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Welcome To Phoenix's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Behind Superstition Mountain sits a city born of mystery and plagued by the angry spirits of outlaws, murderers, and their victims. Hear their horrifying tales on a chilling Phoenix ghost tour.

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Phoenix Ghosts invites you to walk between worlds where the living and the dead frequently collide. The year-round sun sheds light on Phoenix’s darkest secrets, unearthing the sinister spirits and stories that scorch the ears and minds of those brave enough to listen.

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Choose Your Unique Phoenix Experience

Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Phoenix Ghosts: Phantoms, Psychopaths, & Poltergeists Tour

Experience the macabre history Phoenix in person as you walk its haunted streets and hear true stories about its most terrifying events.

Phoenix Ultimate Dead of Night Ghost Tour

This late-night experience is scarier than our other tours. While on this tour you will go to exclusive locations not visited on our standard tour.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Phoenix

Welcome to Phoenix Ghosts

The desert attracts mysterious and unusual paranormal abnormalities. They arise from The Valley Of The Sun every night to shock the living. Spectral beings from another world come face to face with forlorn spirits under the shadow of the Superstition Mountains. Come along to hear the most terrifying ghost stories in all of Arizona. 


Under The Enigmatic Glow Of The Adobe


Phoenix soaks up residual spiritual energy as much as it does the sun, but the intense heat doesn’t keep the spirits from roaming the streets. The tragic past of “The Battery” has mysterious and malignant secrets waiting to reveal themselves to you. 


Bask in the glory of St. Mary’s Basilica, where numerous people report sightings of headless figures in white. Their alluring, glowing bodies have captivated onlookers while sending fear through their hearts. Most go running, will you? 


Hear the bone-chilling tale of one Phoenician’s run-in with these mysterious beings. Uncover the legend that is said to have changed the course of Phoenix’s history forever, and indulge in the theories of their bewildering origin in the beauty of the adobe’s shadow. You’re about to experience a side of Phoenix you never knew existed.


Welcome to Phoenix Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit Phoenix’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • St. Mary’s Basilica– This adobe church was built in 1881 and is the oldest religious building in Phoenix. People have reported seeing two headless women floating outside the old arched doorways since 1893. Some say they are angels, while others aren’t so sure. But they have captivated the city ever since. 


  • The Rosson House- Dedicated to the history of Bird City, The Rosson House in Heritage Square is one of the last remaining Victorian homes in Phoenix. A former caretaker haunts the home, locking doors while unsuspecting visitors remain inside! Many see his smiling face peering out through the upper windows of the Gothic mansion. 

  • Melinda’s Alley- Phoenix’s most famous spirit, Melinda Curtis, protects those wandering through her old alleyway at night. This area was the city’s skidrow district, lined with casinos, brothels, and speakeasies. Learn the disparaging tale of Melinda, a renowned troublemaker and deviant, in this former red-light district. 


Suicides In The Sunset


Sunsets in Arizona bring peace and inspire many searching for a calmer life to seek out this barren wasteland. But the therapeutic effects of the evening sun don’t soothe every tormented soul that wanders under its glow. 


Hear miserable tales of woe that whirl towards the downtown cement from the surrounding highrise buildings like a person bound in freefall. Such a tale exists at Hilton Garden Inn, a building once used as medical offices for the mentally unwell and unstable. 


Stand where mentally ill patient William Thompson landed after jumping an astounding 12 floors to his death. Absorb the blood-soaked thunder created by his spine-tingling pitfall. Hotel staff now frequently encounter this lost soul on his journey to the end. Who else remains in this eternal prison? Find out on a ghost tour with Phoenix Ghosts.


Peering Eyes Inside The Walls


In a time before heating, a designated boiler man kept hotels like the Renaissance Hotel warm. The Coal Man of the former Adams Hotel still does his job here, spying on guests as his crooked boss once directed. Phoenix Ghosts unravels the twisted tale of The Coal Man’s story and dares you to peek behind the tale of this real-life nightmare.


Experience the high heat of the ghostly world in Phoenix, the same heat that burned The Coal Man to death as he climbed through the crawl spaces of the Adams. His untrusting employer happily rebuilt his business after the flames had subsided from the inferno he set, and his traitorous spy was long gone. 


But the two-sided antics of The Coal Man couldn’t be subdued. Reports of eyes peeping through small holes in the hotel room walls almost outnumber the sightings of a man covered in coal and ash in the basement. Is the dark shadow figure in the corner of the Renaissance Hotel a mirage or something more sinister? Find out the terrifying truth with Phoenix Ghosts.


Why is Phoenix so Haunted?


Deadly Deliveries 


Stare into the facade of the unknown on the streets of downtown Phoenix, where each old building harkens back to the lawless days of the untamed West. The old railroads that ran through here sometimes carried packages destined for nowhere and dangerous murderers traveling anywhere. Such was the case in 1931 at the Santa Fe Freight Depot when two bodies were shipped off to California, stuffed inside suitcases. 


Hot and arid heat quickly turned the corpses of Agnes Anne LeRoi and Hedvig Samuelson into putrid mush. But the smell of rotting flesh only travels so far without being noticed. “The Velvet Tigress,” Winnie Ruth Judd, was apprehended in Los Angeles, a tuberculosis patient nearly at her end. Her morbid story began and continues to haunt Phoenix. 


Listen for the sounds of the phantom typewriter in the Santa Fe Freight Depot, the shadowy accomplice lurking behind the scenes of these gruesome murders. The clicks, ringing out late into the night, were enough to send Judd to the asylum for 38 years. 


Death In The Desert


Sit amongst the barren nothingness and see the glimmers of gold strewn across humanity’s violent past. The deceased caretaker of the Rosson House is a shining example of a spirit that means well but morbidly terrorizes the living. When an intruder murdered Kai “Speedy” Skounberg in his Heritage Square Park trailer, he still managed to maintain his life in the old Rosson House. 


This boarding house served as Speedy’s home for two decades and more as his spirit lived on. After it closed, he served it well, acting as a spectral caretaker of the museum for many years. The hearth, unused for years, welcomes many guests with an unseasonably warm home. Heat emanates from the museum’s empty fireplace. Speedy is still keeping the place heated. He still locks up after hours, even if guests are still inside. 


Watch the windows as you walk by. You may see a smiling face peering through the old Victorian blinds after they close. Speedy means well, really, we promise.  


What’s so Special About the Phoenix Ghosts Tour?


See a Darker Side of the Valley of The Sun 


Turn on your sixth sense and hear intriguing ghost stories on one of the most unique things to do in Phoenix. Venture down Melinda’s alley and listen to the trials and tribulations of Melinda Curtis. Standing guard over the living, she is a protectorate against the dastardly deeds that once took place here. 


“The Deuce” was Arizona’s most notorious redlight district. “Dice, Vice, and Jazz” ruled the street while casinos and brothels provided them a home. A level of violence unseen before and ever again swept this forsaken neighborhood. 


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience You’ll Never Forget


Even covered in high-rise buildings and urban sprawl, this unnavigable wasteland can lead the unknowledgeable to certain doom. Let us guide you through the harsh climate of Phoenix’s spectral world. 


The poltergeist of Eliza Teeter is active and thriving in this scorched landscape. She flings shelves across the room with ease. All who enter her home, now a restaurant, flee in terror. Antics range from violent outbursts to harmless pranks, but one thing is clear. She refuses to leave. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Phoenix is known for its golf courses, high heat, and growing population. A city that has always been a beacon in the density of the dry brush. Between tumbleweeds and dust devils lies a community with a tormented past.


Join Phoenix Ghosts on a ghost tour if you are curious about the ongoing otherworldly in Phoenix. Discover the truth behind the unusual sights of Phoenix with others who believe in something more. Book your Phoenix ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want To Beat The Heat


One of the best things to do in Phoenix is to stay cool! Luckily for you and us, we guide people through the unnerving and morbid history of the city at night. While temperatures can remain high in the evening, it still beats getting massacred by the sun all day. Save your energy for the night and join us on a haunted Phoenix tour. 


2) You Are Interested in Haunted Trails


The Superstition Mountains and the trails surrounding The Valley of The Sun hold ghost stories waiting for you to discover. But, before you go out and face the wilderness, hang out with us in the city. Get a basis of what makes the pallid past of Phoenix so bizarre before you hit the haunted trails!


3) You Want To Have Some Family Fun in Phoenix 


Dad’s golfing, Mom’s shopping, the kids are lounging by the pool. But what do you do after the sun goes down? Why not join us after a nice meal at one of the many world-class restaurants in Phoenix or before a night at one of the dozen theatres that call the city home? Our tours are one of the more unique things to do in Phoenix for the whole family!  


4) You Are A Night Owl And A Lizard Person


No, we don’t mean that kind of lizard person. You like dry air and the night sky. Hey, we hear you! Our tours are the perfect way to enjoy the desert at night, one of the most mystical experiences on planet Earth. A ghost tour is one of the best things to do in downtown Phoenix and a great way to soak up the desert air. 


5) You Aren’t Into Golf


The greater Phoenix Metro Area is home to over one hundred golf courses! If that’s not your thing, don’t fret. Join us, your fellow lovable, paranormal weirdos, on a bone-chilling, spine-tingling ghost tour through downtown Phoenix. It’s cheaper than a tee time, educational, and spooky fun for everyone.

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