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Welcome To New Orleans's #1 Rated Ghost Tour

Beyond the festive masks of Mardi Gras lie the violent and deranged truths that forged The Big Easy. Join New Orleans Ghosts to visit horrifyingly haunted locations and discover why New Orleans is the most haunted city on earth.

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The Louisiana air is filled with the suffering and sorrow that befell the residents of a burgeoning New Orleans. Take a New Orleans ghost tour to discover why the dead are doomed to relive their past for eternity and uncover its horrifying history complete with executions, voodoo queens, unspeakable tragedy, and terrifying hauntings.

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Tours are held daily, rain or shine, and year-round. Please see a list of available tours below to book your tour today, or for more information.

French Quarter Ghosts and Ghouls of New Orleans

Discover the ghosts of New Orleans on a bone-chilling ghost tour on the haunted streets of the French Quarter. Real stories of murder, tragedies of war, and other unexplained events from the hidden history of the Big Easy will be revealed on a ghost tour you’ll never forget.

Blood and Magic: Voodoo and Vampire True Crime Tour

Experience the mystique and reveal the voodoo knowledge that exemplifies a huge part of New Orleans culture

New Orleans Ghosts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Enjoy some liquid courage while hearing ghostly tales of New Orleans's most historic haunts and drinking hotspots.

Big Easy Bayou Bites French Quarter Food Tour

New Orleans has long been the culinary and cultural capital of the United States. Come join us and experience some of the French Quarter's tastiest offerings.

Frenchman Street Music and Murals Bayou Bar Crawl

New Orleans is known for letting the good times roll, and nowhere exemplifies this better than the famous Frenchmen Street. For this tour, we've compiled an experience of the best murals, music, and merry-making drinks the city has to offer.

Time and Money: Tombs and Mansions of the Rich and Famous

There's no shortage of opulent and elegant homes in New Orleans, and the Garden District is full of architectural delights, but these homes may be hiding secrets as well. Tag along and pull back the curtain to view the darker side of some of the city's most sumptuous homes.


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Preview The Most Haunted Locations In New Orleans

Welcome to NOLA Ghosts

When The Party’s Over, The Nightmare Begins


Behind the world famous Mardi Gras and the inspirational accomplishments of the New Orleans Saints, lie the remnants of a demented past that the city somehow managed to survive. New Orleans may be home to some of the nation’s biggest events and attractions, but the rise of this city’s popularity is riddled with the bodies of casualties of war, victims of horrendous atrocities, and innocent lives lost in tragic and often unexplained ways.


It’s no secret that New Orleans is likely the most haunted city in the country, if not the world. The carnage and bloodshed that stain the hallowed, cursed grounds of the city have given birth to  ghostly creatures that rise every night, enveloping the city in a darkness that has always emanated from the depths of its most haunted and legendary buildings. 


Prepare to undertake a journey into the mystic and the unexplained, the violent and the opulent, the terrifying and the chilling– where the supernatural has always ruled a city where death and destruction was part of everyday life.  


Welcome to New Orleans: A City of the Dead Who Still Haunt the Living.




The Frightening Price of Freedom Haunting New Orleans Forever


Before being named after the national hero, Andrew Jackson, Jackson Square was the site of public executions that date back to the 1700s. There was even a town executioner – Louis Congo, an Afriacan slave who was granted freedom in exchange for his service. For over a decade, Congo tortured and murdered somewhere in the thousands of people. 


Discover true accounts of the tormented souls of those who died by his hands being seen, and sometimes heard, near Andrew Jackson’s statue. There are even reported sightings of the executioner himself, begging the theory that he never quite obtained his freedom.


The executions continued well after Louis Congo’s time. Hear the horrific stories of the Spanish military carrying out the execution of three slaves from the German Coast Uprising whose heads were then displayed on the city gates. Then-General Andrew Jackson would go on to defeat the British, delivering the speech that would end the War of 1812 right in this very spot. But this wouldn’t be the last of New Orleans’s ties with the cruelties of war.


Visit the otherworldly Beauregard-Keyes House and uncover its sorrowful past that continues to rear its ugly head. The home was once occupied by the battle-worn general, P.G.T. Beauregard who, upon moving in, began to hear the horrendous sounds of distant gunshots and cannon fire. Not long after the sounds began, so did the appearance of apparitions believe the be the dejected spirits of his soldiers that died in combat.


General Beaugard would eventually join his men in the afterlife, his spirit trapped in the house where his personal hauntings began. Years later, he would find a friend in Francis Parkinson Keyes. Discover the unbelievable tale of the famed author who occupied the house in the mid-1900s, coexisting with the spirit of the withered general and eventually joining his following her passing.


A Terrifying Tale of Two Faces


There are haunted houses, and then there are spaces that carry such a malevolent, heavy darkness that they are placed in a terrifying and untouched category all of their own. Considered one of the most haunted locations and properties on earth, the LaLaurie Mansion has been the subject of thriller books, history and haunted television shows, chilling documentaries, ghost hunts, and many other features that have tried to capture the essence of evil and historical significance the haunted mansion exudes. 


Madame LaLaurie was a wealthy woman who lived in the home with her husband, Dr. Leonard LaLaurie, and two daughters. A seemingly pleasant family on the outside, they led a double life that stunned and terrified the residents of New Orleans.


Not long after their arrival, rumors swirled of their harrowing treatment of Madame LaLaurie’s salves. A fire set by one of her beleaguered servants would reveal the gruesome truth in the form of a hidden torture room. 


Learn the deeply obscene and disturbing true story of the LaLaurie Mansion and the abominations that were committed there.


In the centuries since this heinous event, the mansion has not had a moment’s peace. Reports of disembodied screams, the stench of burning flesh, and sounds of scratching noises and dragging chains are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this wicked home holds. 


Don’t let the beauty of the mansion fool you, for what’s inside harbors a sinister energy that’s claimed lives and businesses alike since its reopening in the 1850s. The evil that emanates from within the walls has resulted in multiple owners playing musical chairs, or perhaps Russian Roulette, with no one lasting more than a handful of years. If you weren’t a believer before, the LaLaurie Mansion just may change your mind.




Supernatural Spirits and Eerie Encounters of The Big Easy


Spirits of the netherworld are merely a portion of the magic potion that makes New Orleans supremely supernatural, and yet eerily earthy as well, tied to the humanity of the cultural beliefs  that grounded its citizens for centuries and helped them stay mostly sane through the decades of disease, death, and destruction that was their fate. 


NOLA Ghosts will take you deep into the heart of the real New Orleans and lead you to the disturbingly ominous Old Ursuline Convent where you’ll uncover the true stories of the Casket Girls – a  group of eccentric-looking women whose arrival at the convent sparked a myriad of unfortunate events including failing crops and disappearing livestock.


When dead cats began appearing in the streets drained of their blood with bite and scratch marks all over their bodies, the townspeople believed the pale women of the convent to be vampires and had them return to France. However, this wouldn’t be the last they were heard of. 


Hear the terrifying tale of the ghost hunters who dared to try and meet the spirits of the Casket Girls, only to end up just like the women’s previous victims.


The Innocent, The Damned, and The Haunted Buildings They Prowl


The Old Ursuline Convent isn’t the only group home in New Orleans with a disturbingly ominous past. The historic Andrew Jackson Hotel once served as a boarding school and orphanage for boys. Yellow Fever would claim the parents of these poor, unfortunate children, but another disaster would shatter all they had left. The Great Fire of 1794 ravaged the city, consuming everything in its destructive path including the boarding school. Five boys would perish in the fire.


Discover the devastating way in which it was discovered they’d passed and why they may not know they’re gone. From TVs turning off and on to the sound of giggling and running through the halls, the activity from these mischievous spirits is a common experience for those who stay at the Andrew Jackson Hotel.


Why New Orleans Past Continues to Be Resurrected


While it’s true that this popular vacation and party spot was built on unspeakable acts and unjust death, there are some locations that remind us that there’s light even in the darkest of nights. 


Visit Pere Antoine Alley, a piece of New Orleans that is not only named after but also frequented by the spirit of the city’s beloved parish priest. While his time in New Orleans is controversial, he remains a cherished figure, often showing himself at the altar of St. Louis Cathedral or on the balconies.




See a different, darker side of a historic and beautiful destination


The amount of ungodly acts committed and lives cut short by the iniquitous has left no building, no park, no speckle of dirt immune from feeling the crimes and the atrocities of those who walked before us. No matter your ghastly preference, New Orleans is a treasure trove of horrifying tales and mystics that has a little something for everyone.


We invite you to take a stroll with us into a time that inspired grim retellings that serve as entertainment for some and gruesome reminders for those who continue to be afflicted by the sins of the departed. Join us to experience a side of New Orleans that unveils itself when the parties are over and the lights go out… if you dare.  


A once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’ll cherish forever


To visit New Orleans is to take a deep dive into the unknown, leaving behind the normal day-to-day routines of life for a thrilling adventure that doesn’t stop until you leave the city limits– and even then, the memories you take with you will follow you into the grave, and beyond.  


Join NOLA Ghosts for a non-stop, exhilarating adventure and get the adrenaline rush you seek, when you encounter the otherworldly, that may be seeking you.


Stop by Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo, a local haunt that may sound menacing but is actually a haven for those who love the supernatural. Learn more about the original owner, Marie Laveau – the “Queen of Voodoo” who was both loved and feared for her “psychic” abilities. Depending on who you ask, she was nothing more than a con. Yet her powers preceded her in death, as it’s said she can grant wishes from the beyond. We’ll tell you her story and let you decide for yourself.


Be part of a Growing Ghosty Community


For all ghost (and literature) lovers, New Orleans is a dream, or nightmare, come true. Not many places on earth can appeal to a ghostly community with so many different haunted places, stories, and unique origins of the ghosts and hauntings they created.  These haunted havens attract other creative and unique minds, sinister and innocent alike, and they join the ghostly culture with unrivaled passion.  


Faulkner House Books is a thriving bookstore in the heart of New Orleans. In the early 1900s, it was the living quarters of famed American novelist Mr. Williams Faulkner himself. Keep your cameras ready as visitors have reported seeing his apparition sitting at his old writing desk, continuing on with his work.

* This is a walking tour and we do not enter privately-owned buildings or private property *



1:  Witches and Ghosts and Vampires – Oh My…!


Whether this is your first ghost tour or just one of many, a city like New Orleans is a rarity. This popular tourist destination is home to some of the most outrageous stories of plagues, fires, executions, war, torture, vampires, and voodoo – all true, all documented. New Orleans has a rich history that draws in thousands upon thousands of visitors every year, some to experience the culture and others to experience the otherworldly.


In a city that’s seemingly surrounded by spirits, NOLA Ghosts takes you on an incredible journey through the city’s most haunted locations each with a more remarkable and in some cases, more ominous story than the last. If you love all things strange, spooky, and scandalous then a tour with NOLA Ghosts is for you!


2:  You Want to Know If The Stories You’ve Heard Are True


It’s a well-known fact that New Orleans is one of the most haunted cities in the nation, if not the world. But what happened that gave the Mardi Gras capital of the world this title? What events led to the dead outnumbering the living? NOLA Ghosts will introduce you to the events that continue to haunt the city and then some. 


The stories that you’ll hear are some that have inspired everything from short stories and books to TV shows and movies. But what’s exaggerated and what’s bone-chillingly true? Here, we’ll share the stories that are stranger than fiction and take you to the actual sites where they occurred. You’re about to get a true history lesson on the dark side of New Orleans.


3:  You’re Here to Ghost Hunt


Tourists venture to New Orleans for a variety of reasons, and one of those is to specifically go ghost hunting. If that’s what brings you to this great city, welcome! We’re going to take you to the sites of New Orleans’s most haunted locations and give you a cheat sheet on who to look for. Whether you’re a professional ghost hunter or are out here for fun, NOLA Ghosts will give you the lowdown on the city’s haunted past, who to look out for, and what to avoid.


4:  You Want a Fun Way to Walk Off All of The Delicious Cajun Food


There is so much that New Orleans is famous for; the incredible Cajun food is just one of many. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself – there are plenty of amazing restaurants and you’re on vacation! If you’ve had all the Cajun food you can eat and are looking for a way to burn it off (so you can make room for more!), why not join us for a walking tour of the area’s well-known haunts?


It won’t even feel like exercise. NOLA Ghosts is conducted by an enthusiastic tour guide that’s ready to deliver terrifying tales that will keep you engaged and entertained throughout the tour. Before you know it, you’ve gotten your steps in, received a history lesson you can’t get anywhere else, and just made room for more of New Orleans’s famous Cajun food!


5:  You’re Looking For Inspiration…of a supernatural kind


The shows that are based on this city are great but they don’t really dig deep into the creation of it. Maybe those are the stories you want to tell. Maybe you’re ready to start that book or screenplay about the dark and tragic stories behind the heart of New Orleans. This is a great place to start!


While some of the stories may seem disturbing, they’re no less captivating and will keep you enthralled throughout the duration of the tour. If stories are what you’re after and some inspiration to bring them to life on other platforms, NOLA Ghosts makes the perfect launching point.


6:  You Want to Make The Most of Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in The Big Easy


Your friend is about to tie the knot so why not give them an experience they’ll never forget? It doesn’t get much more special and unique than a ghost tour in a place with a deep-rooted history and documented evidence of the unexplained. You can take your friend and the party to see all the things everyone has seen before or you can take everyone on an adventure where they might see something they’ll never unsee. Now THAT’S a party that will be outrageously unforgettable and will be one that will haunt the happy couple till death does them apart…and after!

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