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Welcome To Providence's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Are you ready to uncover the hauntings of Rhode Island’s historic capital on a ghost tour of Providence? Prepare to unveil the sinister side of this forsaken colonial settlement. 

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Join a Providence ghost tour to learn the shocking reasons why the ghosts of legendary authors of the macabre, politicians, conspirators, and Revolutionary War soldiers continue to haunt the historic streets of Rhode Island’s capital to this day. 

Ghosts of Providence Tour

All tours meet at Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial Park at: Memorial Park, S Main St, Providence, RI 02903
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours meet nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
Please visit for the best parking information.

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The Haunted Rhode Island Holocaust Museum Park in Providence, Rhode Island, meeting location for the Ghosts of Providence tour.
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Welcome to Ghosts of Providence

The Deadly Legacies of Providence’s Most Infamous People and Most Haunted Locations

What once began as a place of “Hope”, the motto for the state of Rhode Island, the Providence Plantations that were founded as an escape from religious persecution from the Massachusetts Bay Colony eventually transformed into a magnet for otherworldly visitors, unbelievable hauntings, and countless accounts of unexplained activity.  So intense was this ominous pull that it also attracted some of the world’s most notorious writers, destined for fame due to their obsession with the morbid and the macabre…and doomed to torment by their fascination with all things horror.

Dive into this disturbingly sinister side of Providence’s history, and find out why former residents such as Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, and H.P. Lovecraft found inspiration for their grisly tales in the city’s tormented streets. Journey deep into the dark streets of the colonial city and if you can observe the ghosts of departed Revolutionary War era soldiers at Brown College’s University Hall, and come face-to-face with the terrifying hauntings that Providence locals have reported for hundreds of years.

What will I see?

The Dark Side of a Colonial City With a Forsaken History and a Terrifying Future

Providence is home to several haunted sites that provide a nail-biting look into the city’s gruesome history, such as the Dexter House at the Rhode Island School of Art and Design. Before it was used as a dormitory, the building once acted as a morgue in the 1700s…leading to frequent reports of ominous encounters with the phantoms of long-dead corpses. 

Today, students struggle to explain the menacing, spine-tingling energy that can be felt around the home’s many halls…perhaps, due to the lost souls that continue to haunt the building centuries after meeting their grim fate in the morgue. Residents talk of hearing chilling, disembodied whispers, or even, in some cases, have reported feeling the edges of their beds sink…as if someone was sitting just at their feet in the dead of night, watching them in silence.

Discover the unsettling truths of one of America’s oldest cities, teeming with a horrific history and past so disturbing, it’s attracted the restless spirits of the dead for centuries.

Tragic Suicides, Fatal Accidents, and Unexplained Mysteries 

Beneath the streets of Providence lies a gruesome web of deaths, horrific accidents, and dark truths, all thanks to the city’s violent and tragic history. Unveil the very real hauntings that occur around the city to this day on a night-time trek with Providence Ghosts, and uncover the chilling enigmas behind strange cases such as the deadly construction of the City Hall, in which a dozen workers horrifically lost their lives building the ornate, five-story building.

Hear the grim details of the sordid suicide that occured at Providence’s Fleur de lys Studio, in which artist Angela O’Leary took her own life by gas poisoning in the early 1900s. Today, her ghastly apparition can still be seen lurking around the building…with the young woman’s ghost having allegedly left handprints in the sawdust during renovations in recent years. Tragedy is stitched into the fabric of Rhode Island’s capital city, making it an especially active location for countless, bone-chilling hauntings that continue to wreak havoc years after the first whispers and reports of unexplained phenomena.

Uncover Providence’s Tortured Past and Tormented Present

Travel back in time on a Providence ghost tour and hear the sinful details of this historic city’s strong links with darkness, including the countless, tragic murders, grisly suicides, and inexplicable mysteries…all of which have left a gruesome stain on Providence’s legacy. Stop by the infamous Turk’s Head Building, which has long been rumored to be the gathering site of a mysterious secret society. With Satanism, underground organizations, and chilling legends of other strange, horrific creatures all being a part of Providence’s deadly past, it’s no surprise that the city is riddled with ghost stories that are sure to haunt you during your trip to Rhode Island…and continue long after you’ve returned home.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Providence

6 Reasons to Book the a Ghosts of Providence Tour Right Now!

1: You’re a die-hard fan of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe

Prominent horror novelists and masters of the macabre — Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft — both lived in Providence at one point in their lives, making this New England port city the perfect destination for lovers of literature. But why not see the chilling sites that inspired these authors to write such dark tales? Follow us on a curated one-hour tour around Providence and stop by haunted locations including the notorious “Shunned House” that influenced these authors to write stories such as “Tell Tale Heart” and “The Outsider,” which continue to spook readers to this day.

2: You want to experience a different side of Providence after the sun goes down

If you’re not ready to call it a night, consider joining Ghosts of Providence for a nighttime tour around the city. You might even come face-to-face with its more nocturnal residents, who are particularly active after the sun sets. Apparitions of 1920s era flappers, the flying bodies of disheartened suicide victims, and even the ghastly spirit of Egar Allen Poe have frequently been sighted around the city during the nighttime, sometimes appearing to anyone who happens to pass by…much to their horror.

3: You’re a history buff who wants to learn more about Rhode Island’s haunted capital

You might be able to flex your knowledge about things like Providence’s role in the Revolutionary War, its well-known leaders and politicians, and its roots as a manufacturing hub, but what do you know about the dark truths that lurk in every nook and cranny of this old city? Join us and hear the chilling, real-life tragedies behind places such as the Providence River, where countless, poorer-class citizens lost their lives after drowning in the waterway between Westminster Street and College Street. Impress your friends back home with lesser-known stories about Providence’s former residents, and learn about a more disturbing, but equally as crucial part of the city’s sordid past.

4: You and your friends want a spooky outing to remember

Whether you’re looking to learn more about Providence’s sinister history, want to give your travel companions a fright, or just want to get the adrenaline pumping, a tour with Providence Ghosts is bound to send shivers down your spine. Immerse yourself in the city’s horrific history when stopping at destinations such as the Biltmore Hotel, where the long-dead spirit of an unknown financier jumped from the fourteenth floor of the building following the infamous 1929 stock market crash. Rumor has it that the Biltmore Hotel also shares strong links to Satanism…though it’s often not disclosed for fear of scaring guests.

5: You’re tired of the typical Providence tours

You’ve already checked out Providence’s many art museums, scenic parks, and top-rated restaurants. But there’s more to Rhode Island’s capital city than meets the eye. Get your blood pumping with a tour from Providence Ghosts and learn about the disturbing truth that lies beneath the city’s charming streets, which is widely considered to be too gruesome for the average visitor. Travel like a local and immerse yourself in the chilling, haunted history of Rhode Island’s capital city — something that can’t be ignored when exploring this famously haunted area.

6: You want to explore Providence’s unique culture and learn the local lore

Providence is a town brimming with a one-of-a-kind history, with spine-tingling stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. If you want to travel like a local, consider making a tour with Ghosts of Providence a must-do on your to-do list, and learn about the chilling side of Providence that residents have experienced for years. Skip the gift shops (for now) and instead, take home the sinister tales of Providence’s legendary hauntings…and perhaps even experience one for yourself.

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