years, some more nefarious than others. Learn more about the infamous Myron Lake who not only owned the primitive hotel but would ultimately die in the building. Strange events have occurred in the building ever since, not to mention the decades of misfortune that befell each owner from robberies to unexplained fires and even financial ruin.


Though the building is now home to local artists the space can hardly be claimed as their own as the long-dead residents of the past continue to reside in their former residences. Hear the horrific tale of George Wingfield, one of the richest men in Nevada who allegedly killed the mother of his child and the child itself in the building, and whose spirit has been condemned to wander the hotel with the souls of the innocent he ruthlessly murdered.




See a Different, Darker Side of this Historic Destination


It’s no surprise that a place as unpredictable and undefeated as Reno has a history that reads like a horror film. Though the city has torn down countless buildings that once served as gateways for prostitution, drugs, and other illicit behaviors, Reno will never be able to shake its sordid past.


Follow Reno Ghosts and journey into the shadowy alleyways of the formerly-known Lovers Lane, where thieves, gamblers, and ladies of the night would collide in a shameless parade of sex, money, and drugs. Learn about the restless spirits that roam these empty concrete corridors at night, and witness the horrific consequences of the deadly shootings, robberies, and fights that have left this place cursed by the sheer magnitude of human malevolence that took place here in the early days of Reno’s history. The memories you make will follow you far beyond your trip to Reno and into the grave and perhaps, even beyond.


A Unique and Unforgettable Adventure That Will Leave You Spooked


Join us for a nonstop, once-in-a-lifetime adventure through the terrifying, the opulent, and the mystic. This city is a strange hub of violence and mystery, so much of which is void of all logic and explanation. One such example is the seemingly inconspicuous Roy Frisch House, a building that has been at the heart of an unsolved disappearance for nearly 100 years. 


Learn about the bone-chilling theories behind the strange case of its owner, Roy Frisch, who many speculate was forced to skip town, suffered from a strange case of amnesia, or worse, was brutally killed. Many followers of the case believe Roy was murdered and his body was viciously thrown into a mine shaft, or that mobsters were paid to have him slaughtered, weighed down, and dumped in Lake Tahoe. Some even believe that at night, Roy’s spirit can be heard, slowly prodding up the front stairs, returning home at last.


Join a Growing Ghostly Community


Whether you’re a lifelong fanatic or new to the concept, the ghostly community has a little something to offer everyone. Here, you’ll find eclectic, creative minds who all share a love for the macabre, the dark, the mysterious, and the supernatural. And for paranormal fanatics, Reno is something akin to a haven for endless ghost stories, local legends, and terrifying tales.

We invite you to take a stroll with us through downtown Reno, where you can witness a side of town that has been erased, for fear that it might be too disturbing for the average visitor. There’s an eerie malfeasance to this city that has stuck since the day settlers arrived in the west, after decades of mining-related deaths, shootouts, senseless crime, and disease. Experience a side of Reno that can only be unveiled at night, when the spirits of the city’s past arise from their earthly graves.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 reasons to book your Reno Ghosts tour right now!


1) You’re sick of binge-watching ghost-hunting shows


As relaxing as it can be to kick your feet up, turn on Netflix, and binge-watch the newest season of your favorite ghost-hunting show, nothing comes close to actually seeing haunted locations in person. Drop the TV remote and follow Reno Ghosts on a walking tour of downtown, where you’ll get to stop by some of the most haunted sites the West has to offer. Feel the goosebumps start to rise when learning about the Levy Mansion, where the ghost of a female burn victim is said to haunt the basement, or the site of the old Mapes Hotel, where a man jumped to his untimely death from the rooftop. Reno is a city full of mystery, murder, and despair—things you can’t quite feel through a TV screen.


2) You want to experience a different side of Reno


If you’ve already paid a visit to Reno’s many museums, and parks, and even snapped a picture beneath the Reno arch, chances are you’re looking for something new and exciting to do during your trip to America’s Biggest Little City. Travel like a local and hear authentic, bone-chilling accounts of Reno’s haunted history with a tour from Reno Ghosts. Encounter the spirits of Reno’s past when stopping at places such as the Underground Theater, where all is not as it seems. You might have enjoyed a musical or stage show here during your time in Reno, but this legendary venue is also known for housing a ghost named Gus, who’s been said to move around empty seats in the shadows and whisper into the ears of unsuspecting performers. You and your travel companions may have thought that you’ve already seen everything Reno has to offer, but prepare to be surprised—and maybe even spooked.


3) You’re a looking who wants to learn more about your hometown


Whether you’re a Reno native or a recent transplant, odds are that you think you know everything about the city you call home. But what do you know about Reno’s dark underbelly and its famous ghostly inhabitants? 


4) You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about the dark side of Reno


You know all about the infamous gold and silver camps, the Transcontinental Railroad, and the forging of the California Trail. But what do you know about Reno’s secret, sinister past? Follow us on a hair-raising stroll around downtown Reno, and hear the long-buried legends and horrifying tales that have laid the foundation of this town for centuries. Learn about the real-life atrocities that have taken place in these bloodstained streets, from the still-unsolved murder of an innocent head bank cashier to the nauseating murder of a mother and her baby inside the opulent Gosford Hotel. Expand your knowledge of this eclectic western town, and learn something new—because this side of Reno’s history isn’t exactly taught in history books.


5) You’ve already hit the slot machines


What’s a trip to Reno without a stop at one of the city’s many famous casinos? But after gambling the day away, consider ditching the slot machines and embarking on a terrifying walking tour with Reno Ghosts. Stop by haunted locales such as the former sites of the city’s Red Light District, and learn about the local legends, strange sensations, and eerie noises that surround what used to be Reno’s Chinatown neighborhood. Roll the dice on a different kind of experience for an adrenaline rush just as extreme as winning the jackpot —this is one bet you’ll be glad you took.


6) You and your friends want to explore Reno at night


After the sun sets, spirits awake. There’s no denying that Reno is a late-night town, but there’s more than meets the eye than clubs, bars, and flashy 24-hour casinos. Join Reno Ghosts and set out on a spine-tingling adventure across town, where you’ll come face-to-face with otherworldly entities that only show their faces after the sun sets. Experience a different side of Reno’s famous nightlife, and prepare to get your blood pumping on a chilling journey you’re sure to never forget.

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