Aztec Death Whistle


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Deep in the heart of Mexico City stand ruins of the Aztecs, including temples where humans were sacrificed to their gods. In 1999, archeologists unearthed a mystery in the shrine to Ehecatl, the wind god. The hands of a 500-year-old skeleton of a beheaded young man clutched ceramic whistles bearing the menacing skull of the underworld god, Mictlantecuhtli. The first researchers to play them were astonished by the “ghastly shrieks,” and the eerie, otherworldly wind sounds they created, thanks to clever acoustic devices inside.

What was their purpose? No one knows.

Some historians believe warriors used them along with their famously ominous drumming to unnerve enemies in battle. In Aztec myth, the wind carried the dead to the afterlife, so perhaps those facing their demise believed the sounds sped up this journey. If so, the young man who died likely sounded his own death whistle before losing his head.

We designed ours to replicate that original sound, a haunting blend of human-like screams and echoing winds. Made of high-quality ceramic, this display-worthy piece depicts Mictlantecuhtli in a homage to Aztec aesthetics.

To Use:

It takes some practice to play the whistle properly.

Ensure a tight seal with the lips.

You’ll need to blow forcefully to create a powerful enough air stream through the chamber to trip the mechanism to create the wailing sound.

Be prepared, it will be loud!

Warning! Once you’ve got your technique down, the distinctive screech is uniquely unsettling. Some believe it lures dark spirits.

About this product

Stunning, display-worthy design honoring Aztec aesthetics

Emits haunting blend of bone-chilling screams and eerie wind

Attractive gift-quality ceramic piece made with all non-toxic materials

Excellent choice for Halloween, or self defense