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Welcome To Raleigh's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Lost colonies and lost battles still torment North Carolina’s capital city. Descend deep into the darkness to unveil the darker side of Raleigh.

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Join a Raleigh ghost tour to discover the lost colony of Sir Water Raleigh and why some of the Civil War’s bloodiest battles are just a few of the reasons this city is one of the most haunted spots in the south.

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Raleigh Ghosts

Tours Meet at The State Capitol at 1 E Morgan St, Raleigh, NC at the benches in front of the building, near the statue.
Tours are 1-hour long across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the extended bonus tour!
Tours are held nightly at 8pm
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
There is free parking across from all four corners of Union Square at the State Capitol Building.

Meet Us Here

Front of the North Carolina State Capitol Building in Raleigh, NC. Meeting location of Raleigh Ghosts.
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Raleigh

Welcome to Raleigh Ghosts

Join Raleigh Ghosts to reveal the hauntings that make this east coast tech corridor and research triangle more closely resemble The Bermuda Triangle.


Bone-chilling Battle Cries and Civil War Disaster


From ghostly drinking buddies to a vengeful governor, North Carolina’s capital city has plenty of haunted secrets waiting to be heard. Raleigh is a one-stop shop for visitors who crave vibrant culture and a good time, but for those who seek a more sinister nightlife hiding in the shadows of Oak City don’t have to look far to reveal a frightening underbelly with roots tracing back to the Revolutionary War.


Chock-full with years of a composite and gruesome history, Raleigh is one of the oldest and most haunted cities in the US. From ghosts of Civil War veterans to dirty politicians, the action that once grazed these streets may appear subdued until the grisly truth of this war-torn city becomes evident the deeper you go.


Take a ghost tour with Raleigh Ghosts and hear authentic accounts of the city’s most prolific ghosts and hauntings to discover historical evidence behind its most notorious locations, also known to be sites brimming with ghostly activity and unexplained encounters.


With underground tunnels that provided an escape route in the Civil War, the State Capitol building holds an incredibly dark history that you will soon uncover. Rolling barrels can still be heard bouncing along the old city streets, echoes of past politicians smuggling in whiskey at all hours of the night. Chills will run down your spine keeping your eyes as wide as they’ll go when you see the glimmer of brass buttons from Confederate jackets still shimmering in the windows as sharpshooters still take refuge from a battle long past.



Why is Raleigh So Haunted?


Caught up in political unrest during antebellum years and heated debates about whether North Carolina should secede from the union, the people of Raleigh had some things to settle. The state was even nicknamed “The Old North State” because of its split sentiments before eventually seceding from the Union.  Brothers stared each other down on opposite sides of the battlefield, uncles were ordered to shoot at their nephews, and families were torn apart just as violently as the state itself. After centuries of bloodshed, epidemics, and fatal deaths in almost every scenarios imaginable, the land became populated by more than just the living as the dead returned to haunt and dwell in this beautiful City of Oaks.


Raleigh Ghosts lays it all bare with true stories on this authentic yet terrifying ghost tou. Hear tale after tale of tragedy that gave birth to the ghosts of Raleigh, from a young joyous girl with her whole life ahead of her… who suffered a tragic, fatal accident to a crochety old woman whose cries still echo of her loneliness. The locals of the city are no strangers to activity beyond the grave that continues to reach out to them each and every night.



Dark Secrets and Darker Deaths


North Carolina was the last state to secede from the union, and the citizens of the Tarheel State had plenty of opinions about it. As the state’s capital, Raleigh was the epicenter for not only opinions, but emotions surrounding the decisions regarding the Civil War. From troops passing through our streets, to the death of soldiers, the city saw quite a bit of unrest before, after, and during the war.


From union troops hiding out downtown to the smuggling of liquor under hidden underground tunnels during prohibition, Raleigh has had its fair share of sordid stories. We will explore the reason for politicians choosing Raleigh as the capital of the state and the story behind the legendary “Cherry Bounce” cocktail that played a role in that decision.


While most people enjoy the pastime of watching sports together, in the 1800s, the “sport” that drew the biggest crowd of spectators occurred right downtown Raleigh in Moore Square. That sport was none other than a good old-fashioned public execution. On Fridays, in the British Tradition, hangings would occur, drawing crowds of up to 30,000. With that many people viewing your death, you just might have some unfinished business to deal with in the afterlife.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons Why You Have To Take This Tour


You want to experience a ghost sighting!


If you’ve always wanted to be part of a ghost-hunting team, now’s your chance! Whether you’re a certified ghostbuster or a curious skeptic, you’ll leave our tour with all of the most bone-chilling and recent evidence of paranormal activity in Raleigh. Of course, we can’t guarantee that the spirits will choose to interact with us, but we’ve had guests spot oddities while reviewing their tour photos, so make sure to bring a camera!



You want to learn more about Raleigh!


Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Oak City, or just passing through on vacation, a Ghost tour is the perfect way to learn about Raleigh’s unique history. Intertwined with fascinating, true stories, this tour shines light on a history that you may not find in history books. Looking for a way to learn local history without boring yourself to the grave? You’ll come for the ghosts and stay for the secrets, mysteries, and murders strewn throughout Raleigh’s history.


You’re looking for a cool nighttime activity!


If you’ve hit up all the best restaurants and bars Raleigh has to offer, you’re probably ready for something different. Something adventurous. Maybe something even spooky. This tour is the perfect evening activity to do with friends that will send chills down your spine, and not just because the sun went to sleep. This experience beats other tours in the fact it won’t disrupt your daytime plans, but will give you an encounter you will never forget.


You want an unforgettable party, work event, or family outing!


Raleigh Ghosts offers customizable group tours to anyone looking for the perfect way to bond with family, friends, or coworkers! From kids’ birthday parties to professional team-building, we’ll work with you to tailor the tour to your specific needs. Do you want to focus on a certain era of history or spot in town? Is there a true crime lover in the group who wants to hear all of the grizzly details of Raleigh’s most famous crimes? Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll craft an unforgettable experience they’re sure to remember!


You don’t like conventional tours!


We get it. No one wants to trudge from stop to stop listening to a guide rattle off the same boring script they’ve recited dozens of times. That’s why we’ve crafted an engaging, interesting, and downright thrilling experience that’s different for every group! We’ve chosen unique, off-the-beaten-path locations with stories that even some of the locals don’t know — or maybe wish they didn’t know. Combine that with the fact that we visit the most paranormally-active spots in the area and you’re in for a very unconventional experience indeed!

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