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Cindy Esser's Floral Shop Ghost Tour

Grab a bouquet but look close — Cindy Esser’s Floral Shop is more than meets the eye. Take a haunted tour of Pittsburgh with US Ghost Adventures today!

Cindy Essler's Floral Shop

What’s your favorite flower? The delicate lily? A confident, tall sunflower? A mysterious and elegant orchid? Maybe just a classic red rose? 

Whatever flower gives you peace of mind, you’ll find it at Cindy Esser’s Floral Shop. For 28 years, they have brought the city of Pittsburgh beautiful arrangements for any occasion. 

But cut flowers wither. Petals will fall. Flies will suck out the sugar. All fades away. The beauty of a flower is in its fleeting nature. The colors and scents light up our lives until we toss them away and forget them. 

There’s more than the floral at Cindy Esser’s Floral Shop. Here you’ll find this florist has more than their fair share of a flower’s dark side.

Finally, Rest

Most of the trouble at Cindy Esser’s comes from phone calls. Mysterious numbers, dead lines, and ghostly voices all regularly ring up the shop. 

Something far more disturbing than a faint voice on the other line happened just a few years ago.  A man named Chris called the shop, looking to have a dozen peace lilies delivered to a local church. The woman at work inquired about the occasion, wanting to tailor the arrangement appropriately. 

She asked if this was an order for a funeral. The man said, “Yes. Mine,” and abruptly hung up. 

Completely shocked, the woman called the church and asked if there was a funeral arrangement for someone by the name of Chris. The church confirmed all the details, leaving the woman in utter shock.

A Very Special Order

Another call occurred several Februarys past that left more questions than answers. A young teenager ordered a dozen roses to send to a local high school teacher on Valentine’s Day. They were for his mother, the science teacher.

The front desk at the shop took all the information, names, credit card info, etc., even a nice note. But a few days after Valentine’s Day, the teacher rushed into Cindy Esser’s, looking pale and afraid, asking who sent those roses. 

The worker explained that all the information came directly from the teacher’s son, but the teacher interrupted — he had been dead for two years.

The teacher was crying, and the woman at the shop tried to explain what she heard or thought she had heard. When they called the number back, it was a disconnected line. The mystery remains unsolved to this day.

Pick Up a Bouquet

Whatever your favorite flower is, pick one up at Cindy Esser’s Floral Shop. Their clientele exists beyond our world. 

If orders are coming in from beyond the grave, that’s the ultimate in customer satisfaction.

Haunted Pittsburgh, PA 

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