Lena’s Lullaby


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Invented in the 18th century by a Swiss watchmaker, music boxes, or carillons à musique, used miniaturized church bell chime mechanisms fit into ornate boxes. Our Edwardian-era homage features intricate detailing and a traditional wheel-style music player, updated with LED lights and a sensitive front motion detector. Lena’s Lullaby is designed to serve as a “trigger device” in ghost hunting but can be manually spun by winding.

How to Use:

·       Set the music box in a still area. Turn on.
·       If the dancer twirls and music plays, it could be the influence of unseen forces.

Assembly and Technical Specs:
Place the hand over the music wheel, then screw the dancer into the threaded fitting. Charging time: 4 to 6 hours. Operating time on single charge: 20 hours. Lifetime expectancy: 8 years

One-Year Limited Warranty
This limited warranty covers the device’s circuit board against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty applies under normal use and excludes damage caused by human error, misuse, accidents (such as falls) or unauthorized tampering.

Ghost Hunter Certified
Lena’s Lullaby, like all Ghost Daddy products, undergoes rigorous testing at iconic haunted sites including the Lizzie Borden and Villisca Axe Murder Houses. Trust Ghost Daddy for reliable, durable, and user-friendly ghost hunting gear.