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Welcome To Orlando's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The magic of Walt Disney World can’t shield the city from its doomed past. Join Orlando Haunts to discover what attracts the most UFO sightings, serial killers, and spirits in Central Florida.

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Venture on an Orlando ghost tour to uncover the enigmatic energy that has drawn together a cutthroat collection of characters ranging from pirates to members of secret societies, murderers, and many otherworldly visitors. Now, their spirits are plentiful and among the most vicious in Florida.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

Orlando Haunts: Ghouls and Ghosts Tour

Uncover the secrets detailing the dark side of Orlando and get a glimpse into the strange histories that make Orlando a new hotbed for paranormal activity.

Orlando Haunts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Take a Boo's and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl for genuine stories, scares, and delicious drinks in the historic district, with up to 2 hours of ghostly fun with the city's spirits and Spirits. Price does not include drinks or tastings.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Orlando

Welcome to Orlando Haunts

Just past I-4’s eerie Dead Zone sits Orlando, the former City of Light that harbors terrifying hauntings born from the city’s darkest secrets. From the ghosts of pirates and serial killers to malevolent orbs and undaunted UFOs, you’ve officially entered the otherworldly capital of Florida.


Sunshine and Serial Killers


The sun-soaked “Theme Park Capital of The World” attracts millions of visitors year-round, but not all are welcome. Orlando’s seedy past includes a visit by one of America’s most infamous serial killers, where he was brought to justice and given the ultimate sentence.


Visit the terminally tainted Orange County Regional History Center, the very spot where Ted Bundy met his fate for one of his many gruesome crimes. The heinous murderer would succumb to a punishment that matched his crimes, but as in life, his wicked soul shows no remorse. 


A major attraction within the museum, Ted Bundy’s exhibit is locked up tight every night. Yet that doesn’t stop his evil entity from disturbing it as staff members find the doors wide open every morning. Standing feet away from his conviction chambers, feel Bundy’s notorious rage that fills the air with an icy chill.


Discover which of Bundy’s victims eerily darts around the courtroom display, causing camera equipment to malfunction, and has been known to appear in photographs. The hauntings have been so profound the museum was armed with iron inlays to keep the spirits at bay, all to no avail.


“The City Beautiful” is a magnet for the unusual, the unexplained, and sinful spirits doomed for an eternity of unrest. Explore haunted downtown Orlando and lift the veil on a seedy world that lurks behind the shiny veneer of palm trees and sunlight. 


What Will I See?


Visit Orlando’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Orange County Regional History Center – Ted Bundy, America’s most prolific serial killer, was convicted in this building. Now, his spirit and that of his final victim, Alice, keep visitors and security guards on edge with daily disturbances in the form of a haunted stuffed animal and chilling cold spots, sending visitors into screaming fits of terror.


  • The Kress Building – A strange man with an even stranger obsession lived atop this building he constructed. Documents were discovered following his mysterious disappearance that detailed visitors not of this world. Dive into the story of Central Florida’s first UFO hunter whose research opened a portal to another universe.


  • Old Orlando Railroad Depot and The Strand Hotel – The brothel and saloon that once entertained various newcomers to Orlando is long gone. But the spirits of heartbroken men and the murdered children of ladies of the night remain. Learn their tragic tales at Orlandos’ darkest haunted location.


Terrifying Disappearances in The City Beautiful 


Orlando has a strange mysticism to it. Beyond sitting in the middle of a state known for its record-breaking number of UFO sightings, the city has a reputation for its Bermuda Triangle-like tendencies. Orlando Haunts introduces you to the eerie buildings that house some of the most peculiar and petrifying disappearing acts known to man.


Join our spine-tingling Orlando ghost tour to uncover the ugly truth about the Historic Angebilt Hotel, home of a creepy, unsolved mystery. In the 40s, the thirteenth floor of this infamous hotel was demolished by a hurricane as guests enjoyed themselves in the ballroom. When the rubble cleared, the ballroom was no more, and the patrons had seemingly vanished. 


The Historic Angebilt Hotel isn’t the only location shrouded in mystery. Get an unflinching look into the dark side of the city, where so many have ventured, only to never return. Stand feet away from a theater with an unsettling backstory. Learn about its dark origins, the graveyard it covers, and the tunnels of death that lie beneath it, consuming all those who dare venture inside.


These tales and more await on this thrilling, haunted exploration of downtown Orlando. Orlando Haunts invites you to uncover the otherworldly energy that runs below the city’s tropical groves and scenic lakes. But stay close; you don’t want to become part of these nefarious legends.


Murder in a Mysterious Victorian Mansion


While people were disappearing underground, activities just as gruesome and heinous were occurring above ground. The serene weather and beautiful scenery attracted some of the most ruthless, money-hungry, and vicious people the Victorian era had to offer. 


Orlando Haunts takes you to the former home of one such individual, Gordon Rogers, the English businessman who commissioned this now-historic landmark. Today, the Rogers Building is as cursed as it is iconic, due largely in part to his affiliation with the secret, nefarious Skull and Bones Club and his dealings with the English Club. 


Hear the putrid details of the happenings in these clubs and whether they contributed to the death of his entire family. He may have mysteriously disappeared following the gruesome discovery of their bodies, but his wife Magnolia is forever tied to the spot of her unavenged murder.


It’s said that her sorrowful spirit can be seen staring out of the upper window in despair, filled with anguish over the loss of her children. Her presence sends chills down the spines of those who encounter her, but she isn’t the only one who terrifies guests. Find out who else joins her in the afterlife, taunting the visitors of The Rogers Building with Orlando Haunts.


Why is Orlando so Haunted?


A Cast Of Questionable Characters


In the city that houses the most magical place on earth, it’s a wonder that Orlando doubles as a magnet for the macabre. Scores of prostitutes, con artists, unusual individuals, and the nation’s most nefarious criminals have made their way here, hoping to blend in inconspicuously among the tall and lush palm trees and cheerful locals. 


Discover the curious case of “Doctor” Kit Quaker, who took residency in the Grand Bohemian Hotel in the 1930s. Learn about the doctor’s questionable, deadly practices that involved the slow poisoning of his patients. His victims would be stored in his makeshift morgue located right in the hotel.


No building seems safe from the strange characters of Orlando’s unhinged past. Orlando Haunts takes you to S.H. Kress Company, home to the spirit of UFO expert Edward F. Shibbert and one of the most bone-chilling stories in the city. 


Shibbert, the architect of the building, is known as the father of Central Florida UFO studies and spent his life dedicated to the topic. He lived on the upper floor for his entire life until one day, he mysteriously disappeared. It’s said that since his alleged death, the floor has been full of poltergeist activity. 


UFO sightings and otherworldly activity often go hand in hand, and Orlando has documented the most UFO sightings in the nation. Could this correlate with the unexplained activity in Shibbert’s former home? Hear all about the malicious deeds of Dr. Quaker and the mysterious life of Edward Shibbert along your way through Orlando’s most haunted locations. 


Forsaken Love In The Afterlife


The spirits of gruesome murders, terrible accidents, and victims of unbridled greed lurk among the streets of the Central Business District. Stand near the Old Orlando Railroad Depot and The Strand Hotel, where the immense spiritual energy emanates. The ghosts of murdered children and the spirit of a man who took his own life on the tracks still haunt the 1881 building. 


Women of ill repute lived a rough life in the 1800s and often encountered unhinged violence in the process. Many bore children to men who did not want them or their offspring. Both were generally disposed of quickly. Uncover the terror that torments patrons, as many have complained of chairs moving on their own, glasses being thrown, and even their hair being pulled by an unseen force.


Learn why landlords must alert tenants of documented hauntings, an occurrence more common than not in a city as haunted as Orlando. Let the horror that dwells within The Strand Hotel wash over you in this thrilling ghost tour of Orlando. 


What’s so Special About the Orlando Ghosts Tour?


See A Darker Type of Magic In Orlando 


Orlando Haunts welcomes you to a hauntingly active, otherworldly experience. One of the first Cathedrals to allow mediums and other investigators into its hallowed walls awaits those brave enough to experience it, and Orlando Haunts takes you to its doorsteps.


The St. James Cathedral caught fire after a disastrous storm. It crushed churchgoes, and when the smoke cleared, all that was left was an upside-down cross. Feel the terror of these unwary and unprepared souls that now stack Bibles and throw candles across empty pews. Occult scholars and paranormal investigators have pondered these events for years, and now so will you.


A Unique Opportunity To Learn Orlando’s Dark Past


Capture the essence of Orlando’s tumultuous early days when the city was as dangerous as it was young. Visit the Cheyenne Saloon, the home of Orlando’s most well-loved casket maker, Elijah Hand. He and his lover, Penelope, now terrorize nightclub patrons on the top floor with their heavy phantom footsteps.  


We all know about the resorts and theme parks, but few know about the dangerous men and women who frequented The Phoenix Building. Once a speakeasy, it is now full of former patrons ranging from vaudeville performers to rum runners. They often grab a drink at Mather’s Social Gathering, the bar on the top floor where the speakeasy once sat. Look towards the top floor, as you might just catch a glimpse of these phantom figures before they vanish into the night.  


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


Fascinated with the unknown, the spectral, and all things particularly morbid? You are not alone. Find your tribe with Orlando Haunts! Our tour guides are just as enthusiastic as you and know everything there is to know about Orlando’s most haunted locations. We’ll make sure you make the most of your trip to The City Beautiful.


Orlando is a city that is full of fun and fright if you look in the right places. While most people know of it as the home of Disney World, exploring the haunted side of Orlando can be worth the thrill if you have the courage. From haunted lakes to ghosty theaters, the city is rife with a never-ending amount of spooky vibes. Join those courageous enough to uncover the ghostly truth, and book your Orlando ghost tour tonight!

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Want to Explore The City and Get Away From The Resorts


You bought an all-inclusive resort that is now turning out to be all-consuming. Orlando has much more to offer, and a tour with Orlando Haunts is a great way to see the downtown area, all while learning fascinating information about the city’s nefariously devious past.


2) You Want to Take A Different Kind of Family Vacation 


Are your kids into strange and unusual topics? Do they browse the internet for morbid and dark things with their friends? Encourage their odd fascinations on a historical and creepy ghost tour with Orlando Haunts. The ghost stories that hail from Orlando contain a combination of friendly and sinister spirits. Our tour is safe and family-friendly!


3) You Love Hearing the Drinking History of Different Cities


You’re a drinker, and Orlando is a drinker’s city. It has always been that way. Grab a round before heading to one of our tours to learn how it started. From rum runners to prohibition, Orlando has a long history of imbibing that often ends in despair and misery. These tales will make a great conversation starter next time you’re having a cold one!


4) You’re a UFO Fanatic 


In love with all things otherworldly, including visitors from another world or another dimension? Orlando and Central Florida have some of the highest amounts of UFO reports in the nation! Even more than Area 51 and the Nevada desert. Unexplained activity often goes hand in hand with alien encounters, something that the residents of the Kress Building can attest to. Learn more with Orlando Haunts! 


5) You’re Fascinated by Secret Societies 


You want to know about the seedy underbelly of American society, the secrets hidden from us in plain sight. The Mickey Mouse Club isn’t the only club in Orlando, as the city has been home to numerous secret societies and mysterious clubs with dark secrets. Discover the atrocities that are too dismal to be contained on an exhilarating ghost tour with Orlando Haunts.

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