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Welcome To Pensacola's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Tortured prisoners, Victorian murders, and deadly diseases make up the melting pot of hauntings that plague America’s First Settlement.

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Pensacola Ghosts invites you on a haunted tour of Flag City’s war-torn swamps. Walk along the dark streets of Pensacola and discover the casualties of crime, fever, and homicide that make the Flag City one of the most haunted in Florida.

Pensacola Ghosts

All tours meet at the Saenger Theatre at 118 South Palafox Street, Pensacola, FL
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Outside of the Saenger Theatre in Pensacola
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Pensacola

Welcome to Pensacola Ghosts

Centuries of violent history cast an ominous shadow over the pristine, sandy white beaches that draw eager and unsuspecting crowds to the Gulf Coast resort town. Uncover the disturbing truth of this summer getaway and why the horror of Pensacola’s past can make a ghostly believer out of the most hardened skeptics. 


A Magical World of Mayhem 


Pensacola’s party atmosphere can be seen and felt everywhere, but the intoxicating nightlife can’t drown out the tortured cries from victims of its sordid past. Seville Quarter serves as the poster child for this, doubling as a magical wonderland of activities and a quarter of horrors. 


Pensacola Ghosts takes you to one of North Florida’s first state attractions known for its otherworldly aura. Keep your eyes peeled for the collection of characters reported walking underneath the cast-iron balconies. It’s said that victims of nefarious pirate violence scatter about without any sense of direction and, in some instances, without a head.


Catch the cold breeze created by the ghosts of Pensacola’s first red-light district, and learn more about the departed bartenders, headless heroines, and unruly pirates haunting the street. 

Deadly hints of whiskey floating through the air recall the hardships faced by ladies of the night. Their spirits now flounder about the Seville Quarter, forever searching for salvation from the squalid conditions of an area where anything could happen.


Ghastly and hollow eye-sockets stare through the night from the Seville Quarter, a neighborhood that has been alive for centuries. Don’t look back, though. You may end up joining them for more than just one round. 


Welcome to Pensacola Ghosts. 


What Will I See?


Visit Pensacola’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Saenger Theatre – A theatre targeted by psychics for its otherworldly energy, it has been the site of many massive seances. Ropes fly from the ceiling of the 1925 Saenger Theatre, and lights flutter after showtime, followed by the sounds of phantom footsteps in the corridors and above. 


  • Seville Quarter – The inspiration for Disneyworld’s “Pleasure Island.” Seven rooms of fun where pirates, patrons, and prostitutes mix in the afterlife over a cold drink. Headless spirits and deceased bartenders hang out under the glow of the gas lights and balconies in this haunted building. 


  • Pensacola Children’s Museum – Haunted by Eugenio Arbona, a crazed 19th-century whiskey dealer and murderer who committed suicide after being rejected by his family. Elevators operate on their own here, while icy hands make children run in fear from the second floor. 


Playhouses Of The Dead


The Saenger Theatre opened its doors in 1925 and has since seen a fair share of its own struggles. Paralyzing addictions play out late into the night to an audience of unwary visitors inside this former playhouse turned illicit theater. 


Lift the veil on the projectionists from the theatre’s sordid past, known to maniacally run reels over and over throughout the night and terrorize staff by manipulating the lights. Alcohol and indecency play a large part in life in the humid swamps of the Gulf Coast, the cocktail of choice that ended the life of this phantom theater worker. 


Learn why the Saenger Theatre and Pensacola have been such popular destinations for paranormal investigators and professional psychics, including The “Long Island Medium.” Feel for yourself the massive amounts of nightly spiritual energy that comprises haunted Pensacola on a ghost tour with Pensacola Ghosts! 


Haunted Musems Harboring Murder


Even the most innocent-looking establishments harbor the dark secrets of Pensacola Bay, a body of water whose strategic location has led men to madness and murder. Vicious acts of violence took place inside the Pensacola Children’s Museum years before it became a space for birthdays and field trips. 


Hear the horrors endured by the family of Eugenio Arbona, a man so violent he turned his anger on himself, committing suicide after a heated rejection from his wife and son. The “Mean Man,” who now haunts the museum, forces this terror upon those who encounter him. Elevators operate on their own inside, and many who enter immediately seek a fear-fueled exit. 


Renovations during the 1990s revealed a far more horrible secret hidden in the depths of the Arbona building. Learn more about the dusty past buried beneath the sand on a ghost tour of downtown Pensacola with Pensacola Ghosts.


Why is Pensacola so Haunted?


The Ravaged Souls of Yellow Fever


Being brutally murdered was the least of anyone’s worries during the years when Yellow Fever ran rampant. Hundreds of people died throughout the city’s nineteen recorded outbreaks, and now their spirits populate Pensacola from Museum Plaza to Pensacola Beach. 


Venture with Pensacola Ghosts to the Plaza, where you’ll hear of the horrors of Yellow Fever in excruciating detail. Whole families would perish within weeks in Florida’s old capitol when boats carrying the mosquito-bred disease rolled into town. 


Cemeteries full of these unfortunate souls who died from the disgusting symptoms that followed encircle the city. Putrid pools of dripping dead bodies, now safely underground, once floated about the swamps in deadly numbers. But, one soul at St. Michael’s Cemetery refuses to remain below the waterline, tearing its way to the surface to infect others in a ghastly glow. Open yourself to the unknown in Museum Plaza and unearth Pensacola’s most heartbreaking ghost stories.


Forts Full of Phantom Prisoners and Soldiers 


Revealing stories of spectral prisoners, soldiers, and unexplained oddities await you on a ghost tour with Pensacola Ghosts. Gather around the Holiday Inn Express as we unravel the tale of Geronimo, the last great Native Chief, used as Pensacola’s first tourist attraction. 


He and his tribe were held prisoner at Fort Pickens on the outskirts of town, and many say they never left. Strange voices and apparitions dominate the fort and the surrounding campgrounds, where faceless figures creep out of the woods, and phantom entities have even been known to follow visitors home. 


Beware of what lurks on both sides of the Bay. Over the water at Fort Barrancas, the spirits of Confederate soldiers dart across dark hallways, watching the living from afar with hopes of one day coming face to face with the other side. These terrifying tales and more await with Pensacola Ghosts.


What’s so Special About the Pensacola Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side Of Pensacola’s Military History 


Today, Pensacola is known as the “Cradle of Naval Aviation” and is home to the renowned Blue Angels. But the city’s military history goes further back and isn’t as bright as its prestigious titles. Rumors around Pensacola tell of tombs being tampered with during the Civil War and of souls floating around their disturbed graves. 


But no one was prepared for the bones to move on their own in the house right next door. Experience the shock felt by three college students who discovered the skeletons of three sickly rectors and watch the jaws around you drop at Old Christ Church as Pensacola Ghosts explain how they attended their own funeral. 


A Once in a Lifetime Dive Into Pensacola You’ll Never Forget


Pensacola is brimming with history, some of it darker than others. Get the full story on the city’s tumultuous past with Pensacola Ghosts as we take you to the Plaza Ferdinand, where you’ll learn more about one of the most haunted lighthouses in the United States.  Pensacola Ghosts breaks down the haunted rooms of the keeper’s house, and the spirits wander up and down the spiraling tower that survived two lightning strikes. 


Lean into the lighthouse legend at Plaza Ferdinand among mysterious monoliths that have survived cannon blasts and regime changes. Dancing between them is the ghost of a Spanish woman who refused her city’s change of hands by lodging a dagger in her chest. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Bring the whole family on the #1 ghost tour in Pensacola with Pensacola Ghosts. Join others who share the same excitement around the Pensacola Lighthouse and the mysterious funeral at the Old Christ Church.


The world of the wacky and weird thrives in Florida, and it’s ready to reveal itself on this thrilling ghost tour of Pensacola. Find out about the most bone-chilling stories while sharing laughs and screams with others. Reach out to the dead and bring back spooky stories of the afterlife with you. Book your ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Are Too Sunburnt From The Beach


Travel away from the blinding white sands and glaring sun of Pensacola Beach and take a Pensacola Ghost tour, one of Pensacola’s top things to do. Rub some aloe in your skin and keep cool at night with Pensacola Ghosts.


2) You Realized Your Hotel Is Haunted, And You Want To Know More


Strange noises kept you up throughout the night at the cute, boutique Victorian hotel you booked for your stay. After going and talking to the front desk, you now realize it wasn’t just noisy neighbors. See just how many other hotels are haunted across Downtown Pensacola. 


3) You Want Something Fun To Do With The Kids


Bring family along to discover what makes Pensacola unique in its history and haunts. All oddballs and eccentrics are welcomed as we trek through the haunted past of America’s first settlement. 


4) You Need A New Pensacola Vacation Idea


Going to the beach and visiting the Naval Station got boring quickly, and the Seville Quarter lost its charm on the third visit. If you are a frequent visitor to Pensacola, shake things up on a ghost tour with Pensacola Ghosts. 


5) You Need A Break On Your Roadtip


The roads leading from New Orleans to Miami, Houston to Disneyworld, Mobile to Memphis, and others can be long. Make a pit stop in a premier haunted destination. One of the most haunted cities in Florida, Pensacola, awaits you out on the open road.

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