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Welcome To Omaha's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The Gateway to The West doubles as a portal to the other side, where sinister spirits of gunslingers, crime bosses, and the unavenged taunt and terrify those invading their space.

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Take a tour with Omaha Ghosts to lift the veil on a seemingly quaint city rife with spine-chilling otherworldly activity. Discover the spirits born of bloodshed and the buildings trying to contain a dark energy begging to be unleashed.

Omaha Ghosts Tour

All tours meet at The Arch, 1110 Farnam St, Omaha, NE 68102, at the entrance to Gene Leahy Mall at The Riverfront.
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need a printed ticket or passes.
Visit for the most up-to-date parking info.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Omaha

Welcome to Omaha Ghosts

Disturbed hallowed grounds, demonic possessions, merciless deaths, and outlaws seeking revenge are the melting pot of horror that consumes this charming piece of America.  


Gateway to The Ghastly


Underneath the miles of scenery, stockyards, and landmarks lies a twisted underworld that grips the city with the icy hands of its resident tortured souls. Beneath the very ground you’ll walk on is an intricate weave of underground tunnels, all used for unique purposes, each more nefarious than the last.


Venture with Omaha Ghosts to a piece of the city developed by pioneers with an appetite for all things wicked. In the early 1900s, one such unsavory character came into town with a desire to make the city his crime hub. Tom Dennison was the king of corruption, from brothels to gambling houses and a string of speakeasies. 


To facilitate his transactions, the mob boss built several underground tunnels that would be filled with top-tier illegal activity, including prostitution and bootlegging. This, of course, was only the beginning. Long after his departure, the tunnels remain, as do the spirits who met gruesome ends in these dangerous burrows. 


Learn more about the horrors experienced in these underground shafts and why the buildings just above them are left to deal with the aftermath. Reports of far-away voices and the unnerving sounds of banging coming from below are not uncommon. In fact, they occur at various times throughout the day…and night.


Omaha is more than just The Gateway to The West. You’re about to enter a terrifying world where the dead stalk the living in the darkest corners of their grisly demises. Warped tales and restless souls await on this spine-chilling ghost tour with Omaha Ghosts.    


What Will I See?


Discover Omaha’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Museum of Shadows – It may not be the most well-known, but it’s definitely the most terrifying. With more than 3,000 certifiably haunted artifacts, the Museum of Shadows houses the largest collection in the world and even offers a ghost hunt and “Sit Challenge” that isn’t for the faint of heart.


  • O’Connor’s Pub – Even Omaha has its very own Cheer-type bar, where everyone knows your name, including the ghosts. Staff and patrons have been so spooked by the lively entities that ghost hunters have been called in to identify them. From all accounts, it looks like living regulars will never be alone.


  • Hummel Park – If a leisurely walk in the park is what you desire, this is not the place for you. From its earliest beginnings, Hummel Park has been the site of gruesome executions and horrific violence and is allegedly home to a group of cannibals. And did we mention the most haunted place in Nebraska is also home to the Devil Steps? 


Nights at The Haunted Museum


Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum may be well-known, but it’s certainly not the only of its kind. Step right up to the Museum of Shadows, where you’ll encounter some of the world’s most cursed items that still manage to curse others from behind their protective cases. 


Experience spine-tingling chills as you approach a building rife with energy most dare not explore. The eerie tales are endless, with visitors and staff experiencing everything from disembodied voices and footsteps, the spooky sight of items moving on their own, apparitions floating throughout the building, and the terrifying experience of being scratched by the unseen.


This museum of the macabre spans two floors and features a basement that embodies our deepest nightmares. Venture with Omaha Ghosts to a building so rife with otherworldly activity that they offer ghost-hunting equipment to use while touring the museum. Learn more about the evil that dwells within these walls and what could happen if you don’t respect these excommunicated artifacts.  


H3 – Hummel Park


There’s nothing more relaxing than a peaceful stroll through the park. That is, unless it happens to be the bloodiest, most haunted park in Nebraska. With a disturbing history that dates back to the 1700s and includes a stint as a Native American burial ground, Hummel Park comes with a warning.


Omaha Ghosts introduces you to the madness of Hummel Park, the Cornhusker State’s most disturbing playground for the macabre. The entities and darkness that inhabit the park read like a menu. Learn about the group of cannibals that stalk their prey from the trees, waiting to pounce on their next meal.


Their conquests are only rivaled by the various murders that have plagued the park for decades. From serving as a dumping ground for some and a kill spot for others, for decades, the park was known for the occasional discovery of a corpse. Now, the restless spirits born from blood are said to wander the park, doomed to relive their eternal nightmare.


The darkness doesn’t end here. Are you ready to hear about the stairs that many believe lead to the abyss? Join Omaha Ghosts for a bone-chilling history lesson on the Devil’s Steps that you will never forget.


Why is Omaha So Haunted?


H3 – Skinner/Macaroni Lofts/Whitehouse Apartments


In a city as haunted as Omaha, even something as innocent as macaroni and cheese has a tragic backstory. Prepare for a heart-pounding tale of the sorrowful effects of war and the wounded souls that remain. Visit the Skinner Macaroni Lofts, where you’ll hear the details of a calamitous era that led to a shortage of resources and an excess of ghosts.


Today, this luxury apartment complex is known for its non-stop unexplained activity. The eerie sounds of phantom knocking are a constant source of frustration for tenants whose sleep is frequently disturbed by it. It’s not uncommon for picture frames to shift on their own and keep your eyes on the windows, as you might just see a dish fly by courtesy of an invisible tenant.


Of course, this isn’t the only haunted apartment complex in Omaha. Our Omaha Ghosts tour lets you in on the ghastly secrets tucked away in the darkest corners of this humble city. Learn all about the White House Apartments, a former mansion that fits the role of a haunted house beautifully.


Uncover the mystery that is the Lady in White, an apparition often seen floating around in the building. Though she appears to be a benevolent spirit, her presence is jarring nonetheless. The Lady in White shares the building with a variety of other entities whose antics have been so unnerving that tenants have taken to Reddit to detail their experiences. 


Are these spirits from the days the building operated as a hospital? Or are they visitors from the funeral home next door? Find out who or what gives residents a daily dose of chills with Omaha Ghosts.



Why Omaha’s Past Continues to Be Resurrected – Forest Lawn Cemetery (mention Madam Anna Wilson)


It’s hard for the dead to rest when their hallowed grounds have been all but forgotten. Omaha may be home to the launch of “Top 40” radio, but it’s also home to an equal number of cemeteries. Be careful where you step—one may be right under your feet.


The ground that holds Omaha is filled with the bodies of those who helped establish the city, including veterans from the War of 1812, Buffalo Soldiers, and Native Americans. Every cemetery has a story to tell, but none as heart-stopping as Forest Lawn. As you stroll with Omaha Ghosts through a literal “ghost town,” you’ll get the full spooky scoop on one of the city’s most haunted graveyards.


The stories you’ll hear will keep you on your toes as the true events have done to employees. Staff members have said they dread going into the basement as it appears to be the home of a large ominous mass with two words for anyone invading its territory: “GET OUT!” As though ripped from the script of a horror film, witnesses claim to have had their hair pulled in the basement, and some have even become sick by simply entering the room.


Ghosts don’t shy away from the spotlight in Omaha, and they’re not afraid to let you know what’s theirs.


What’s so Special About the Omaha Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side – Story of the baby


Don’t get us wrong, Omaha is a spectacular place to bring the family. This thriving metropolis is home to amazing food, phenomenal museums, and many outdoor activities. But even the most pleasant places have a backstory, and it seems that in Omaha, there’s no end to the otherworldly tales.


Join Omaha Ghosts for an unflinching look at the narratives that created the haunted atmosphere that engulfs the city. Our experienced and entertaining guides will introduce you to the city’s creepiest tales, like the spirit that foreshadowed death. Hear the frightening details of this horrific night that turned a few people into believers and gave them nightmares for the rest of their days.


Once-in-a-Lifetime – Dubliner Pub


Some locations deserve to be visited for the history alone, even if it is a dark one. Before it became a bustling sprawl, it was a lawless hub that included bars, brothels, and gambling houses. Like an old-timey Western, violence and merciless death were a part of everyday life. Where once stood these havens for the wicked now stands the Dubliner Pub, a bar known for savory drinks and spectral guests.


Journey with Omaha Ghosts to the birthplace of the card game Omaha, the very game that resulted in gunfights and unavenged ghosts. Visit the spot that beckons to paranormal investigators, like P.R.I.S.M., who picked up a variety of hair-raising disembodied voices telling the team to “Come find me” and “Help me.” Who are these spirits that taunt the staff of Dubliner Pub? Find out with Omaha Ghosts.


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community


The Gateway to The West becomes a portal to the unknown as the sun goes down in Omaha. Our unforgettable Omaha ghost tour will take you on a riveting journey through the haunted history of this remarkable city. Discover the city’s famed hidden treasures that are as mysterious as they are historic. Whether the Omaha Ghosts tour is your first experience with the otherworldly, or you’re a professional looking for your next hunt, you’re about to get a firsthand look at Omaha’s most haunted locations. You may even get to meet the spirits yourself.


From the Museum of Shadows to the miles and miles of bodies that lay beneath Omaha’s foundation, there’s seemingly no end to the sordid stories and tortured souls just waiting to be unearthed and reclaim their place amongst the living. Welcome to Omaha Ghosts.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You need to walk off your world-famous Omaha steak


If there’s one thing Omaha is known for, it’s the mouth-watering Omaha steaks that have helped put the city on the map. Visitors can hardly resist indulging in the city’s claim to fame, but even the biggest steak lover can go a little overboard. Whether you’re in town visiting or a local who wants to learn more about home, a stroll with Omaha Ghosts will help burn off that 5-star meal while introducing you to a side of the city you may never have heard of. 


2) You’re interested in anything that involves the mob


It’s hard to believe that a city as quaint as Omaha could have ties to the mob, but this is just one of the city’s dark secrets you’ll uncover with Omaha Ghosts. Yes, this perfect place to raise a family was also home to a notorious mob boss who not only ran some of the seediest establishments in town but was responsible for the evil that dwells beneath the city. Learn more about who this prominent figure is and how he helped make Omaha the haunted oasis that it is.


3) You’re in town for the NCAA Men’s College World Series and want to explore the city in a fun and exciting way


There’s almost no end to the number of activities to do in Omaha. Its culture and entertainment make it an ideal place to visit, with the NCAA Men’s College World Series being one of its biggest draws. If you’re in town for this Omaha tradition, why not get to know the ins and outs of this disturbingly haunted city? After the game, join us for an unforgettable night of chills, thrills, and a disturbingly entertaining journey into the city’s unknown.


4) You want to learn more about the Museum of Shadows before you visit it


Omaha is filled with a variety of museums that can keep any family busy no matter how long they visit. But there’s one museum that even the bravest of individuals may need to ease into. If spending the day visiting Omaha’s famous collection of museums is on your “to-do” list, but you’re not sure about the Museum of Shadows, we can help! Join Omaha Ghosts for a walk through the most haunted part of the city, where we’ll give you the rundown of this creepy location.


5) You want to do something different on date night


It’s date night. Sure, you can do the typical dinner and a movie or stroll through the park. But what brings a couple closer together than being scared for over an hour? Turn date night into a fun, fright night you won’t soon forget. Take a walk with Omaha Ghosts and enjoy a spine-chilling tour that will keep you and your loved one closer than ever.

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