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Welcome To Pasadena's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Venture into the unknown on a ghost tour with Pasadena Ghosts, where the horrors and haunts of Old Town Pasadena wait with bated breath alongside a hollowed-out Route 66.

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The Wild West beginnings of “Old Pas” echo through the vast swaths of spiritual turbulence that plagues this seemingly docile community. Enter the dark side of the rich and famous through tales of its underground catacombs, enchanted forest, and cruel citizens.

Pasadena Ghosts

All tours meet at Pasadena City Hall at 100 Garfield Ave, Pasadena, CA
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

Meet Us Here

Outside of Pasadena City Hall
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Pasadena

Welcome to Pasadena Ghosts

A great evil disguises itself in The City Of Roses. Portals to other worlds open up under the sunny Southern California sun, consuming victims and leading and condemning them to a cold and well-calculated demise. 


Sinister Kicks on Bloody 66


Energetic and unsuspecting crowds fill Pasadena’s Historic Route 66 during the Tournament of Roses Parade every New Year. Waiting with mouths agape in the troubled waters of the Arroyo Seco, hungry for life, are the vague and unseen victims of California’s suicide epicenter. Hear their morbid stories from one of the most unnerving places in California.


Stretch across American history as Pasadena Ghosts takes you to the edge of “Bloody 66.” Ghostly headlights from those who failed to maneuver its dangerous curves and low visibility are all that remain of the once-fabled route. Their spirits intertwine with the others claimed by the invisible, shadowy, otherworldly forces enveloping Pasadena. 


Find out what lost souls are forever cursed to wander the haunted Colorado State Bridge on a Pasadena ghost tour. All roads in and out of the cursed city are splattered with decades of spiritual residue, dripping from the corpses of harrowing violence and bone-chilling mishaps. And there’s no escape route in sight. 


Welcome to Pasadena Ghosts.


What Will I See?


Visit Pasadena’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Castle Green – An apartment complex known for housing the rich, famous, and eccentric of Los Angeles. The buildings’ many ghosts likely inspired their twisted works, but the truth is still much stranger than their fiction. Tuberculosis victims, anxious children, and an impaled man haunt the bedrooms and balconies of Castle Green. 


  • Pasadena Playhouse – One of the oldest theatres in the state, this 1917 Center for the Arts is still operated by its former owner, nearly seventy years after his death! He remains hard at work in his office, planning the theatre’s next big show. Don’t get caught sleeping on the job, though. It may be your last. 


  • The Bunker Experience – The Pasadena Catacombs have taken many lives, and rumors of an evil presence living underneath the city have circulated through town since the days of the Spanish. Unlucky bank robbers, locked in the catacomb’s labyrinth-like vaults, now haunt The Bunker Experience beneath Old Town’s streets. 


Houses of Health Turned Deadly


From the Whaley House in old-town San Diego to San Jose’s Winchester Mansion, legendary haunted houses line the hills and valleys of the Golden State. But none have lured in so many at such an alarming rate to find a horrible demise as Old Town Pasadena’s Castle Green. 


Bask in the eerie aura of Tim Burton and David Lynch’s one-time home. The macabre filmmakers felt inspired and at peace, surrounded by the dozens of lost souls occupying the building. These sickly individuals once sought a “sunlight cure” for their terminal diagnoses but quickly realized the sad truth of the health resort’s empty promises. 


Keep your eyes focused on the upper floors while Pasadena Ghosts tells you gruesome tales of the unseen voices and angry spirits that met horrific ends. Visitors are now subject to the terrifying sounds of disembodied children’s voices, unsettling bickering from invisible malicious couples, and spooky sightings of the various apparitions who roam alongside them. Learn more about these dejected souls on our chilling ghost tour of Pasadena.


Spirits of California True Crime History


Travel back to a time when society’s morals and standards felt much looser and had little to no consequences, at least for some. Pasadena’s infamously wealthy and well-to-do “Don Juan Dentist” often got away with adultery and just about anything else he could devise for himself. 


Venture to the Pasadena Scottish Rite and prepare to experience chills as you hear details of Dr. Leonard Siever’s horrific, unsolved murders and discover how close you are to where his body was found. Uncover the actions of the playboy extraordinaire that led to his death, many as disturbing as the multitude of bullets left in his body.


Wipe those tears away unless you want a visit from the good doctor. An odd yet dapper man has consoled more than one heartbroken maiden since his murder in 1933. Upon his arrival, the air fills with a cold breeze, and as soon as he has them in his icy embrace, he vanishes. Some of the best ghost stories in California await your ears on a ghost tour with Pasadena Ghosts! 


Why is Pasadena so Haunted?


Gateway to The Unspeakable Side


Discover why Pasadena’s spectral landscape is as abundant and prosperous as the city’s inhabitants. Pasadena Ghosts invites you to the Pasadena Presbyterian Church, the one-time home of Pasadena’s favorite radio station. Listen closely outside the church as you may hear the phantom radio signals still playing long after its broadcasts were relocated. But beware, they aren’t the only sounds you may hear. 


Learn the legends of the malicious laughter in the Devil’s Gate Reservoir waters and the portal to another world protected by its trickster spirit. Reports of shadow figures emerging from the floodgates and sightings of beast-like creatures have troubled the community for decades. Since the days of the Natives, disappearances behind the faces of rock devils have plagued the people of the area.


With all of the odd, unexplained activity that floods Pasadena, it comes as no surprise that cult leader L. Ron Hubbard and occultist Jack Parsons chose this city in hopes of creating an illusive and all-powerful entity. The massive scope of their esoteric rituals and the baffling abductions that followed are something The City of Roses has yet to forget. Discover these horrors and more with Pasadena Ghosts.


Evil Brews Below


Evil lurks far below ground here, spilling out into the street and infecting the living. Stand above The Bunker Experience and wince in terror as you uncover the winding and expansive Pasadena catacombs that are laid out before you in the streets of Old Town Pasadena. Pasadena Ghosts takes you back to the time of the Spanish missionaries, who were the first to find that something sinister lived in the various tunnels they dug.  


Dive into the mysteries behind the cavernous passageways and the heavy spiritual energy within them. The scattered bones of tortured Natives’ have been unearthed in these hazardous tunnels alongside a stolen cache of gold from a bank that once called this land home. Listen closely, as you might hear the terrible howling screams of unlucky robbers coming from one of the oldest buildings in town. 


Of the vast number of mystical places in California, the haunted Pasadena catacombs are among the most frightening and remain only for the bravest explorers. Are you ready to feel the putrefied touch of the spooky and sinister on a hair-raising ghost tour unlike any other?


What’s so Special About the Pasadena Ghosts Tour?


See a Different and Darker Side Of Peaceful Pasadena


The perfect weather and peaceful sunshine of Pasadena wasn’t for everyone. At least, that’s how the early founders of this sundown town once felt. Horrible atrocities were carried out in the name of hate after nightfall. Roche Bobois furniture store, where the first Asian-owned business in Pasadena once stood, now carries more than just the plaque commemorating its name. 


Smell the air, for you may catch a whiff of kerosene or smoke behind shadowy effigies of a hanging Chinese man, the unsettling reminders of a deadly day in 1885. Join Pasadena Ghosts as we review this dreadful and deadly event in the breath of the mighty Santa Ana winds. 


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience In Southern California’s Haunted 


Learn about the dangers of Wild West society and the greater dangers lurking just outside Old Town Pasadena. The reclusive lumber baron Charles Cobb once called the Enchanted Forest home to escape civilization’s dangers. Now, what is left of his isolated home is surrounded by ominous figures in white hoods, UFO sightings, and phantom lights. Some say they’ve always been there, along with the smell of rotting flesh. 


Visit Central Park and take in the twisted insults that Cobb once unloaded on those trying to renovate his home long after he was dead, throwing items at the heads of his victims. His demands for perfection resulted in a dilapidated foundation and scary stories for teenagers. May you heed the warnings of these terrifying campfire tales and walk with Pasadena Ghosts instead. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Come along with a group of ghostly enthusiasts eager to hear the disturbing truths of the Devil’s Gate, The Suicide Bridge, and the Pasadena Catacombs. Stand side-by-side with those ready to experience the spectral side of Pasadena and discover a world of unexplained activity unlike any other. 


Pasadena Ghosts takes you on a spine-tingling adventure through spooky places in Southern California’s ghostly landscape. Join this entertaining and engaging ghost tour to meet fellow lovers of the macabre and, possibly, the spirits that made this tour possible.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You’re Following The Legends of Haunted Route 66


Pasadena is one of the last stops before the iconic American highway reaches the Pacific Ocean. Take a break from all that driving and add another stop on your sightseeing tour. A ghost tour with Pasadena Ghosts is the best way to see Old Town and learn about the area’s haunted past. 


2) You Are Looking For Something Besides Hollywood and Beverly Hills


You’ve seen the sights, the Hollywood stars, and the famous theatres. Are the mansions of Beverly Hills beginning to bore you? Stir up your time in Los Angeles with a ghost tour of Pasadena. Learn about the violent past in the pristine enclave above the big city. 


3)  You Want More Out Of Your California Experience


You learned about the ghost at the Hollywood Sign and the spirits inside the Roosevelt Hotel, but your soul craves more. Drive up the 110 and get your spooky fill on a ghost tour with Pasadena Ghosts. The calm beauty of Pasadena turns to an eerie glow come nightfall. 


4) You Got Scared Half To Death In The Bunker Experience And Want To Know More


Are you sure what you heard in the tunnels below town was just your imagination? Curious to know more? Come on a ghost tour with Pasadena Ghosts, where we’ll tell you all about the screams you thought you heard and much more. 


5) You’re Having An LA Day and Don’t Know What To Do At Night


Consider taking a ghost tour If you’re just coming up from Long Beach, driving down from the Bay Area, or driving along the Pacific Coast Highway from Ventura. Pasadena Ghosts is a way to fill in a night on that LA day or LA weekend you’ve been planning for so long. Spend a day in Pasadena and a night with us!

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