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Welcome To Newport's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The graves of Rhode Island’s past still litter the beaches and cliffs of Newport.  Discover why disease, death, and devastation were the fires in which the city was forged. 

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Victims of forgotten shipwrecks and mass executions fill the mass graves of Rhode Island’s haunted port city. Join a Newport ghost tour to uncover a terrifying history packed with murderers, shipwrecks, and devastation in this city by the sea. 

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Newport Ghosts

All tours meet at the statue at Eisenhower Park in Washington Square at 32 Touro St #28, Newport, RI 02840
Tours last 1 hour across a 1-mile walking distance. Ask about the bonus extended tour to additional haunted locations!
Tours are held nightly at 8pm
Simply bring your ID. You do not need to bring a printed ticket or pass.
Recommended Parking at the Newport Visitor's Center Parking Lot

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Statue at Haunted Eisenhower Park in Washington Square in Newport, RI, meeting location for the Newport Ghosts Haunted Tour
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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In Newport

Welcome to Newport Ghosts

Haunted mansions, forsaken churches, abandoned parks, and misty bridges make Newport a cornerstone of Haunted New England. The oceanside town holds pieces of history and tragedy in every corner of the ancient city.  Join us tonight to hear authentic accounts of the bone-chilling encounters that occur nightly in Rhode Island’s most haunted city.

Lighthouse Beacons Reveal Newport’s Gruesome Past


Newport may be famous for its ideal summer destination, but while some spend their vacation months here, the souls of visitors and residents past are bound here forever. Mass executions, suicides, and mysterious tragedies are just the beginning of this city’s haunted past. Uncover a treasure trove of dark and grisly well-documented tales that will reveal the darker side of this haunted New England settlement that has endured centuries of tragedy, pain, and suffering.


Fresh seafood, prime sailing, and picturesque lighthouses may be what travelers look forward to on a visit to Newport, but when the sun begins to set, a darker reality comes in with the evening tide. Lost souls born of these tragedies continue to roam Newports many forsaken bridges, ports, and haunted lighthouses


Experience a dark sea of hauntings


The tour begins in Washington Square at Eisenhower Park, one of the oldest parks in America which also happens to be the exact spot where at least 42 public executions took place. And it’s just the start of what is guaranteed to be an entertaining and gruesome look into this incredibly haunted town.


Discover why ghost ships such as The Palatine Light continue to attempt to sail into the harbor, always showing its presence but never making it to shore. Uncover the heinous truth about the town’s part in slave trading and why this dark part of history isn’t the only reason for Blood Alley’s name or its terrifying hauntings. You’re about to embark on a fascinating and spine-tingling adventure where you’ll hear more than just the backstory of Newport – you’ll hear an entire history of horror. 


You’ll visit the site of the Rose Island Lighthouse, a navigational aid built in 1868 in the same area as the fort that was once used as a hospital, and where bodies were often stolen leaving only their spirits behind. Keep your camera ready as you just might meet the apparition of the lighthouse’s former keeper, Charles Slocum Curtis, just as the team from TVs Ghost Hunters did. That is, of course, if the spirits don’t drain your devices first.


Grim Realities and Eerie Encounters


Disease, death, and despair are the grim reality of the founding of Newport. The remnants of such a gruesome time are what continue to give the city its reputation for being the most haunted in the state. From unexplained mists that cover the buildings with no notice to full-body apparitions and even sightings of lost and abandoned ghost ships, the echoes of Newport’s dark history will be heard on this ghost tour when you encounter the tragic figures of its past.


Another eerie place normally considered a sanctuary harbors centuries of spirits and unexplained activity. The oldest Episcopalian church in Rhode Island, Trinity Church has been a place of worship and a place of farewells since 1698. It’s not uncommon to catch orbs floating through the graveyard or to even catch a glimpse of someone staring at you from the church’s windows – someone who no longer walks the earth in human form.


Why Newport’s History Won’t Stay in The Past


Historic buildings, quaint homes, and gorgeous seaside views serve as the backdrop for this quintessential town, but they also mask a horrific time in history that has cemented Newport’s otherworldly status. 


Known as the oldest neighborhood in Newport, Easton’s Point was once the site of the largest public mass execution in American history beginning in 1673. The crew of one of the most ruthless pirates in history met their end at this very site following their capture by the 20-gun British warship, HMS Greyhound. Following their execution, their tared bodies were left hanging throughout the summer to send a message to other pirates that they were not welcomed in Newport.


This popular getaway spot is also home to sites where war soldiers never made it out of battle alive, and where immigrants were tragically struck down with disease or murder.  Newport even claims America’s oldest military organization still operating under its original charter. The Artillery Company, which also operates as a museum, contains historical artifacts like a letter from George Washington in 1794 and several authentic uniforms worn by prominent military leaders. It’s no wonder ghosts of Newports battles continue to roam the museum and reports of shadowy figures that have been seen standing at its windows at night are commonplace.


Vices and Violence of the Vanderbilts


A Newport ghost tour would be incomplete without a stop at The Vanderbilt, the former home for Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, a member of the prominent Vanderbilt railroad family. A millionaire by age 22, Alfred squandered his inherited wealth living a tumultuous and scandalous life that included the suicides of four women. His final act was a noble one, giving his life to save the lives of women and children during the attack of the Lusitania. Today, The Vanderbilt Grace Hotel remains his home with frequent sightings of Alfred strolling through the halls wearing his top hat. 


Alfred isn’t the only Vanderbilt that continues to make themselves known well after their time on earth came to an end. His mother, Alice Vanderbilt, is said to frequent her favorite spots in her former mansion, The Breakers, which is open to the public. If you see a woman in period clothing just remember, you’re in her home.


Newport at Night:  Otherworldly Destination


There is almost no end to the haunting stories you’ll hear on the Newport Ghost Tour. Each location has its own place in history, as well as its own set of spirits that are there to stay. From the Artillery Company of Newport which is still inhabited by the poor soldiers that died in battle to the Newport Bridge which is surrounded by an unnerving amount of darkness due to the number of deaths directly connected to it, Newport Ghost Tour will take you on a chilling stroll through a painful and infamous past. 


* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your ghost tour:


You’re ready for an adventure.


This sleepy summer town can make you feel like you’re in a Nancy Meyers movie without any of the action. Our Newport ghost tour is the perfect addition to spice up your night and have an adventure unlike any other. You’ll gain insight into mysterious deaths, wars, gruesome pirates, and so much more. If that isn’t movie worthy, we don’t know what is! 


It’s Date Night.


Sure, wine and sunsets on the beach are a given. But by the fifth night of watching the sun disappear into the horizon, you and your partner will be ready to get out and do something different. This tour is perfect for any couple ready to switch up their usual routine for a fun, interactive night that will send chills down both your spines. 


There’s no wind for sailing.


We get you want to spend your time in the sailing capital of the world on a vessel. However, when the wind dies down out on the water, you’ll be sure to feel it down the back of your neck on this tour. Get ready to spend your night surrounded by the haunted waters that hold years of dark, twisted history. 


You want to learn more about the real Newport.


There’s no better way to experience a city than walking. That’s why this guided tour will take you through the most haunted spots in Newport and share the shocking history that accompanies it. This City by the Sea carries incredible history from America’s founding that is embedded to the hauntings that are still experienced today. Join us to learn the horrifying traits that make up this idyllic town. 


You’re intrigued by ghosts. 


Whether or not you believe in ghosts, this bone-chilling tour is perfect for anyone who has ever questioned the paranormal world. We won’t try to convert you into an avid Ghost Hunter, but we will share the facts and history that make up this town. Newport is a city full of bloodshed, disappearances, and tragedy. Get ready for a night of grisly events…some explained, others without any explanation. 


You’re maxed out on Seafood.


Newport has an exquisite culinary array of seafood. However, you can only take in so much lobster and clam chowder before it’s time to let your stomach settle. This walking tour is the perfect evening activity to step outside and experience a new kind of unsettlement…One that doesn’t cost you calories. Join us for a night of horror as we explore the bewildering past of this City by the Sea.

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