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Old Orlando Railroad Depot & Strand Hotel

The Orlando Railroad Depot and Strands Hotel are among the most famous haunted destinations in Orlando. Explore the US Ghost Adventures tour here.

Church Street Station

The Orlando Railroad Depot (also known as Church Street Station) is a famous historical landmark and commercial center in Orlando. Throughout the area, there are countless retail and entertainment venues. 

But beyond the wonders of the past, there’s something else that still lingers here. Find out on a tour of haunted Orlando with US Ghost Adventures.

Efficient Beginnings

The station was constructed to service Orlando by the South Florida Railroad company in 1899. Several rail lines ran through the station, and over the years, it became a central location for the city, bringing in lots of foot traffic. Railroad travel was also one of the most efficient forms of public transportation in Orlando. 

In 1926, passenger railroad services moved to a new hub. However, the relocation did not spell the end for this landmark center. 

Just two years prior, Slemon’s Department Store took up residence in the depot. The incoming retail stores and other popular attractions set the stage for the golden years ahead. 

The Golden Years (1970s-1980s)

By the 1970s, the Orlando Railroad Depot occupied a significant portion of Church Street. Not only did the tracks rest in the street, but the commercial stores continued to open throughout the area. It eventually became the fourth most popular destination in Florida. 

In addition, Rosie O’Grady’s Good Time Emporium also opened in 1974 in the former Slemon’s location. It was a hub of nightclubs with a flat admission fee, allowing partygoers to go club hopping.

Many of the entertainment venue owners had experience in Las Vegas. They carried a lot of their knowledge in the club industry to turn Church Street Station into a nightlife hotspot. Two of the most popular venues were the Opera House and the Cheyenne Saloon. The Saloon gradually became a prime venue for local and traveling country music artists.

The Fall Off

After the 1980s, the Church Street Station’s reputation as a club hotspot started to decline. Most of the issues came when Walt Disney opened up a similar venue with a more affordable entrance fee. However, that didn’t stop other investors from trying their hand at reviving the Church Street vibe. 

Some well-known investors and owners of Church Street Station were the Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Lou Pearlman, and F.F South & Co.

Haunted Occurrences

Haunted stories regarding the Church Street Station didn’t surface until 2005 when a restaurant owner claimed the place to be haunted. 

The owners had just moved in with an expensive lease on the place, and their construction workers claimed to see spirits roaming around. 

As a result, the restauranteurs tried to cancel their lease and open it somewhere else. In return, the owners of the space offered to perform an exorcism to ensure any lingering spirits would vacate. 

Since no known spirits or demons were present on the property, the landlord then sued the tenants. 

With all that, we had to involve the Orlando Railroad Depot in our ghost adventure. 

Haunted Orlando, FL

There are several reasons why Orlando is a top travel destination in the United States. There’s endless fun to be had in this city, especially if you take part in our Orlando ghost tour. We’ll take you to Church Street Station along with the city’s other top sites to explore the haunted and the historical. 

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