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Welcome To Oklahoma City 's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Serial killers, kidnappings, and one of the deadliest attacks in US history are the dark truths that conjure the bone-chilling hauntings infesting the Big Friendly.

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Venture with Oklahoma Ghosts through its haunted streets, where remnants of disaster, violence, and blood-curling screams fill the doomed OKC sky. Lift the veil on this unassuming city and uncover the dark underbelly that dwells beneath the city’s charming facade.

Oklahoma City Ghosts Tour

All tours meet in front of the Civic Center Music Hall at 201 N. Walker Ave., Oklahoma City, OK.
Tours last 1 hour and cover a 1 mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to get an additional 3 to 4 haunted stops!
Tours are held nightly
Simply bring your ID. You do not need printed tickets or passes.

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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Oklahoma City

Welcome to Oklahoma City Ghosts


A “Lands Run” built on deception began the turbulent history of Oklahoma City. Now, the haunted hotels and homes of Thunder City read like an open book, narrated by the eerie whispers of those long dead. 


Haunted Blasts From The Past


Timothy Mcveigh’s twisted visions of a world without a government left a mark on OKC that still is alive in the minds of those traumatized by this horrendous event. Nearly two hundred would die on that fateful day in 1996, creating a heavy energy that bleeds into the heart of downtown Oklahoma City.  


Oklahoma Ghosts takes you to the Alfred P. Murrah Federal, the very spot where the earth-shattering bombings that changed the nation occurred. Hear the unnerving details that transpired on this day of infamy and how it sparked some of the most harrowing hauntings in the city. 


Locals have spoken about the reincarnated souls of children who died in the bombing returning to the disaster site for years. It’s said that extreme emotional responses are incited at this very spot, with many believing these emotions are a result of the lingering spirits of the victims mourning their lives cut too short.


Are you prepared for this heart-pounding haunted adventure through downtown Oklahoma City?


What Will I See?


Visit Oklahoma City’s Most Haunted Locations, Including:


  • Civic Center Music Hall – The Grand Lady of Entertainment of OKC was built in 1937 and has hosted more than your usual concert within its walls. Satanists have held black mass at the Civic Center Music Hall, and a strange Grayman has been seen around the building even before their arrival.


  • The Skirvin Hotel – The 1910 Skirvin Hotel is full of tragic tales with bloody endings. Entire sports teams have been frightened by its infamous tenth story, earning it the title of the most haunted hotel in Oklahoma City. 


  • Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Plaza – A monstrous bomb was detonated at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Plaza on what was seemingly a peaceful day. Timothy Mcveigh’s horrendous crime against humanity lives on in the spirits that now roam outside.


Ten Floors of Terror


Travel back to a time when greed and oil ruled the city and the ruthless men who profited off the land dominated with an iron fist. The proof has soaked into the land and the towering spirit-infested buildings built upon it.


Dive headfirst into the legends surrounding the tenth floor of the Skivin Hotel on a chilling ghost tour of Oklahoma City. Lift the veil on a floor so frightening that even professional athletes have been sent running from its dark confines in terror. 


Loud bangs and the sound of a child crying in the night keep unlucky visitors of the 1910 hotel awake at night, both victims of Oklahoma’s tendency to attract the criminally minded. Keep your eyes on the top floor as you may experience what has sent chills down the spines of so many onlookers – the vision of a woman falling from the sky. 


Is she also the woman in the red dress seen pushing a baby carriage? Join Oklahoma Ghosts on an illuminatingly creepy, haunted Oklahoma City tour, where we explore the tale of the falling woman and other tragedies at the old hotel.


The Lady of the House


The names of the influential men who were in the right place at the right time during Oklahoma’s chaotic Land Rush still ring out across the plains of Oklahoma. The haunted palatial mansions of these oil barons have struck fear in the hearts of locals for years and left many wondering what they have hidden behind their high, gilded walls.


Envelope yourself in the spine-tingling tale of the Overholser Mansion, a palatial palace known for a spectral Victorian woman who’s been seen eyeing visitors from the dark, dusty corners of the attic. The former lady of the house is said to send workers and visitors running in fear as the creepy sounds of rattling children’s toys emanate from a nursery not used in decades. 


Explore the story of the Overholser Mansion, the fevered dreams that often befall museum staff, and the unexplainable messages from the afterlife left behind by Anna Overholser. Discover these terrors and more on a chilling ghost tour with Oklahoma Ghosts. 


Why is Oklahoma City so Haunted?


Oil Is Thicker Than Blood


Oklahoma was once the home to many mighty Native American tribes. It was also the site where they experienced unimaginable betrayal and deceit that led to the death of thousands and, later, a string of mysterious murders that tore the community apart. 


Hear the horrors of the Osage murders that shocked the city in the early 20th century at the ‘89er Trail Historial Marker 17. Oklahoma Ghosts shares the evil plot carried out by even more evil men. Who committed these heinous deeds, and why do their spirits still walk among us?


Oil rigs that scar the face of the city, propped up by the schemes of wicked, unforgiving men, have now become spiritual homes for these nefarious phantoms. Learn more about the haunted Governor’s Mansion that once stood on one of these oil wells. It’s said that the phantom knocks in the dead of night are only drowned out by the cabinets being slammed shut by unseen hands.


Saints and Sinister Spirits


Buildings dedicated to saints are usually regarded as places of safety and refuge. In Oklahoma City, some of these buildings are home to the city’s most evil entities. Visit Saint Joseph’s Old Cathedral with Oklahoma Ghosts and remove the veil on one of Oklahoma City’s most unhinged locations. 


Inside Saint Vincent’s Mental Asylum lurks something so demented it’s said to have driven nurses and priests to insanity. A string of physically damaging incidents has followed anyone unfortunate enough to work within the walls of the horrifying building, leaving them in a far worse state than those they were caring for. 


From patients to nuns and nurses, anyone who’s entered the building has been enslaved by its cursed grip. Hear the horrific tale of a nurse known to kick her patients down the stairs and how a former director with a troubling past met a mysterious end. Learn about the aggressive footsteps and demonic growls that have sent ghost hunters fleeing in terror.


Uncover the unnerving events that lured the Travel Channel’s Ghost Asylum to the building and what unfolded that caused them to dub Saint Vincent’s Mental Asylum one of the most haunted places in Oklahoma.


What’s so Special About the Oklahoma City Ghosts Tour?


See a Different Side Of Oklahoma City Nightlife 


Dig up the dark side of Oklahoma City Nightlife outside the Civil Center Music Hall, once the site of a massive Satanic ritual and cleansing exorcism. Whatever was awoken inside this gigantic entertainment complex still remains despite the church’s best efforts to rid the building of this terrifying evil. 


Oklahoma Ghosts brings the haunting of the Grayman, a mysterious spirit not seen in the center until the new millennia, straight to you. His silhouettes fill empty sound booths, and objects move on their own in the dead of night thanks to his overbearing presence. 


A Once in a Lifetime Chance To Experience Oklahoma Dark Tourism


Hauntings on the surface of Oklahoma City only hint at all the more terrifying experiences occurring underground. Follow Oklahoma Ghosts to the Myriad Gardens as we reveal the underground tunnels that line the city and the community that once used them. 


The ghost of a Chinese hero from the city’s small community still helps others in the libraries and theatres above the labyrinth that once supported his people. Though his presence is a calming one, what draws his apparition to the buildings above the tunnels remains a mystery. Hear this loving yet chilling tale on a hair-raising haunted ghost tour of OKC. 


Be a Part of a Growing Ghostly Community 


Oklahoma Ghosts not only brings to life the otherworldly side of Thunder City but also brings together its spooky community. Find others who share a passion for the unknown and hear their tales and ours on this thrilling ghost tour of Oklahoma City. 


The haunted locations of Oklahoma City are brought to you nightly by Oklahoma Ghosts. Take a ghost tour on your next visit and experience it for yourself! 


* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1) You Heard About The Underground Tunnels In OKC


A local told you about the underground tunnels coursing beneath the city’s streets and roadways, and you need to know more! Join Oklahoma Ghosts as we tell you the story of the tunnels and the people that once inhabited them. 


2) You Are Interested in Native American History


Oklahoma is home to thirty-eight major Native reservations and has a long and troubled history with America’s first people. Learn about their mistreatment, the true crime that followed, and the culture that prevailed despite it on a ghost tour with Oklahoma Ghosts. 


3) You Are Craving Spooky Entertainment in OKC


You can’t get enough of the paranormal, but podcasts, books, and campfire tales just don’t satisfy your spooky needs. Take a ghost tour with Oklahoma Ghosts to get your fill during your stay in Oklahoma City with an experienced tour guide leading the way! 


4) You Are Looking For Family Friend Things To Do In Oklahoma City


Take the kids out for a family-friendly ghost tour of Oklahoma City and keep them entertained and curious for hours to come. You visited the zoo, you’ve seen the cowboy museum, and there are only so many hours you can sit in the hotel. 


5) You Are Fascinated with The Wild West 


Oklahoma City played a vital role during the later days of the Wild West, and this mentality was further encouraged during its days as an oil boom town. Take a step back to the dusty days of shootouts at high noon and saloons with Oklahoma Ghosts. 


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