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Welcome To New York's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

The city that never sleeps plays host to ghosts and hauntings hidden by the bright lights of Manhattan’s skyline.

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Uncover the gruesome history of the Big Apple on a New York City ghost tour. NY Ghosts reveals a blood-soaked past of shocking tragedies, great fires, and never-ending disasters that gave birth to the most haunted places in America.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

New York Ghosts: Hauntings & Ghouls of Greenwich Village

Come join us on this amazing tour that will introduce you to the rich history of Greenwich Village and give you a new opinion of the streets beneath your feet.


Join us on the new Spirits and Spirits Haunted Pub Crawl and visit the city's historic haunts and ghostly pubs to enjoy booze and boos at some of the most infamous Greenwich Village paranormal and tipsy hotspots.


Our expert tour guides will pass on fun facts about the area as we walk past the historic Stonewall Inn and the haunted Hangman's Elm, eating a New York City hotdog, a local favorite, and so much more.


Join us on a captivating journey through the diverse and fascinating neighorhoods of New York, and experience authentic cultures from all over the world.


Come join us on this amazing tour, and experience the stories, history, and magic of the world of comic- make sure to bring your best walking shoes and capes, and have no fear!

9/11 Ground Zero: America Rising

Join us on this emotional tour of some of the memorials and monuments to the victims and heroes of that fateful September day.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In New York

Welcome to New York Ghosts

A Sinister Behind The Scenes Tour Of NYC


Beneath the splendor of New York’s finest parks, flashiest shopping centers, and upper-crust streets is an underbelly of sinister secrets and ultimate tragedy. Discover the evil actions and unspeakable misfortunes that trapped some of New York’s most promising people in the city forever.

Though thousands of individuals flock to New York every year, the bright lights can’t hide all that the city has endured and the remnants these horrendous events left behind. From the atrocities of the Revolutionary and Civil War and 9/11 to the unscrupulous actions of local corruption, the city has remained standing but not without being scathed. 

Ghosts from deep in the city’s past are present each night as they haunt the city’s iconic high-rises from the Flat Iron Building to the Empire State Building, whispering their last words to visitors who just came to see the sights and skyline. Long-dead residents from a time when the five boroughs were still run by the gangs of New York still watch from the windows of their forgotten homes and give new meaning to the city that never sleeps. 


What will I see on this tour?


A Walk Amongst The Dead


Washington Square Park is a picturesque park and a gem in the crown of The Empire City, but beneath the beautiful facade lies a deep history of disease, horrific deaths, and disturbing disposals of mass casualties. The very ground you’ll walk on is the final resting place for more than 20,000 tortured souls laid to rest in unfathomable fashion. 

Stacked on top of each other and with little regard for the dead, workers scurried to bury the bodies of those who perished from yellow fever and cholera and were left in the streets to decay. This fouled piece of earth has produced terrifying sightings that continue to spook anyone who happens upon them. Hear gruesome tales of untimely deaths that are the literal foundation of this popular park – where a peaceful walk can turn frightening courtesy of the unnerving sights of the sickly apparitions that are stuck in an abyss they can never escape. 

 The park is a wonderful place for a walk during the daytime, and it’s also the site of a mass grave with more than 20,000 restless souls buried beneath the soil. Discover the gut-wrenching stories of a time when the custom was to hide away the mentally ill, to unjustly execute slaves, and to quietly bury the bodies of epidemic victims. 

As you learn hair-raising tales of quiet injustice and torture, you’ll walk on the very ground that holds the victims of tragedy and disease. Embark on an adventure with us and walk through haunted places, where diseased ghosts and the wrongly convicted still roam.


Ghosts of Literature and History 


New York has held a significant place in American History for hundreds of years, so it’s no wonder that some of the spirits that remain are those that left their mark before their ghastly departure. New York Ghosts takes you to the House of Death, the former home of world-renowned writer Mark Twain who continues to reside in the building to this day. For nearly a century, the famous writer has been spotted walking up and down the stairwell – the most haunted portion of the home. 21 other spirits inhabit the building, each with a tragic backstory and some more malevolent than others.

The House of Death isn’t the only residence with a sordid reputation. Visit the Emma Lazarus House, where the famous poet died young of Hodgkens lymphoma and is said to still linger. It’s been reported that her spirit can be seen gazing out of the windows of the upper floors and the sound of her coughing fits can be heard in various parts of the house. One account includes a former tenant experiencing the same symptoms Emma did prior to her death, only for them to disappear when she was removed from the home. 

Historic architecture and famous houses are part of the thrill of exploring New York, and these two are just a fraction of what you’ll experience on the New York Ghosts Tour. Unearth mysteries of well-known figures in history and literature and hear spine-tingling stories of tragedy and brutal deaths.


Prohibition Still Lives in New York City 


Speakeasies were a dime a dozen in New York during Prohibition, all equipped with trap doors and secret exits for raids that would undoubtedly come. And while places like the Pirate’s Den on Chumley’s bars played host to innocent nights of bubbles and fun, something more sinister always lurked in the shadows at New York’s Prohibition speakeasies. 

Violence and brutality thrived alongside underground booze and often criminals collected at speakeasies to plan other crimes. Embark on a spine-tingling tour of some of New York’s speakeasies and meet proprietors that still protect their bars and patrons who still slide in for a drink, decked out in their 1920s finest. 


Why is New York City so Haunted?


Meet the Ghosts of History


New York City may be the place where dreams are made but it’s also where nightmares come true. Uncover stories of death and betrayal that befell visitors and locals to New York City, where promising lives devolve into tragedy and infinite sadness. Ghosts of victims past and present can never rest and will never leave others in peace.

Embark on a ghost tour of New York to hear spine-tingling stories of significant American figures who still haunt America’s City. Walk on the streets where the prolific writer, Thomas Paine, penned his provocative pamphlets and see where he took his last breath. The area now serves as the dwelling for Marie’s Crisis Cafe, however, pays homage to the writer with a plaque that features a short passage from Paine. 

His words are not the only piece of Paine that is ingrained in the building. Staff members have reported eerie encounters with the unexplained such as important papers going missing and actual manifestations of the writer himself lurking around the building dressed in colonial attire.


The Raven’s Dark Beginnings


Embark on a journey that takes you to the former residence of one of the world’s most famous poets. Though his time at the home was a short eight months, like his writings, Edgar Allen Poe left a big mark on New York City. Now a part of NYU’s Furman Hall, the Edgar Allen Poe House was the sight of the poet’s many affairs with the most notable being that with Elizabeth Ellet, his hateful mistress who cursed his wife, Virginia, with a “poison pen letter”.

The curse would extend well beyond Mr. Poe’s wife as death filled the air of the Edgar Allen Poe House. A mentally ill young girl is said to have passed in the house leaving her, Virginia, and the famous poet himself bound inside the ill-fated four walls. Reports continue to flood in with sightings of a sad Virginia and a brooding Edgar Allen Poe as well as horrifying sounds of banging from the former room of the young girl, now an imprisoned soul for all eternity.


What’s so special about the New York Ghost Tour?


See a Darker Side of the Big Apple


Behind the bright lights of the big city, ghosts lurk in the corners of pubs and haunt the windows of old houses. Musicians still play haunting tunes from beyond the grave and victims of the city’s hustle and bustle still haunt streets, alleys, and tunnels. Embark on a tour of the darker side of the Big Apple and find that not everything is as it seems. Walk through some of New York’s most haunted areas and listen for the eternally echoing cries of the diseased and unwanted.


Become A Real Ghostbuster and Part of a Ghostly Community


Headquarters for the paranormal investigation team in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters is still preserved in New York and attracts a stream of tourists to 55 Central Park West at 66th Street. After you’ve seen Hollywood’s take on New York poltergeists, join us on a terrifying adventure that puts you in the path of New York’s real ghosts. We don’t outfit you with an Ecto Containment Unit, but you’re welcome to whip out your personal EVP detector while you walk with us on our haunted tour of New York. 


Experience the adrenaline rush of exploring haunted locations


The chill you experience comes from a very real place when you stand outside some of New York’s most haunted sites. The tragedies of the past linger forever in the Big Apple, constantly calling for you to hear their stories. Join us on a walking tour of haunted New York to hear tales that will drain blood from your bones and make you look twice at the shadows you see at night.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *

6 Reasons to book your New York Ghosts tour right now!


1) Unearth New York’s Darker History


History comes to life in the shadows of New York, for when the sun goes down the ghosts of America’s City awaken. You are right to feel something watching you from the shadows of this infamous metropolitan city. Disease, violence, and murder have left plenty of disturbed souls seeking a way back to the land of the living. Embark on a tour with us of some of New York’s most haunted locations and hear the soul-disturbing tales of tragedy that trapped New York’s residents in the city forever.


2) You Love Haunted Pubs and Bars


You know you’re not alone when you grab a seat at a New York bar, but what if unseen patrons occupied nearby chairs? Keep an eye out for anything mysterious when you decide to go out for a drink at one of New York’s haunted establishments, the ghosts here like to say hello. Unearth the origin stories of those ghosts on a haunted walking tour with one of our guides and see why you really should be scared to get a drink in the dark in this town.


3) Learn About Lingering Prohibition History


Experience the chill of hearing a disembodied voice in your ear as your group walks through New York on a tour led by one of our experienced guides. Look for faces in the windows of the houses you pass and hear terrifying stories of Prohibition-era ghosts who still haunt New York today. Learn spine-tingling stories about speakeasy proprietors who still haunt their establishments and flapper girls who still appear to guests in their 1920s attire. On our walking tour of New York, you’ll learn gut-wrenching stories of murder and mayhem that you’ll never forget.


4) Make Unique Memories


Bone-chilling stories of mass graves and diseased ghost corpses are bound to bring your loved ones closer together. Whether it’s family night or date night, join us on a dusky adventure through some of New York’s most haunted locations. Hear spine-tingling tales of tragedy and death and listen for the cries of the ghosts that still haunt the city. Creep closer together as you join us on a ghost tour of New York, and make memories that will linger in your nightmares.


5) You’ve Spent All Day Sight-Seeing


The poet featured on the Statue of Liberty never left New York when she died in 1903, rumor has it she still haunts the brownstone she called home when she was alive. Ghosts of distraught businessmen walk the skyscrapers that line the streets you walked when you were shopping. Murder victims haunt the waters of the Brooklyn Bridge. Join us on a ghost tour of New York and learn about the secrets that lurk in the shadows of the Big Apple.


6) You Want a Unique Walk in the Park


The gateway to Washington Square Park looms like a brilliant beacon in the sunshine, but when darkness falls the gateway summons more sinister things to the park. You’ve already experienced the bright and sunny version of Washington Square and you’re looking for a different version. Join us on a ghost tour of the park and other haunted New York locations to learn spine-chilling stories of diseased and vengeful ghosts that still haunt the area.

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