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UNCOVER VOICES OF THE UNSEEN Lurking in the auditory shadows of radio static lie well-documented yet mysterious, disembodied voices undetectable to the human ear. Known as Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP), researchers believe these sounds may be spirits communicating from another realm.  Sinister Speaker, a type of “spirit box,” swiftly scans radio frequencies with a fixed channel producing constant white noise. Researchers suggest spirits can manipulate audio within these frequencies for messages and two-way communication. Features a built-in mic, headphone line-in, and Bluetooth connectivity. Light and highly portable, Sinister Speaker functions as a stylish Bluetooth speaker or traditional radio when not scanning for ghostly sounds.

TECHNICAL DETAILS Sinister Speaker offers four different millisecond sweep speeds for a thorough scan between frequencies: 87.5-108 MHz on FM, 522-1710 KHz on AM, and 3200-22000 KHz on shortwave radio. Capture recordings via TF/SD up to 4GB and unlimited USB 2.0 storage.  No batteries – recharge with a standard Type C cable for up to 4 hours of continuous use. Backlit menu ensures ease of use in dark spaces.