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Welcome To Outer Banks's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Buried under abandoned sand dunes and deep ocean currents are the forgotten ghosts of the Outer Banks. Find out why the souls of shipwrecked crews forever wander these forsaken shores.

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Discover the true origins of Manteo’s dark history in the Outer Banks through spine-chilling accounts of pirates, witches, and unknown entities that make their presence known nightly. Join Pirate City Ghosts to learn how this beautiful beachfront became one of the most haunted beaches in America.

Pirate City Ghosts

All tours meet at the back end of the parking lot near Ananias Dare St.
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.
Visit for the best parking information.

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Welcome to Pirate City Ghosts

Buried under abandoned sand dunes and deep ocean currents are the forgotten ghosts of the Manteo. Join Pirate City Ghosts to learn how this beautiful beachfront became one of the most haunted beaches in America.


A Town Built on Greed, Misfortune, and Mysteries 


Known for its abundance of oceanfront views and gorgeous beach homes, Manteo has been a popular vacation spot for more than a century, attracting visitors from all over the country looking for relaxation and the bliss of peace and quiet. What they really find is a vortex of forsaken spirits and eerie occurrences bred from a dark period in the town’s history. 

Adventure through the most terrifying areas on the beachfront where you’ll find yourself at the same haunted locations where Outer Banks’ most notable apparitions have been spotted. This seemingly quaint and quiet beach town is home to some of the most intriguing and spine-tingling tales that include formidable ghost ships, distraught apparitions, and the incredible story of Sir Walter Raleigh and the Lost Colony of Roanoke. 

They may have been lost but they will never be forgotten while their ghosts still roam the moonlit beaches each night.


What Will I See?

The Lost Colony of Roanoke


Though hailed as a beach lover’s dream, Manteo’s sinister origin story is anything but a seaside walk. The colonization of this tourist town is one that was so harrowing and unprecedented that its retelling has been depicted in various forms of media for decades. 

Pirate City Ghosts walks you through the incredible tale of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, with detailed accounts of one of the nation’s biggest mysteries that occurred right here in Manteo. Visit the Roanoke Island Ghost Ship, a replica of the merchant ship that set out with would-be settlers only for the colony to go missing without a trace.

Following a trip to England for more supplies, John Smith returned to the island only to discover that it was uninhabited and that both the settlers and Croatoan Tribe were gone with no signs of a struggle. This dark mystery would spawn the mystique, producing a legend that continues to make its rounds in the Outer Banks to this day.


A Daring Venture With Deadly Consequences


Just over the bridge from Roanoke sits the desolate ghost town of Buffalo City, a shameful piece of land that spawned repulsive acts and ruthless outlaws. A far cry from its soft surroundings, Buffalo City was something out of the Wild West and its savage residents played the part.

Discover the Old Dare County Jail, where the jail cells imprisoned a melting pot of criminals that included bootleggers, thieves, rapists, and murderers. Undesirable individuals were known to hang around the jail, bringing contraband to their jailed friends. In fact, the lax approach to housing criminals was the inspiration for the jail in the Andy Griffith Show.

Of course, the reality was no sitcom. Brawls broke out regularly and mayhem was the general atmosphere on any given day. The evil that illuminated the jail now appears in photographs as orbs are frequently caught by visitors. Employees are also susceptible to the darkness as many have refused to go into the closet that once served as the evidence room. Nobody is immune to the actions of the spirits that remain – including you.


Why is Manteo So Haunted? 


The Show Must Go On… Even in Death


The evolution of Manteo made it an ideal place to settle as well as a perfect resort town to visit. Built in 1918 by George Washington Creef, The Pioneer Theater was the top venue for live and cinematic entertainment and, through restoration efforts, continues to be a staple in the community.

But the light-hearted fun takes a balcony seat to eerie phenomena that still occur to this day. Uncover the antics of Mr. H.A. Creef who continues to enforce his stringent rules in the afterlife. More than a decade after his death, Mr. Creef continues to quiet unruly movie-goers, knocking cell phones out of their hands to quiet them as he did in life.

Mr. Creef is not alone in the ghostly antics, though. The murder of makeup artist Brenda Holland has become a Manteo local legend, and so have her bone-chilling attempts to be remembered. Hear the frightening account of her fellow castmates that gathered at the theater for a movie only to be horrified by a scene that featured Brenda’s obituary – a ghastly scene solely witnessed by the group and never to be seen again.


Sadness and Despair Flood The Seaside Town


Quaint and cozy homes line the historic streets of Manteo, each with a unique and sometimes unsettling story to tell. Pirate City Ghosts takes you to the Roanoke Island Inn where the sunny exterior hides a tragic end within its four walls. 

Bear witness to the sorrowful final years of Roscoe Jones, the town’s Postmaster turned recluse following the loss of his beloved job. A melancholy Roscoe would retire to his room, remaining there until his death, his spirit remaining there to this day.

Discover chilling sightings of his apparition dressed in his postal uniform heading to work as he did in happier times. Visitors have reported unnerving experiences in the room he locked himself away in, including jewelry moving on its own, the sound of disembodied footsteps, and even a vase being thrown across the room. Keep your cameras ready, he’s known to appear at a moment’s notice.


What’s So Special About the Pirate City Ghosts Tour?

See a Different, Darker Side of a Historic and Beautiful Location


There’s no shortage of ominous history in this resort town. The picturesque beach cottages and charming shops don’t seem so dreamy when you learn of the tragedies and their aftermath that blanket the town. One such tragedy you’ll hear with Pirate City Ghosts is that of Theodosia Burr.

Walk with us to uncover the mysterious and unbelievable tale of the daughter of Vice President Aaron Burr, also known as the man who killed Alexander Hamilton. Her disappearance during her excursion to New York is one that was baffling but creepy sightings of Theodosia’s spirit wandering the beach have led many to believe her misplaced soul now resides here.


A Once-In-A-Lifetime Adventure You’ll Cherish Forever


The Outer Banks is as unique as it is mystifying. From undeniably haunted inns to the enigmas that are born from the sea, the pieces of land that make up this incredible area of the world. Visit the sites that hatched legends known around the nation, such as that of Virginia Dare and the Legend of the White Doe. 

Uncover the remarkable yet tragic tale of the woman known as the first English child born in the New World who was transformed into a white doe by an angry, jilted Native American Witch Doctor. Outer Banks Ghosts takes you to the sight where the white doe is often spotted and give you a first-hand look into the unfortunate events that made this legend an integral part of Manteo history, amongst many others.

Explore the Cora Mae Basnight Bridge and hear spine-tingling tales of The Gray Man whose apparition appears as a harbinger of hurricanes destined to make landfall. Though there are several theories about who he is, one thing is certain: his presence is a stern warning that even visitors should adhere to. These tales and more will keep you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!

Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Whether you’re on a solo trip, traveling with friends, or on vacation with family, the Pirate City Ghosts tour has something for every appetite! This incredible journey through Manteo’s foreboding history will take you to some of the area’s most haunted sites with expert guides bringing these macabre tales to life. 

Uncover the Outer Banks’ unbelievably distorted and disturbing past with a group that’s ready to take a dive into the darkness right alongside you. Book your Pirate City Ghosts tour today.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Outer Banks

6 Reasons to book your Pirate City Ghosts Tour right now!

1) You love ghost stories and then some

If there’s one thing we love about Nags Head, it’s that the stories are not the typical stories you hear when it comes to unexplained activity. The history of Nags Head is filled with stories that belong in a grim fable but are ones that are part of the town’s development and actually play a role in its evolution as a prominent resort town.

Every location features a different tale and haunting that will keep you on the edge of your seat, a spine-tingling thriller brought to life. Here, you’ll hear tales of witches and the spells that bound their victims and love stories that end in tragedy and apparitions. You’ll uncover the reason the spirits of pirates frequent the local cottages and how the Bodie (pronounced “body”) Island Lighthouse got its name.

Whether you’re a believer or just someone who enjoys being entertained, the stories you’ll be exposed to on our tour will give you something to talk about long after your vacation ends, and may even send you home as a believer.

2) You’re interested in learning more about what makes Outer Banks unique

It’s easy to see why the area has been a popular destination spot for more than 100 years. With its abundance of amenities and activities, there’s a little something for everyone. Beyond the screensaver-esque scenery, however, are truly chilling tales of a time that most couldn’t imagine living in. And where else are you going to find vacation rental homes that were literally built with wood from the wreckage of ships?

3) You want to make the most of your vacation

Vacations seem few and far between these days. When you are able to get away, why not take in every inch of the area you’re visiting?  What better way to do this than with a ghost tour that digs deep into the history of the town? And, let’s be honest: looking at pictures online doesn’t do an area justice. To truly immerse yourself in the town and culture, a visit to the historical and haunted areas that give the town its individuality is a must.

Our tour guides will only make this part of your vacation that much more entertaining. In addition to being phenomenal storytellers, our tour guides will interact with you, answer any questions you may have, and keep you enthralled from beginning to end. 

4) You need a family-friendly event to add to your vacation plans

Nags Head is surrounded by beauty and filled with unique shopping and restaurants. While this is a plus for the adults, the kids can grow tired of it pretty quickly. Shopping isn’t exactly on a kid’s list of fun activities. If you’re looking for something that will keep everyone in the family happy and entertained, an Outer Banks ghost tour is the ticket to a good time for everyone. 

Think it’ll be difficult keeping the kids’ attention? We’re up for the challenge! Over the years we’ve discovered that the town’s stories of ghosts, witches, and pirates are too intriguing to resist for any child. And while the stories may sound extreme, our tour guides present them in a way that’s chilling yet appropriate for the whole family. 

5) You’re looking for inspiration

Finally getting around to writing that book or screenplay? Online research is great but there’s nothing quite like seeing the sites of some of the spookiest events in history, in person! Reading about these stories is one thing. But seeing the locations and hearing these tales from a person who is as passionate about the information as you are is a type of inspiration and research you won’t get from Google or a book. 

Whether it’s Sci-Fi, a twisted love story or a good old-fashioned ghost story, the tales you’ll hear on our ghost tour will be sure to spark a few ideas and leave you with some inspiration to knock out that big project.

6) You secretly want to be a ghost tour guide or a ghost hunter

It’s ok to admit it, we won’t tell! In fact, we’ll cheer you on! Our tour guides are some of the best in the business and love all things about their job, from learning the history of the area to the storytelling. And, of course, they’re all big fans of ghosts and all things that go bump in the night!

If this sounds like you, you’re in good company. Take a tour with our paranormal professionals and you’ll get firsthand experience and insight into what it takes to be a tour guide. Looking to get into ghost hunting? What better place to start than with a tour that can serve as a map of your first hunt? 

Not only will you discover new and exciting places to start your ghost hunting career, but you’ll also know which spirits to look for and may even discover some new ones. Just don’t forget about us when you make it big!

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