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Heck-Andrews House

Located near the Executive Mansion, the Heck-Andrews House only adds to the body count of ghosts on historic North Blount Street in Raleigh, NC. Industrialist Jonathan Heck built the house as a gift for his wife, though his wife had bought the land on which it was built. 

Heck had made a great deal of money during the war as an arms dealer for the Confederate Army and, through real estate dealings, grew his fortune to even greater heights.


Quick Facts

  • Heck, a Union prisoner was paroled for a time. He was returned to the South but promptly rejoined the Confederate cause.
  • It set a precedent for the grandeur of houses that would define an exclusive high-class area for wealthy residents.
  • It retains its original interior, one of the few remaining houses of its kind in the area.


The home remained with the Heck family until 1921, when it was bought by A.B. Andrews Jr, a Raleigh lawyer who grew up across the street. Sadly, the beautiful structure went into a period of neglect and decline until the state government forcefully acquired it.

And here we come to the sad story of Gladys Perry, the house’s last resident, also known as the “Ghost of Blount Street.”


The Sad Ballad of Glady Perry


Gladys Perry, the last resident, lived alone in the house at 309 North Blount Street. Although, in her youth, she was described as a vivacious, outgoing, and social young woman, she never married any of her suitors. As she grew older, Gladys retreated into her isolation, further and further from humanity and sanity. 

People in the neighborhood often saw her wandering the streets and scavenging through trash for usable items. As the years passed, she appeared increasingly crazier, often wearing ratty clothes, a frightful wig, and thick white face makeup in an attempt to make the locals think she might be a ghost.

In the late 1970s, the State of North Carolina bought up the properties in the area to renovate it and use the buildings for state offices. By the mid-1980s, The Heck-Andrews House was the sole privately owned building, as Grace refused to sell her share of the house. 

Thus began a long legal battle that would culminate in the state taking the house and placing Gladys in an apartment in Raleigh in 1987, where she died a few years later.

What workers found when they entered the house was a hoarder’s paradise. Items Gladys had scavenged or otherwise acquired had been stacked into a literal labyrinth of furniture, walls of newspapers, books, toys, kitchen wares, and items of all descriptions. 

A video shot just after the state took possession of the house is a surreal tour through an over-crowded and twisted wonderland. When the State of North Carolina took possession of the house, they threw everything in it away. But one important fixture of the home remained.

A House Reborn & The Story Ends…?


After claiming the house, North Carolina poured $1.2 million into cleaning and restoring the building’s exterior but lacked further funds to renovate the interior. The building’s condition continued to decline, dangerously close to being condemned and torn down. 

The building received a new lease on life in 2016, and it appears so did Gladys, so to speak. Witnesses have claimed to see her walking Blount Street at night, looking every bit the ghost that she tried to disguise herself as in her later years. 

There have also been ghost sightings within the house, and several workers reported finding spots in the house that were eerily cold, even in the North Carolina summer. Psychics and shamans have visited the home, taking with them weeks of nightmares so terrifying they never returned.

The state may have evicted Gladys from her home while she was alive, but it seems she maintains her “Lady of The House” status in the afterlife.


Haunted Raliegh


You can see this gorgeous example of Victorian architecture and other ghostly haunts throughout this historic area with the Raleigh Ghosts

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