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Welcome To Portland's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Are you ready to encounter the real ghosts of Portland?  Where weird and shocking meets wicked and supernatural, the spirits of the northwest roam Portland’s streets nightly.

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Join an authentic Portland ghost tour of Oregon’s most haunted city to unpack a horrendous archive of death, sadistic acts, and remorseless murderers. Prepare to tread carefully on a path that was once the breeding ground for death and despair from which Portland’s departed can never escape.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

A group of people being entertained in a US Ghost Adventures Ghost Tour

Portland Ghosts: Poltergeists and Psychopaths

Are you ready to encounter the real ghosts of Portland? Where weird and shocking meets wicked and supernatural, the spirits of the northwest roam Portland’s streets nightly.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: In front of the Harlow Hotel at 722 NW Glisan St

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 hr. across 1 mile

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Portland Pub Crawl | Portland, OR | US Ghost Adventures

Portland Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Join us for an immersive evening of fun and fright as we make a toast to Portland's nightlife, and uncover the centuries-old darkness that lies beneath our feet.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: The Benson Hotel at 309 SW Broadway

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 2 hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Outside of Old Town Pizza in Portland

Portland Ultimate Dead of Night Tour

Join an authentic Portland ghost tour of Oregon’s most haunted city to unpack a horrendous archive of death, sadistic acts, and remorseless murderers.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet at Harlow Hotel & Cafe, 722 NW Glisan St Portland, OR, 97209

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: 1 hr. across 1 mile

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!


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Welcome to Portland Ghosts

Welcome to the weirdest city in the West, where the persecuted souls of indentured servants and victims of deadly diseases and afflictions surround all those who venture into their final resting place.


The American Dream With A Nightmare Beginning


At a glance, Portland appears to be a perfect mixture of trendiness and nostalgia with its grasp on evolving industries and preserved historical architecture. What hides in the darkness just beneath the surface of Portland’s well-lit streets are the echoes of centuries of bloodshed and agonizing deaths that leech from the city’s foundations. The devastation these events left behind can be felt in and outside of the city’s most beloved hangouts, such as the parking lot on SW Pine & SW 2nd. 


Repeated supernatural occurrences that plague the area have drawn ghost hunters and supernatural enthusiasts from all over the country.  The very land locals and visitors walk daily on is said to be the original burial site for dozens of Native Americans who were exposed to catastrophic diseases that resulted in countless excruciating deaths. The savage ends these tribes faced were just a precursor to the area’s forsaken future. 


Follow along on a ghost tour with Portland Ghosts to uncover a cursed history overflowing with nefarious and deadly criminal activity that made the entire city of Portland a redlight district teeming with salacious and sinister deeds. From a deadly fire with an unknown origin that raged for days, destroying tens of thousands of buildings and claiming hundreds of tragic victims to an organized criminal network that “shanghai’d” thousands of innocent sailors and workers–Portland is a city full of hauntings that continues to produce chilling episodes of unexplained activity that unsuspecting visitors claim to be eyewitnesses to. 


The calamitous events that have unfolded throughout its shocking history make many people wonder: is Portland cursed and haunted?  The answer most of its residents give is an unequivocal yes.  Join a Portland Ghosts tour to find out just how cursed and haunted the city really is.




Tales of The Merciless and The Unfortunate Innocent


The savagery that birthed the devious side of Portland continued to ravage the city well into the twentieth century. Discover the disturbing origins of the beleaguered Roseland Theater, the infamous music venue that’s seen some of the biggest names in music and some of the area’s most heinous acts. 


Hear the twisted account of the death of 21-year-old publicity agent Timothy Moreau whose desire to do the right thing led to his violent and untimely end. 


The former owner of the Roseland Theater and his former assistant would ultimately be convicted of Timothy’s murder however, it provided little solace as his body was never recovered. Stage lights flickering on and off, equipment crashing to the floor, and items moving on their own are just a few of the unexplained sightings that have led some to believe Timothy is a mainstay of this ill-fated venue.




Why Portland’s Past Won’t Stay Buried


Portland’s popularity can be partially attributed to its plethora of local breweries, drawing beer connoisseurs in from all over the country. But before the days of care-free consumption, there was a time when a simple end-of-the-day pint could be the start of a tormented life with death being the only way out. Embark on a terrifying journey through the time of the Shanghai Tunnels, an infamous piece of history that mercilessly claimed the lives of thousands leaving their tortured spirits to roam the streets of Portland.


The Shanghai Tunnels may sound like a myth but their existence and the carnage that’s forever embedded in the walls are very real, their dark energy engrossing its surroundings. Learn about the poor, unfortunate souls who were drugged and kidnapped from local saloons and sold to ship captains, forcibly spending their days as indentured servants. 


The trafficking of humans was only the beginning as these tunnels served as the mecca for all sorts of felonious deeds including drug use and illicit acts. Conditions underground were unbearable at best resulting in the agonizing deaths of those claimed by their captors. 


Today, the screams and wailing of the tormented can still be heard with some claiming to have been touched by a cold wet hand. The atrocities that befell the Shanghai Tunnels can be felt and sometimes seen throughout the area which led them to be declared as one of the Top Ten Most Haunted Places in America by National Geographic.  


The Diabolical Never Dies


The horrors that immersed the tunnels weren’t limited to the one spot. Visit the menacing Erickson’s Saloon and uncover the disturbing details of the “crimpers’, the devilish captors that shanghaied men from the saloon’s drunk tank and forced them into a doomed existence as a sailor.


The women did not fare any better. Hear about the atrocious acts and conditions they were forced to endure in the upstairs portion of the saloon. Evil ran rampant in Erickson’s Saloon and while it’s since been converted to apartments following an early1900s fire, the malevolence of its past has never left.


Discover the terrifying accounts of encounters with the spirits of the forlorn condemned to this spot for eternity. Some witnesses claim to have seen a morose woman with hollow, darkened eyes while others have seen the unwilling sailors themselves, possibly in search of the life they once knew. 


The Persistence of Evil


Up until the mid-70s, tragic ends were almost a staple of this sullen building. Here, you’ll learn the horrendous accounts of the 1975 fire that ravaged the building killing 11 of its unlucky residents. Decades later the blood-curdling sounds of the unanswered cries can still be heard from inside the building.


Workers that participated in its renovations have reported an eerie presence that had no qualms about brushing up against them. Tools and objects are said to have been tossed in the air by an invisible force. The manifestations know no bounds, and you just may be the next to be confronted by its ominous past. 




Uncover a Side of Portland You Won’t See in Your News Feed


Portland’s former life serves as the dark side of a place full of fun and wonderment, as almost no place is free of the supernatural. Visit the eerie Kell’s Irish Pub, a popular restaurant that appears quaint on the outside but harbors a twisted and grisly secret: Kell’s Cigar Room connects with one of the Shanghai Tunnels.


The unexplained activity experienced by staff and patrons alike is otherworldly, including a sighting of a sinister black cloud and a disembodied face in the mirror, seen by the manager himself. From TVs and music coming on by themselves to furniture being rearranged, join us to uncover the supernatural happenings that dominate some of Portland’s most beloved hot spots.


A Unique Approach to Introducing the Rose City


You might be surprised to discover that some of Portland’s seemingly mainstream operations are home to a slew of supernatural quirks all their own. Discover the unusual tale of HooDoo Antiques’ extraordinary portrait that comes to life via the apparition of the woman it was created for. Sightings of the woman range from witnessing her spirit floating across the room to seeing her image in the storefront’s glass. Be sure to check your photos after this one.


Visit Electric Lettuce, the former pharmacy turned dispensary that has proof of its unexplained activity on surveillance. Countless clips show what most can’t believe however, there’s nothing like an eyewitness account such as that from a security guard that heard a conversation from an invisible source, only to discover footage of two apparitions standing together.


He promptly quit and never returned. These stories and more offer a unique albeit spine-chilling perspective to this vibrant and lively city. You’ve experienced the side of Portland that both attracts visitors and retains locals, now experience a side that the afterlife can’t leave.


Experience the History of Portland Firsthand


Just like the city itself, there’s a little something for everyone on Portland Ghost Tours. From ghost hunters to history buffs, sightseers, and everyone in between, every minute of this supernatural tour will keep you entranced, captivated by the incredible true tales of a demented time that, for the trapped souls of Portland, has yet to end.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Portland

6 Reasons to book your Portland Ghosts Tour Right Now!


1) You Need to Walk Off Your Time at The Breweries


There is so much that makes Portland a fashionable tourist attraction with its array of locally-owned breweries being one of the tops. The craft beers that these famed breweries produce are reason alone to put Portland on your bucket list of places to visit. But even the biggest beer lover needs a time-out once in a while.


If the breweries are what brought you here but you need a way to burn off your day of sampling, a stroll with Portland Ghost Tours is a great way to do it! What better way to work off some craft beer than with some in-person ghost stories and visits to the locations in which they happened?


2) You’ve Visited Your Fair Share of Portland’s World-Famous Coffee Spots, And You’re Ready to Go!


Being known for its delicious breweries, it comes as no surprise that coffee is another big staple of Portland. Big-name brands are great but nothing compares to homegrown beans ground with love that can only come from a local owner. 


After you’ve had your fill of coffee, burn off the excess energy with a fact-based ghost tour. The caffeine may get you going but the adrenaline rush you’ll experience from true and terrifying stories of the dead is something you won’t find in a coffee shop. And this rush won’t leave you any time soon.


3) You Want to Know What Makes Portland Unique


There’s a reason Portland has been a popular tourist destination for decades. The preserved architecture and local flair have made this city stand out over the years. But there’s more to Portland than just the gorgeous sites.


Underneath the beautiful buildings and local haunts lies a treasure trove of events that sound as though they’re from a movie. In fact, they are all true and are some that you won’t hear anywhere else as they are unique to this location. The city may have a lot to offer, but its past is what created Portland.


4) You Want a Fun Way To Explore Portland


Let’s be honest, Instagram will only get you so far when it comes to deciding where to go and what to see. If you really want a deep dive into the history of Portland and want to discover a few hot spots to add to your tourist list, let Portland Ghost Tours lead the way.


Our expert guides will take you to some well-known areas as well as some underground spots that all include a one-of-a-kind true story and deserve a quick pop-in. The internet is for amateurs. Explore the other side of Portland the way it was meant to be explored – in person.


5) You Love All Things Ghosts


It’s almost hard to believe that a city like Portland can be filled with both residual and malevolent spirits. But its history of crudeness and debauchery left a dark mark on the city and left countless restless souls trapped and doomed to wander the city for eternity. There’s only one place to learn about them, and that’s with Portland Ghost Tours.


6) You Want to Make Sure Your Portland Vacation is a Memorable One


A place like Portland should be taken in from beginning to end. There is so much to see and do on the surface but there’s also an entire undercover world that should be explored. An otherworldly place of mystery and intrigue, where the supernatural command the attention they were denied in life. It doesn’t get much more memorable than that.

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